Sunday, November 30, 2014

DEBUNKED VIDEO Military Police Didn't Start Fires in Ferguson!

The video I posted a link to last night has been officially debunked after the careful study by several commenters who brought attention to a number of coincidences that adequately dispute this allegation.

This video's a mere coincidence and illusion! The timing of an explosion across the street made it look like the police started a fire in the car they searched.  The fire's just reflecting off the car windshield to make it seem like a hand grenade was tossed into it.

The men and women were likely searching for bombs and unusual objects left by vandals.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Military Police Caught On Video Setting Fires in Ferguson

This video has since been debunked as a strange series of coincidences including an explosion across the street reflecting fire on the car windshield at the time military police were searching for a bomb in the vehicle with flashlights.

Replacement video for one removed last night.


This video supports my recent post suggesting the Ferguson response was a planned psy-op full of rent-a-mob contract workers, including on freeways around the country.  The footage shows military police officers surrounding an empty vehicle then tossing in a hand grenade in order to burn down Advanced Motor Parts retail building that was perfectly in tact without vandalism.  The building later burned to the ground.

This entire response was a staged psy-op supported  by the U.S. Federal government likely as a beta test in order to eventually bring in martial law.  I think it's clear to any intelligent person this response of the grand jury finding was largely staged by the rent-a-mobs willing to act for $35 an hour including those seen recently in London.  There's some professional entity behind organizing this with slick die-in marketing strategies.

For me it was really the freeway protesters that blew the cover off their psy-op. No one in their right mind would go on a dangerous freeway to protest and stop a traffic like that.  When the freeway protesters weren't arrested in San Diego, that was just another red flag that the government's in on protecting these rent-a-mob workers.  If there's any place that will have no problem covering up for a government psy-op, it's the City of San Diego.

Are Ferguson Freeway Protesters Fake Being Paid to Block Traffic? - November 28, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Are Ferguson Freeway Protesters Fake Being Paid To Block Traffic?

click to enlarge (link: The Real Revo Blog)

As many become wiser with age we begin to observe things such as how the media tends to distort and warp reality by concentrating on very small percentage of the population's opinions who protest loudly.  Outside the handful of  protesters are millions of observers who disagree with them.  When protesters like these go on a rampage blocking freeways across the country over this issue I often wonder if they're getting paid for their time, especially since they're not even being arrested like what happened on the I-5 freeway two days ago.

Professional protesters, perhaps paid by our very own government? Not arrested for blocking freeway as they clearly should have been for endangering lives.

I once had an acquaintance share his experience of being offered cash and a free lunch to act like an invitee for some luncheon for some corporate event. This offer came to him after the event crashed with few showing up.  To make themselves appear viable with interested participants, they forked out a ton of money for an event with many fake people in the audience

Whenever I see rioters and protesters I review the facts to determine what the real issue is.  As stated in my previous post, Sympathy For The Devil, Riots Unjustified By God, the real issue seems to be rioters wanting an excuse to access free HDTV's, iPads and whatever they can find during their raids of retail stores.  This is a criminal uprising that started with the thuggery and theft of Michael Brown. It's interesting to note had the liquor store he robbed had a hand gun available to protect his store, thugs wouldn't have likely bothered to target him for theft.

That this issue's now branched out into blocking freeways with very few arrests, it seems our government may be behind the tremendous tolerance for this behavior. Some city jurisdictions obey the Fed stand down arrest order as in this video while others clearly do not.  One can only deduce these people have a lot of time on their hands likely being paid while given a script for propaganda.

Those people blocking the freeway, if not paid professionals, are truly insane stupid people.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sympathy For The Devil - Evil Ferguson Rioters Unjustified By God

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. We've had much to be thankful for in this country thanks to God's grace over a nation He used to be able to bless.  God blessed America because as a country we used to honor Him and His Word to a large degree that's since been eroded by the distractions of popular culture including television, music, entertainment, video games, Internet porn, addictions, greed and a plethora of other vices.

Unfortunately, the infiltration of too many peoples from other lands along with a traitorous greedy U.S. government and liberal based media have changed American culture over the past several decades.

It's a sad fact that what's happening in Ferguson is a deliberately orchestrated staged response and lie, a spiritual attack by the godless against America.

Allow me to restate the facts that some bully thug robbed a liquor store completely overpowering a tiny little Indian man by physically threatening him, then later tried to over power a police officer by reaching into his vehicle so he who had no time to call for back up.  Historically, Americans in the droves would clearly have backed up the police officer. When someone robs a store anything can happen for such a reckless lawless action of a bully. Cops are just doing their jobs to apprehend robbery suspects, surprise!

Sinner Michael Brown bullies and robs store owner prior to police officer stopping him nearby. Obama's food stamps apparently weren't enough.

Based on the facts, any reasonable person can deduce this uprising is some orchestrated psy-op on behalf of criminal elements who use race as a red herring.  When someone gets robbed, there's always a possibility someone can shoot the robber dead if they feel their life's threatened too.  You put your own life at risk when you have the audacity to rob someone.

I'm truly astonished at the godless liberal Darlena Cunha who wrote Time Magazine's,  Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting.  Like a shock jock pop singer Madonna, journalist Cunha seeks shock value publicity by sympathizing with the devil.  The more shock the better for Cunha whose apparently desperate to raise her family of five being in need of new Twitter subscribers.

Could it be Cunha's true motivation for rationalizing and justifying rioters in her Time Magazine article could be an apparent desperate need for new Twitter followers as seen in her previous post?

Cunha's type of hopeless ignorance will one day support and usher in the Anti-Christ. Cunha will likely seek to rise up into new positions of authority to potentially hand over Christians for persecution and take the 666 on her body to feed her family. This while her Ahab weakling husband sits in the background letting some ignorant godless woman ruin his family's chance to enter heaven.

Don't get me wrong, I used to be a rebellious person just like anyone else.  I hated the police too, but it turned out I had no support in God's Word to respond the way I did so it took a long time for me to heal.  I eventually realized I really wasn't a martyr or victim just ignorant of my sinful situation in my being without God's support.

When God can't support us due to rebellion and sin sometimes we feel like victims of others like the police.  When we follow God and obey His Word He restores and heals us so we need not feel a need to rebel any longer.  God protects those who honor His Word and obey Him!  We saved Christians know God's grace is sufficient for our needs while unsaved sinners think they're always victims due to their ignorance of God and sympathy and/or allegiance to the devil.

In my case, I realize today that I always had God's grace available to me to overcome my situation without having had to go through such ignorant rebellion. Instead of rebelling I could have been accepting God's grace and enjoying it as I am today.  Prayer and obedience to God works wonders to open spiritual doors of escape from the temptation to sin that includes the temptation to riot toward self-destruction.

It's INSANE the way these rioters are carrying on wanting to expand across the country to destroy America over this orchestrated highly staged psy-op. It's clear these unsaved lost souls wanted any excuse to riot so they could get the free HDTV's and loot having witnessed the video footage of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and other cities.

The fact is that God is calling Americans to repentance having forewarned of coming Judgment through Prophet of God Dr. Owuor. God always forewarns prior to His Judgment being carried out against a nation in order for it to repent and turn back to Him.

Instead of repentance such that God's Prophet David Owuor forewarned was necessary to avoid God's Judgment of America, what we're witnessing instead is even more rebellion.  As long as journalists like Darlena Cunha provide sympathy and unjustified rationalizations for ungodly rebellion in order to get more publicity for those like herself and new Twitter followers, the godlessness will continue to escalate and morph into new levels of evil not excluding attracting terrorist groups such as ISIS.

As for those of us who seek to follow Jesus and obey God's Word, we pray, forgive our enemies and their trespasses against us while remaining shocked at how ignorant people can be to sympathize with the devil whose neither black nor white but just plain evil.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Russia Watching America Burn, Prepares For Nuclear Attack Predicted By David Wilkerson, Dr. David Owuor

For those who want to be right with God, please listen up! Those violent thugs in Ferguson have accepted the temptation to disobey against God and His Word who are facing eternal damnation in hell without Jesus. God doesn't accept any excuses or rationale for such rebellion against Him because His Word and Grace is available to all along with the tremendous distribution of His resources in this day and age.

I've had my own days long ago of rebellion against the police officers who I felt did wrong to me but had no understanding of God's Word at the time so I failed to bear any fruit to glorify Jesus. My rebellion came in the form of nasty letters challenging police officer's trespassing over bearing oppressive authority over my life as a single woman. I later learned that you can't glorify God by playing a falsely persecuted martyr and victim.  Those who are rebelling in Ferguson have accepted the role portrayed to them in the film Planet of the Apes that's quite sad to witness.

There's absolutely no excuse for anyone to riot as witnessed last night over the grand jury's lack of indictment of a police officer as if it was based on racism.  The entire nation's witnessing the depravity of these godless children of wrath and it's so sad to see so called leaders stand down in serving Satan's destructive intentions for America.

What must Russia and China be thinking about the breakdown in America's culture that allows this to happen? Surely they see nothing but weakness, along with a depraved so called President in charge. Ever see videos of the Chinese marching military? It's truly frightening to behold.  Of course the Chinese or Russian military's no

How will America's depraved Godless culture address a coming invasion from China and Russia?

How will America's depraved culture deal with an invasion from the forces of China and Russia?  It's not too difficult to see the outcome when traitors are at the helm of American's government political system. God can't help America when it hasn't repented and turned back to Him.

The truth is that America could very well be nuked by Russia in the future. All those called to God need to turn to Him and let go of fascination with these ungodly people acting on the level of animals. God's been calling for America's repentance through Prophets such as Dr. David Ouwar, He always gives warnings prior to judgment of a nation.
'To the Russians, the United States is enemy number one these days and the Russians are feverishly preparing for a potential military showdown." - 10 Signs that Russia's Preparing to Fight and Win a Nuclear War with the U.S. - End of the American Dream, November 24, 2014

Christian Pastor and Prophet Henry Gruver Describes Prophetic Vision of Russian Invasion

Prophecy of Judgment on America Dr. David Owuor, a true Prophet of God

Perry Stone covers some of Pastor David Wilkerson's prophetic visions related to Russian attacks

I'm affirming that it's the right thing to do to ignore and forgive these hardened rebellious ungodly people and move on with following God.  What these people are doing has no impact on Jesus or His Kingdom whatsoever except those who might repent and turn to Him for forgiveness.  We're all under God's grace and that's what saved me was His amazing grace.  God pays attention to our actions, not lip service!  It's what we do for Him that matters and how we'll all be judged in the end. There's nothing wrong at all with scoring points with God, it's all outlined in Scripture on how to please Him very clearly.

The word Holy means "set apart".  Reject the ways of those in Ferguson that only leads souls to hell.

God's no respecter of persons but what we do in His name that aligns with His Word counts.

David Wilkerson -

The Self-Destruction of America - David Wilkerson

How To Ignore Chimps Tossing Poo At The Zoo

It's very simple, would you rather be watching monkeys at the zoo tossing poo around or would you rather read the Word of God and pray? I just don't understand why the nation is so focused on depraved ungodly people protesting as if it means something when it clearly doesn't. It's all meaningless!

Blacks kill each other with firearms far more than cops do.  There's no problem in America with cops killing black people. The percentage is below 5% of cops on black shootings. So why do people overreact and want to scapegoat a cop for the black problem of their killing each other? Likely to remain playing the role of a victim and martyr because it's profitable.

You know, I'd rather not get involved in this foolish and childish dispute of a bunch of narcissist depraved monkeys running around protesting to distract from their serious depravity being godless and pitiful. I'd rather not be involved in the bowels of hell and just open my Bible and read that the word "holy" means to be "set apart".  I want to be set apart from this INSANITY.  I just don't get why Prison Planet has a live stream feed of these disgraceful activities in Ferguson that I feel should be ignored and replaced with attention to the Lord Jesus.  Anyone in their right mind wouldn't want to report such meaningless activities that's a disgrace to the human race and Him.

Look, if you don't like our court system in the U.S., go find another country to live but you have no right to riot and destroy other people's properties! 

I'll be praying for these psychotic depraved narcissists to become Godly by accepting Jesus into their lives to repent from such abhorrent disobedience, I'm just very disappointed it's come to my acknowledging what a disgrace such people have become.  Burning the American flag will you?  People died for that flag, they didn't riot and burn buildings for no just cause like these beasts did tonight.

click to enlarge

People die every day in many ways. That young man who died wasn't any different from anyone else. Just because he was a black man gives no one a right to riot like madmen. So please get a grip on reality and open your Bibles. Set yourselves aside from the monkeys tossing poo and maybe God will take notice and set you aside for something of His greatness.

Wilson: Brown Struggle Was Like Fighting Hulk Hogan - USA Today

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is the City of San Francisco Entrapping and Profitting From Small Business Owners?

I've been very patient for the City of San Francisco's Tax Assessor's office to provide me with some explanation as to why it's refused since July, 2014 to waive a hefty $122 late fee claiming I paid my business license renewal late. This post is about my receiving a letter of denial of the fee waiver today from the city's tax attorney Stephanie Profitt without any explanation in spite of my evidence to the contrary.

When I received my business license renewal in the mail on May 15, 2014, that very day I filed a renewal application on-line and provided a credit card.  I'm very good with paying fees on time as I've done since 2009. After I filed, I received a confirmation email of the transaction having no reason to suspect the credit card wasn't charged so I didn't look at anything but the email's subject line.  I then waited to receive my license renewal in the mail.

I waited until the deadline of the renewal to call the city's 311 help line and got a reference number for my question as to where my renewal was. I was told by the help line representative that the business renewal people were two weeks backlogged and to wait another two weeks and she would also leave a message to call me.  So after this information I naively believed,  I waited another two weeks.

When I went down to the City Hall's Tax Assessor's office I was told I never paid and a $122 late fee was assessed.  I told the lady I paid and had evidence of an email so she offered me a fee waiver request form.  I then filed my first fee waiver request along with my enclosed email evidence of confirmation and a my reference number from the city phone call alleging a backlog.  I waited another 6 weeks and never heard a thing so I went ahead and filed another fee waiver request. Once again no one responded as to why I wasn't provided with a refund.

After waiting another two months for some kind of response I finally contacted the city's attorney's office that responded it would investigate.  Here's the letter I received today, I don't know why it's dated October 8 since I just received it today:

I received a short paragraph letter from a Ms. Stephanie Profitt who said the investigation was completed and the fee waiver was denied.  Ms. Profitt didn't provide any explanation.  I was asked to call with any further questions so today I left a polite voice mail that went something like this.
"Hi Ms. Profitt, my name is Cheryl Meril with Nob Hill Notary Services. Today I received your letter responding to my request for a late fee waiver.  Since you provided your contact number and asked me to call with any questions I'm calling to let you know I would like some explanation as to why my request was denied. From my point of view I provided a lot of evidence that I paid on time."
After I left the message I realized I meant to say "provided my credit card information on-line along with the application for business license renewal on time."  I technically didn't pay on time since they claim I didn't pay but I had no knowledge of it because I wasn't informed the payment didn't go through. In the email it had confirmed my application was received but added "if you did not pay. . " providing a  clever infrastructure for suggesting the payment didn't necessarily go through. In other words, they didn't write, "make sure to check your credit card statement that the payment went through" that in itself is ludicrous as a system of confirmation for payment.

I later spoke with a client native to San Francisco who had called me over to The Battery Club to notarize and wait for one of his extremely wealthy billionaire clients. He told me this kind of thing's been happening a long time in San Francisco's city government.

If my small business acted this way towards clients, my business would surely get a bad rap, so why not the wealthy city of San Francisco that thinks it can afford to pay off $3,750,000 settling with deranged Satanist musicians over their own negligence?  See blog post San Francisco Satanist Musician Gets $3.75 million Out of Court Settlement with City of San Francisco Over Pitiful Bike Accident

In my opinion, the City of San Francisco entraps small business owners with an underhanded web pay system to enable them to obtain nearly triple the original fee claiming late payment. My opinion was confirmed by a longstanding local business owner whose a native San Franciscan.  So the reason for this blog post is to alert San Francisco's small business owners to make sure their credit card gets charged in the transaction that the city will not provide a receipt on-line nor acknowledge the payment went through or not as is the standard protocol to entrap in order to triple the fee.  

At this point, I'm not going to continue to fight this $122 fee head on any longer, only through educating others of these underhand tactics the city uses to get more money.  In the meantime I forgive my apparent enemies San Francisco's City Government.

Meanwhile I read last night about how Laura Alber, whose the new CEO of Williams-Sonoma with a degree in psychology at 46 years old, is No. 20 on the list of top paid executives in Forbes, receiving $13 + Million a year. This while the City of San Francisco's charging small business owners for bogus late fees.  Ms. Alber, who began with the company two years prior to my employ being burned out there, claimed she and the CEO of the company at the time, Mr. Lester, were very close.  The way she was groomed for her new position indicated favoritism and politics involved.  People play politics, it's a game they think they can win.  See Fortune's Biz Person of the Year - November 13, 2014

Stealing money from small business owners through entrapment is a crime, not politics.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

President Obama Summons At-Home Moms To Trash Removal @ Pennsylvania Avenue

The gay agenda's attack on the family, American culture and values in general continues to crescendo with the latest attacks on at-home mothers by President Obama, a former gay bathhouse pot smoking cruiser in his early adult years

President Obama interrupted his longstanding amateur golf game and was twitching at the podium of a speech he gave attacking stay at-home mothers.

In a response column published by the Christian Post, attorney Kristi Burton Brown gave voice to how many have been reacting on Facebook, YouTube and other channels. 
“I hope you misspoke, but let me tell you how this comes across to stay-at-home moms,” Brown replied to Obama. “You’re telling us that the money we earn is more important than our kids. You’re telling us that leaving the workplace to stay home isn’t a choice American moms should be making.” 
She continued, “As a stay-at-home mom myself, who is also an attorney, let me tell you that I want to choose my kids over my career. I honestly don’t care if missing two decades in the work force means that I’ll never make as much as a male attorney over the course of my lifetime. My kids – people – are much, much more important than my money – mere possessions. And my choice is just as valid and just as equal as the choices of the single mom who needs to find a quality daycare and a high performing school to put her children in.” - Video: Obama Slaps At-Home Moms - 

Meanwhile Obama's Administration allowed companies like these from Silicon Valley to bring in  workers from India to the San Francisco Bay area who were paying a whopping $1.21 an hour rather than employ U.S. citizens. See Silicon Valley Company Caught Paying Imported Workers $1.21 An Hour

President Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, changed his identity and social security number so he could rise in American politics, who once visited gay bathhouses in his early adult years.  Obama's continuing the attack on American values of family by suggesting at-home mothers should be out in the workforce. In other words, they need not address the importance of loving and caring for their families but to be outside their homes working for $12/hr paying taxes for the reckless spending of his corrupt U.S. government.

Obama's an evil President who also works on behalf of the gay establishment, (see Homosexual Manifesto from 1986), out to ruin everything America has ever stood for.  He's a lousy golfer who wastes taxpayer money on his trivial evil pursuits, a no good criminal element who needs to be removed from the White House.

Maybe a new career for stay-at-home mom's would be to remove the trash from Pennsylvania Avenue! They certainly won't be able to help in the area of propping up an erection for the President's frustrated wife. President Obama doesn't realize you can stay home and raise children in this day and age with technology and still have a part time job in your home using today's technology!  Calling all at-home mothers, will you please take out the trash first at Pennsylvania Ave for America?

From my own experience, whenever there's gay men around in the work force, I was always pushed to work much harder to the point of exhaustion while they were allowed to lounge around and have an easy well paid job with long trips to Italy. I was on a 50 cc motor scooter while they drove company BMW's. I had to fight for a one week vacation while they were granted whatever they wanted at any time. Single women don't do well when it comes to being part of the workforce wherever gay men are involved and neither do single women with children.

This is what happens when you let a homosexual in the White House, they have no regard for women at all, just putting a masquerade on for their own power plays.  They're psychopathic users and deception's their con game.

There's a huge stink of trash at Pennsylvania Ave that needs to be removed, after the duty has been completed, the at-home mothers can return to raising their families again.

See Also

Homosexual Manifesto, 1986

Asian Betrayal of Man's Best Friend Manifests Into Dogs Forewarning of Eternal Hell

A three minute video glimpse of man's best friend
forewarning fallen humanity of what eternal hell will be like.

As a saved Christian I'm given spiritual insight into things here on earth.  It's been brought to my attention through the Holy Spirit in my prayers that the dogs suffering in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and China for the cruel meat trade are introducing humanity to what it will be like of the unspeakable gruesome suffering of fallen unsaved humanity in eternal hell.

Those who live for the sake of promoting tastier dog meat derived from torture of boiling and/or skinning them alive will face eternal hell and the torment of Satan and his demons for rejecting Jesus as their only hope of eternal salvation. For those who die without Jesus in their lives, the suffering will be eternal and never ending where, on the other hand, these tortured dogs will get relief returning to God their creator after death.

Dogs don't end up in eternal hell because they're innocent creations of God Almighty! Dogs aren't fallen sinners but innocent creatures created by God Himself!. Dogs didn't fall from grace and were put here to help us grow our character to learn about loyalty and unconditional love for us out of His kindness to provide companionship to us. 

Ebola Nurse Nina Pham gets her beloved dog back, thanking God.

When people eat dogs unnecessarily and turn it into a greedy industry to profit by, it's a sin against God's creation. God didn't intend for these joyful loving creatures to become a cruel meat industry. They initially were eaten in Asia during difficult times during the war but the Asians in certain countries became addicted to the meat that's a total sin. God expects mankind to protect these vulnerable dogs from the demonic principalities ruling over Asia especially.

Those who deliberately seek to torture these dogs prior to death to make the meat tastier for the consumers are evil and will end up in eternal hell whereas these dogs will be released from the bondage of such evil fallen men. Let there be no doubt these MONSTERS are being trained by demonic forces in these countries in preparation of ushering in cannibalism because they know what's up ahead is famine.  The cages for dogs now will likely be for children and young people sometime in the future for the carnal sinners to consume. If they can do this to people's beloved pets, they can do it to anything.

Keep that in mind, that God is watching, He is real and knows what's going on. You betray these loving pets, these precious vulnerable dogs and you betray Him as well.

There are good people helping these poor dogs who need our support, The SOI Dog Foundation that created the video to spread the news. They're not looking to become wealthy or famous but just to eradicate the evil pet dog trade and torture in their country.