Saturday, September 20, 2014

San Diego Superior Court's a Tool For Satan Full of Zombies

Long sigh, I received another bi-weekly filing from Edmond Wollmann today.  The San Diego Superior Court is a wicked, evil, corrupt system full of hypnotized mind controlled zombies that enables and empowers paranoid schizophrenic men to rant and rave in court filings three years after a slander case was closed and default judgment issued without my knowledge.

Three years later Edmond Wollmann is still filing multiple documents in pro se with this court falsely accusing me even after he's stolen thousands of dollars from bank accounts earlier this year.  He didn't get enough money and wants to continually complain.
". . . she's a spoiled person having come from Palos Verdes Estates", he writes in a filing on September 8, 2014.  He continues to complain, "she lives in Knob (sic) Hill, a very nice part of San Francisco."  - Edmond Wollmann in pro se, court filing of September 8, 2014
I only live in Nob Hill San Francisco thanks to rent control, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford living where I've been the past 11 years.  As far as Palos Verdes Estates, I lived there in 1971-1978 in a modest tract-like home and was in no way spoiled. I cleaned houses as a teen to pay for my own moped and stereo.  In 1975 my father lost his job working as a guitarist for Lawrence Welk suffering from depression where he continually sank money into losing music projects.   For instance, he once paid an entire orchestra to record one of his compositions Living Sea that made not one cent.  I was 15  years old when he became unemployed and never got a job thereafter.  I wasn't at all spoiled, and wasn't even provided medical care when I sprained my hand. For my 21st B-day I was called up to P.V. by my mother and presented with an unwrapped shoe box that had some cheap candle inside.

Can you imagine the audacity of the kind of court that would allow this paranoid schizophrenic to ramble on in filings long after a case was closed?  The audacity that it issued a tremendous abnormal amount of money to this complete stranger who clearly has a mental problem?  The case is over and this man is continually accusing me of slandering him. He clearly wants me dead so he can stop harping over it.
"Well yes sir, in my opinion I believe you're a paranoid schizophrenic hybrid crossed with sociopath who switches around personalities, one that writes the court and the others that act with malicious intentions in order to try and keep me in bondage to Satan." - Cheryl Meril 
Edmond Wollmann is still falsely accusing me in legal filings in order to divert attention from the fraud he committed in a psy-op he participated in with Hollywood horror film special effects man Rick Lazzarini who impersonated him. See Bombshell: Rick Lazzarini of The Character Shop Filed Motion to Quash
"How dare I file a lawsuit to expose the criminal psy-op the San Diego Superior Court clearly supported and empowered through a homosexual judge in its East county division. These men are shameful and God is aware of everything they do. The devil's still filing documents after the case was closed in 2011 with continual false accusations."  - Cheryl Meril
The San Diego Court is still allowing this psy-op to continue, allowing its court to be used for bi-weekly crazy filing activities that I have to continually file responses to deny false allegations. These aren't reasonable human beings by any means.

Spiritual warfare's in order here. I already forgave Edmond Wollmann and Rick Lazzarini but this man cannot continue filing things with the Court nor be sending me these documents any longer.

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