Friday, May 23, 2014

Viral Video: Things Jesus Said That May Shock You

A 1.8 million views Bible Study.

Jesus spoke about hell more than anyone else in the Bible.  Why do you think that is? Think about it.

A video every atheist must see right now!

Bible Study Questions & Answers

Monday, May 19, 2014

Satan Perverts Music In This World Leading Masses To Eternal Hell

I've developed a new perspective on music since I was saved by Jesus in 2012 after a bike accident.  Since that time I've completely lost my love for the world's music and no longer allow it to hijack my emotions as before. From a personal perspective, I know God's pruning me of the worldly things I've participated in for decades that includes giving up nightly glasses of wine, movies and television. In the process I've also been searching for greater understanding since music was such a large part of my life.

I've since come to understand through the Holy Spirit that the reason people love music so much is they are taking the place of God in enjoying what was initially meant for Him to be praised by.  When I enjoyed listening to music, I did so taking God's place because music was created for praising God alone.  That's right, the purpose of music in heaven was meant to praise God and nothing less. When the most powerful angel in heaven Lucifer fell from grace, he took his musical talents with him into our world.

They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll's a real eye opener

The key to understanding the spiritual nature behind the world's music is that Satan, the fallen angel previously known as Lucifer, was created by God for the purpose of praising Him with music.
"Satan had been given a very special, very distinctive commission from God to minister unto Him and cover His glory with music through worship and praise.  Of Lucifer's musical abilities, Terry Law has written: 'Pipes apparently were built into his very body. . .He was a master musician.  He was a walking orchestra'.  And that was the distinctive, creative purpose that God gave to him.  He was one of God's best works of creation for the purpose of praising God in heaven." - pg 36-37, Answers to Questions About Spiritual Warfare - David Jeremiah 
So now that I fully understand a fallen angel was once the sole proprietor of music in heaven, this gives me a lot of insight into how music of this world wasn't meant to be my domain after all. When Lucifer fell he became Satan who today uses our world to spread his counterfeit religion as the prince of this world. Therefore those who truly love God naturally have no desire whatsoever to listen to any of this world's music as I no longer do.

Those fools who are still buying tickets to see Fleetwood Mac since their high school days four decades ago are in for one hell of a surprise if they don't repent and turn to God for their salvation through Jesus, the only way out of hell.

So when multitudes of people go to rock and rap concerts what it really amounts to spiritually is they're being entertained by Satan prior to their entering the gates of eternal hell.  All music that is created outside of God's true purpose for it, to worship Him, is of Satan.  I've observed how music reeks havoc on each generation and how it just gets worse with time.

As a Christian I gladly give up the music of this world and now sing praise songs in church.  I wouldn't go to see the last Paul McCartney concert here in San Francisco if someone paid me.  People who go to these concerts are brainwashed and headed straight for hell.  The last concert I went to was in 1979 for a part time job in security at the Los Angeles Forum.  When Carole King, Steely Dan and even Yanni performed a block away from where I live at the Masonic Auditorium a couple years ago, I didn't have any interest whatsoever in going, not even for free!

People have no idea that these artists are leading them straight to eternal hell, they're all the works of Satan whose using music to reach the masses to bring them into the gates of hell.  Seriously, even if it's the mellowest band in the world like Bread, it is of Satan because it hijacks emotions and doesn't praise God.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Attorney Pamela Lauser Asks For My Help! Needs Money Overseas!

***UPDATE** The Yahoo email I received from Pamela Lauser, though seemingly authentic, appears to be the work of some hoaxer from Nigeria.  It took a lot of IP address look ups from the header to denote.  In spite of this hoax, the fact Pamela still hasn't removed my email address from her Yahoo contact list warrants this article anyway. I asked twice already.  

A couple years ago I posted my experience with an attorney Pamala Lauser in Concord, CA.  (See posts Too Many Greedy Incompetent Attorneys Like Pamela Lauser and another after one of her client contacted me, Pamela Lauser Threatens Lawsuit Against Divorcee Mother With Two Young Children)

To my utter dismay, I just learned that on March 20, 2014, an email message below from Mrs. Lauser was sent to me at an email address I rarely visit that was given to me by AT&T with my account.  I stick with gmail accounts.  Apparently I used the AT&T address to send something to Pamela during my case a few years ago so I became part of her Yahoo address book. I actually received an email from her before but promptly notified her, seems she's too lazy to remove it.

In any event, this email sent to me is highly inappropriate in view of how Pamela stole a few thousand dollars  from me based on one of her legal contracts I was lured into signing.

I am writing this to you with tears and pains, My family and I came down here to Ukraine on a short visit, Unfortunately for us we got mugged at the park of our hotel, All money, credit card and cell phones were stolen away from us, luckily for us we still have our passports saved with us. 
Our credit cards can't be charged by the hotel because we have already reported it as a stolen card and the card company had canceled it, we can only get a new one when we make it back home safely. 
We have been to the Embassy and the Police but they're not helping issues at all, Our return flight leaves soon, we're having financial problems sorting our hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we sort the bills. All we need is ($2,000.00 USD) or anything you can afford, I promise to refund you in full as soon as I return hopefully tomorrow or next.let me know if you can be of any assistance.
Thanks so much.
My email response I just sent (a few months later) as follows:

"Sorry I got back to you so late Pamela, I rarely check my AT&T email I haven't used for years. I'm sorry I couldn't help pay for your trip home.  I'm a little tapped out since your last billing and not feeling the warm and fuzzies after the small claims court hearing on my 50th B-day in which you blasted me with outrageous false accusations through your hostage employees. 

I recall writing you once before that my email address seems to still be in your Yahoo address book. Once again, would you be so kind to remove me from it since you tend to send out blanket emails like this?  Thank you. -  Cheryl Meril


Pamela Lauser invited me on LinkedIn too. 

Poor Pamela. The illness of a greedy money grubber is so apparent, everyone is her source of cash that she sends out a blast email to whomever's been ensnared into her legal industry farce game.

This is my popular Yelp view on Pamela Lauser's lawyer's services:
I wouldn't recommend this attorney Pamela Lauser.  I traveled 35 miles for an initial free 20 minute consultation only for her to tell me she had a conflict with the judge.  She eventually charged me $250 for the consultation after she masterfully manipulated my getting removal of two cases from the judge's court to another so she could request $2,500.   
Pamela Lauser never met with me or returned my phone calls prior to the hearings and canceled 24 hours prior sending her associate attorney instead who did not represent me at the hearing.  He charged $300/hr. for 7 hours though I represented myself and testified with witnesses. This is just part of the issues I encountered with this farce attorney. 
For non-representation at one hearing and no litigation or paperwork, I was charged $2,500 over a civil retraining order I obtained against someone. I represented my own case.  Her office refused to negotiate claiming my retainer was used up. 
When I took her to Small Claims Court for non-representation, she lied to the judge about many things and attacked my credibility with outrageous accusations.  She also claimed she wrote off $4,000 for reading through my materials 
Because she recklessly lies and is particularly vicious in her accusations against anyone who challenges as such, I reported her to the California Bar Association and encourage any others with similar experiences do the same.

Pamela drove her client to bankruptcy in over charging for her divorce. The client had a little baby at the time.  Pamela had once sent a blanket email before and I sent two emails asking to be removed.

Too Many Greedy Incompetent Attorneys Like Pamela Lauser

Pamela Lauser Threatens Lawsuit Against Divorcee Mother With Two Young Children

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noah Movie Deception Goes Viral, Bill Maher's Also Exposed As Depraved Satanist

In less than two months this video's gone viral with 250,000+ views. Also, to see Bill Maher's pathetic rant against God, see frame 6:10 of this video.

Happy Mother Day, this is a blessed day in America. No matter how great or depraved mothers are, they all deserve credit for bringing a life or lives into this world leaving it up to God on if such a person will be saved by Jesus to further His Kingdom.  Mothers are a vehicle for life much like Mary was for her virgin birth to Jesus.  Mother's have a great role to play in God's plan for redemption.

I thought I'd post a viral video from Good Fight Ministries about the Noah film I will never see. I don't watch Hollywood films anymore because I find them disturbing in this day and age.  Movies are used as mind control of the population full of a lot of twisting of the truth.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Strange Paranormal Activity This Evening

There was no draft in my apartment, the windows were closed and it was as if someone was in my kitchen.

I've never witnessed any paranormal activity in my personal life before other than a couple things when I was a young child. This is the first time I've ever seen anything that reminded me of some of the creepy paranormal YouTube videos I've seen over the years.  Please excuse my kitchen cabinet in this vid, I'm in the process of refinishing it.

This reminded me of what someone would happen to notice if a mouse was in the house doing some kind of mischief out of the corner of one's eye. I investigated and it wasn't a mouse, this had the marks of paranormal activity because the movement of the object was strange and unnatural as you will observe in my video demonstration.  

My video wasn't made to impress anyone, just to provide a simple witness testimony of the first paranormal activity I've encountered in my adult life.  

For more on spiritual warfare and tactics of the dark side I recommend The Invisible War - What Every Believer Needs to Know About Satan, Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Chip Ingram.