Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breaking News: Voice of God Greater Than Barbra Streisand's!

I just wanted to clarify for my 1970's high school classmate acquaintances who think they're okay people who are going to heaven when they die that they will most certainly R.I.P., they are living their lives blindly in ignorance of His Word without Jesus as their Savior.   They're currently headed for eternal hell and when they die it will be final.  No Holy Spirit? No daily prayer and relationship with the Lord? No submission to God's Holy Spirit or reverence for what He's done for us?  What's that, you'd rather go to a Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan or Barbra Streisand concert in 2013-14?

Eternal rotting hell will be the final destination for such people who I'm afraid are the majority and multitude.  All of mankind is headed for eternal hell without accepting and following Jesus.  Such people are not my friends and will not be spending eternity with me, my fellow steadfast Christians and the Lord.
"I've been praying for the salvation of my lost former high school classmates for a while now, and can say there is no sign of their turning their hearts to God decades later. They're all still steeped in delusions, ignorance of God's Word and participants in false new age spiritual doctrines, sinful activities and lifestyles. They were never true friends otherwise they'd be open to what I have to say of my witness testimony. These people are enemies of the God of the most high who sits on His throne with Jesus at his right side." - Cheryl Meril
I've been noting the 25 year olds of today's young generation were largely raised and sent to college by my generation from high school, heavily steeped in a culture of rock and roll, pop music, movies and endless television entertainment and partying. I've been noting the garbage trash music the new generation produces, soulless and dark, I so abhor that I pray to God for it to end. I'm forced to listen to it at my gym, stores and on car loud speakers. It's like torture to my ears and a violation of my peace with the Lord.

Today's younger generation is so very lost because it was raised by multitudes of shallow brainwashed entertainment culture airhead liberals, the shallow teens from the 1970's era and I was one of them. They have no spiritual training in the Word of God and are hopelessly ill equipped for what's up ahead.

This list below has occurred naturally in my life through the power of the Holy Spirit's guidance, not forced. Over the past 7 years!

I am no longer in the work force and God's in control of my daily schedule - since 2008

I no longer watch television except the Food Network at my gym machine - since 2007

I no longer listen to music, not even classical, except worship songs I sing at church - since 2012

I no longer watch movies at theaters or DVD's - since 1999 and 2010

I no longer drink alcohol, namely wine I used to have each evening. I don't miss it at all. - since 2012

Making money is no longer the center of my life's goals - multiple levies on my accounts changed my perspective of money.

I have no desire to buy anything except what is absolutely necessary. I enjoy buying used clothing at a local donor charity store as well as giving away much of my Chico wardrobe I hardly ever wore. I have no plans for any future significant purchases.

I no longer care what people think of me or the lies complete strangers spread about me of a fictional character.  God knows me.

I value my Christian fellowship and church time.

I seek to tithe each week to please God.

I pray to God each morning, sometimes for hours.

I study the Word of God and listen to Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. David Jeremiah and sometimes Chip Ingram.

I have let go of people I knew long ago from high school who have refused to accept Jesus as their Savior having spent much time grieving and in prayer over their absence of friendship in my life.


God is very serious, this is for real.  Hell is a place no human being should end up in thanks to Jesus work at the cross and His resurrection. You have to be utterly insane to reject Him.

One final comment is, I'd much rather hear the voice of God then listen to Barbra Streisand sing.