Tuesday, June 24, 2014

People Who Reject Jesus Will Be Very Surprised Hell's Real

An important message from Pastor Francis Chan

People who reject Jesus are going to be very surprised to learn what's waiting for them on the other side when they leave this world.  This world is a temporary place to determine where we go, heaven or hell, based on the Word of God.  

God has plans and for those who don't heed and get on the ship, there's only one place to go.  Time's running out.

I try to get through to Christians to fear God and obey Him as much as possible.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Satanist Edmond Wollmann Loses Gary Bemis Esq., Posts On My Twitter Account

DISCLOSURE:  Satanist Edmond Wollmann has lost yet another attorney, Gary Bemis, Esq., whose withdrawing from his case.  Someone with the Twitter account Edmond Wollmann has since been stepping up his campaign by posting psy-op materials on my Twitter account.

They created a blog on word press as a psy-op because Satan plans on having me murdered with the court and public's approval.  This on-going threat remains that Mr. Wollmann refuses to end his crazy activities because he hasn't accepted the Lord as his salvation.

Satan may win some present battles, but the outcome of the war has already been determined—and Satan knows it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

San Francisco Satanist Musician Given $3.75 Million Settlement For Pitiful Bike Accident

Thanks to the laziness of the San Francisco City Attorney's office the tax payers of San Francisco now owe a Satanist musician $3.75 million dollars over an unextraordinary bike accident.  

Apparently the city didn't want to go to trial to make this Satanist worshiper take the witness stand to explain what he was doing at 12:30 a.m. on bad roads in poorly lit areas of San Francisco likely with ear buds in his ears! Bicyclists like this guy Jay Korber are always wearing ear buds, I see them doing crazy things on the streets every day.   

Clearly Mr. Korber wasn't being attentive that he couldn't hear a street sweeping truck sweeping the curb one night that hit him.  I think if I heard a truck approaching, I'd turn to make sure I was a safe distance from it.

Jay Korber was riding his bicycle around 12:30 a.m. near the intersection of Brannan and Fifth streets on Dec. 13, 2012 when a street sweeper ran him over and pulled him along for a distance, leaving him with a broken pelvis, broken bones and bleeding.  The settlement is for $3.75 million, according to Gabriel Zitrin, spokesman for the City Attorney's Office. - SF Examiner - June 9, 2014
The injuries were minimal compared to the award.  Fractured ribs and pelvis? Ribs are nothing serious being among the easiest bones to break in the human body that also heal quickly. This leaves us with the pelvis fracture that isn't worthy of that kind of settlement amount.  No loss of sight, hearing, limb, brain or spinal injury? It's an extraordinary settlement and attack on the tax payers of San Francisco by insiders of the legal system.

An anti-Chirst Satanist musician, Jay Korber, was awarded $3.75 million.  The video from his YouTube page demonstrates Jay's musicianship and all of the horrific things that come from the pit of hell he so magnifies to glorify his stinking vile god Satan. 

When does the victim start taking responsibility for his poor choices in life? Bad decisions?  Who do these politicians in city government think they are not to stand up for the tax payer to this kind of attorney greed? That amount of settlement is unjust! They should have made this person explain himself on trial why he was negligent of his own life to be in those circumstances? If he wants that kind of money, make him testify on stand as to why he was negligent himself.

My email to Boone Callaway, the Satanist's attorney:

Dear Mr. Callaway:  I read about the extraordinary settlement you obtained on behalf of your client for $3.75 million.  As a bicyclist whose also been in an accident having ridden on these streets since 2010, I know there's a certain responsibility I have for my own life so as not to expose myself to unnecessarily dangerous situations. One such responsibility would be not to ride my bicycle at 12:30 a.m. in poorly lit areas of San Francisco on bad roads, and if I were to choose to do so, to make sure I was fully attentive.
How your client did not hear that kind of vehicle approaching him leads me to believe he had earbuds in his ears.  That you as his attorney took full advantage of the political liberalism of this city demonstrates to me how utterly insane you men have become. You are all so out of touch with reality and delusional these days, you can't be trusted to make right decisions. You are greedy, immoral and out for yourselves without a care for the extreme burdens you're placing on seniors in this city with your insane self-seeking highly political settlement.
This Satan worshiping little snake was out riding his bicycle at 12:30 a.m., an ungodly hour doing what? What Satanists do best, slithering around in the darkness that's what! Why should the people of this city suffer such enormous debt for this man's extremely poor choices and lack of common sense in playing the victim to that degree?  He should take the ear buds out of his ears or go get his earwax removed, listen to Jesus and the Word of God for a change.

Jay Korber should thank God Almighty he's still alive instead of raping the tax payers for his lack of responsibility of his own safety. Seniors are in great need in the city of San Francisco and what do these sick politicians do? They throw money at lying little creeps like this. (The SF City Board's all set to approve the settlement agreement in a few days.) I see the conditions some seniors live waiting to die in senior homes and it's very depressing.

It's these evil attorneys and people in our court system who are making all of this happen, they didn't have to award that amount to this irresponsible Satanist musician.  They're priorities are clear, serve darkness and evil at all costs at the expense of the dying elderly.  Evil politicians, evil court system, evil greedy lawyers!  Thanks to this case, there will be bicyclists wanting to be hit by city government vehicles or highly insured taxi drivers in order to send the tab to the city attorney's office.

Jay Korber's currently slated for eternal hell being unrepentant before God instead choosing to make us all pay the consequences for his poor choices in life. Greedy stinking vile attorneys and all. It should have gone to a jury.

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