Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fake Christianity Soothes, Real Christianity Instills Fear of God

Unfortunately I had to remove Pastor Chip Ingram at Living On the Edge Ministries from this blog for his referral links because he's talking about how a very close friend is a lesbian on his new Culture Shock video series. He is one of these softy "Jesus loves you" Christians who doesn't fear God nearly enough, who has a more casual attitude and approach without regard for the serious times we're in.

I'm sorry Chip, don't give me permission to indulge in the flesh of paying attention to homosexuals and their continual need for attention at this time in history, especially when the Rapture's at our door with Jesus knocking! My calling by God isn't to sit down and sympathize with Satan and his band of rebellious followers including atheists.

Example of Pastor Chip Ingram's forfeiting James 4:7's "Submit to God and Resist the Devil" 
I stay clear from the "Jesus loves you" crowd that wishes to indoctrinate people into their feel good vibes of fake Christianity in their wanting to be accepted by all, including atheists. They're out to win a popularity contest against those who are letting people know that without Jesus Christ in their lives they're headed for eternal hell.  Warm and fuzzy "Jesus loves you" Christians are often fake, because they don't bother instilling the fear of God in people's lives.

The late Pastor Derek Prince is an example of someone who didn't bend God's Word to compromise and appease unrepentant rebellious sinful lifestyles. The reason being, this Pastor understands the purpose of his ministry was to instill fear of what we're all facing in the unseen world only following Jesus and God's Word can save us from.

The truth is that Godly love is letting people know that without accepting and asking Jesus into their lives, they're headed for eternal hell that the only reason they're not in hell now is due to God's mercy and grace. It is the duty of Christians to let people know what they're facing without Jesus, not only in their lives now, but in eternity and to ask for their repentance to God.  It's not about the John Lennon "love is all you need" that lacks spiritual foundation.  This doesn't mean Christians are condemning anyone, these people's ignorance of God and His Word is condemning themselves. It's a Christian duty to spread the Word and not give in to wanting to please non-believers with alleged good politically correct behavior that does nothing for the Kingdom of God.

Francis Chan clarifies the scariest lies in the world happening right now.

Human love is not of the Holy Spirit, and warm and fuzzy "Jesus loves you" doctrines fail. Instilling the fear of God into those who aren't on the narrow path in life is Godliness. God loves those who fear and obey him. Jesus spoke of hell more than anyone else in the Bible because He came to save us from it. 

Only by the Holy Spirit do people do real works for God, therefore I die to myself. I myself have no means of loving anyone without God loving them through me. God loves people through the Holy Spirit.. The "Jesus loves you" camp of believers are shallow and that phrase does nothing to convert people to Christianity. Jesus came to save and forgave the sinners he encountered we see in Scripture, but then asked them to sin no more. Pastors need to instill the fear of God and not cave in to today's popular culture.

The most famous sermon in Christian history by John Edwards instilled the fear of God in His brethren inspiring the Great Awakening .

A way to spot fake or highly compromised Christians is they act out of their own self-interests using Christianity to try and cure their loneliness with a lack of a genuine relationship with Jesus in their lives. Fake Christians also use Christianity to feel they're on a hierarchy of status in society to soothe their own conscience and ego.  Whenever a so called Christian tries to capture me with a false doctrine by falsely accusing me and twisting things, I know they have their own agenda outside the Scriptures.

I wanted so very much to continue going to attend a local church here in San Francisco until they began putting worldly Hollywood
films into their service topics, even having "guys night out" advertised on their website going to see the Planet of the Apes.  When they advertised for Planet of the Apes it was a huge red flag and pattern growing that it was a compromised church in apostasy.  There are a plethora of Christian based films they could have seen instead. That was a red flag, not to mention their free movie ticket campaign to promote bringing a friend to service.

There are many who are out there falsely claiming to be Christians when they've succumbed to the spirit of this world.  I call them the "warm and fuzzy" Christians who believe human love is God's love. Anyone who understands hell is real that Jesus came to save us from, knows that fear of God is a good thing and that there's nothing wrong with letting people know about eternal hell.  There is no such thing as R.I.P. for suicides and those who reject Jesus Christ as Messiah.