Saturday, April 26, 2014

Alex Jones Farce - Spiritually Blind Fool Leading Blind to Eternal Hell

Yesterday I met a client who introduced himself as Alex Jones, a rather common name.  I thought to myself I never want to meet the public figure counterpart, a man I wasted four years of my life listening to whose gold sponsor Ted of Midas Resources deceived me into forking out $22K reducing it instantaneously upon purchase to a worth of $10,000.  In essence, my trusting these swindlers caused me to flush $12K down the toilet I've since forgiven them for.

I Was A Blind Fool Who Listened To Alex Jones For Four Years

From 2008-2012 I was a fool who listened to Alex Jones' Prison Planet radio program each day.  I found the material addicting and refreshingly closer to reality than what television or other talk shows provided.   The truth of the matter was that I had allowed myself to be deceived into believing Alex was a good man and God fearing Christian.   I was wrong.

As a true God fearing Christian the past 1.5 years I now understand Alex Jones is not a man of God.  The owner of Prison Planet is instead quite the opposite as an unsaved sinner on a broad spiritual path in life leading others of like mind to eternal hell out of inexcusable ignorance of God's Word and what Jesus did on the cross.

Alex Jones magnifies evil, not God.

Alex Jones is clearly not a God fearing man, he has a hardened heart and worldly spirit who wants to go about things his own way in his continually suggesting that Jesus was a weakling loser while mocking His church followers as mindless sheep. The fact is that Alex Jones is a man about flesh and doing things through human strength that is completely opposed to the Holy Scriptures, Holy Spirit and God's Apostles' teaching.  In his delusions of grandeur, Alex Jones believes the world needs him to help save humanity. In this belief system, Alex is entirely opposed to Jesus! 

Jesus already saved humanity that needs to embrace and follow Him.  Without following Jesus and God's Word, all is lost because Jesus is the only way out of eternal hell.  Alex Jones stands as an idol before Him who would lead others to believe we are not in a spiritual war, that this can be handled through human effort, goodness and strength, that without Jesus we can somehow defeat evil.

Based on these facts, it can be deduced Alex Jones is a delusional man on a wide path in life and I discourage following this foolish man who is a clear enemy of Jesus Christ and His Church.
  1. Alex Jones magnifies evil, not Jesus Christ.  
  2. Alex Jones is a man who operates in the world by the flesh having rejected the Holy Spirit.
  3. Alex Jones is a violent unrepentant sinner who says vile things on the radio knowing children may be listening. 
  4. Alex Jones grunts and groans like a pig being slaughtered on air and vents an evil tongue that is not at all of the Holy Spirit nor that of a fruitful Christian heart. 
  5. Alex Jones has no shame or fear of God.
  6. Alex Jones allows sin and darkness to thrive taking root in his heart he does not seek to eradicate in Jesus name, nor does he honor what Jesus did on the cross to save his soul from eternal hell.
Those of us who know God's Word are aware that Alex Jones' rebellion against the government is really an excuse and mask for his being against God Almighty. Men of God who follow Jesus don't do stunts like the one in this photo.

Alex Jones - Just Another Wrong Choice On The Broad Way to Eternal Hell

Alex Jones is not a man of God, he is not the way to heaven but hell. Those who follow Alex Jones are headed to eternal hell along with him.  Alex Jones is self righteous and just as evil as any other unsaved man without Jesus.  He pays lip service to Jesus but often mocks His followers as weak sheep headed for the slaughter ignoring spiritual life and obedience to God.

I redirect people who want to know the real truth that will set them free, to the following men of God who teach the truth about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Word of God:

1.  Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries
2.  Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries
3. Chip Ingram, Living On The Edge Ministries

The above mentioned are Christian saints called by God who have real fruits of the spirit.  Alex Jones is leading his followers to death in their sins and immediate transfer to eternal hell thereafter without the light and eternal life of Jesus.  The world would be a better place if Alex Jones would humble himself, shut off the sewage pipe from his mouth and turn to God and the Bible for the rest of his
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:6-8
As far as Obama and the rest of the corrupt politicians, God has allowed President Obama in power as judgment on America.  The only way out of the problem is to pray, study the Word, obey God and repent of sin.  You cannot remove a leader who God has placed in power.  God's way is in the Bible, turn away from these worldly men and follow Jesus who is the only way to heaven and God.  I guarantee 100% based on the Word of God that Jesus Christ does not view Alex Jones as good or a righteous man but instead an arrogant foolish man of the flesh headed toward self destruction.

Of course this Alex Jones problem could all change thanks to God's mercy and grace extended to all of us that Alex could turn to God and follow Him at any time. Thus far it doesn't seem promising but it didn't seem that way for Saul who converted into the Apostle Paul either. God can do anything and if He decided to intervene in Alex Jones life, miracles could happen.  Alex doesn't show any sign of changing, being a very stubborn hardened soul.  I for one have changed and no longer listen to Alex Jones. I occasionally pick up a story from his site but have decided there's no reason to be doing even that because everything about Alex Jones and his site is absolutely fruitless without God's blessing. Period!

To summarize, Alex Jones is not a man of God nor a blessed follower of Jesus Christ at this point in time. God's grace and mercy is always extended to all while we're still alive so that can always change, however it's not looking good for Alex Jones as his evil tongue continues unrestrained without fear of God nor shame in unbelievable audacity and self-appointment as the world's super man savior of humanity.