Saturday, August 9, 2014

Flashback to Beatles Boycott - The Reemergence of Faith Based Consumer Boycotts

In case you haven't heard, there's a rising trend of faith based consumers who are boycotting companies that are in clear opposition to God, in other words, fit into the category of being anti-christian.  

One example of anti-christian sentiment is the recent announcement by Target Stores that they are coming out as a company in support of gay marriage. See Target Officially Comes Out for Gay Marriage Nationwide.  
"Given that same-sex marriage had already become law in Minnesota, Target’s decision yesterday to support same-sex marriage beyond the state signals a clear corporate call for the redefinition of marriage nationwide. For Faith Driven Consumers, this shift offers an opportunity to reconsider the degree to which we will support a company that supports an agenda contrary to biblical teaching and threatens the cherished religious freedom that America was founded upon."
A new site Faith Based Consumer has been documenting those companies that are against Biblical principles such as being pro abortion.  
"Research indicates that Faith Driven Consumers comprise 15% of the U.S. population and spend $1.75 trillion annually—compared to the $830 billion spent by the less than 3% of the population that self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender." Target Officially Comes Out for Gay Marriage Nationwide
Boycotts are nothing new. Perhaps the most famous boycott in recent memory was against the John Lennon of the Beatles claim back in 1966 of being more popular then Jesus Christ.  This sparked a national uproar and as seen in this outstanding video below, the concerns of many young intelligent Christian women of the time were a warning of the evil to come for those who believed what these godless young Brits were promoting.

A new video released, "Music Artist John Lennon  Beatles 'We're More Popular than Jesus Christ'" is about a large uproar of Beatles fans who, back in 1966, repented and boycotted turning back to Jesus Christ after recognizing John Lennon's statement was anti-christian and evil.

Target, Inc. became a target of gay organizations to convert the retailer into pro gay marriage when they had initially resisted.  That's what these gay organizations do is target their prey for annihilation like the Borg on Star Trek Next Generation's popular cliche "you will be assimilated". 

In contrast, the Faith Based Consumer site states:
"Faith Driven Consumer realizes that no company is perfect, just as there are no humans that are perfect. We are not called to judge but to provide the facts so that you can make a more informed decision as a consumer."
God gave us free will and we don't have to support gay marriage or face assimilation.   

To find out how your favorite companies rate visit Faith Based Consumer