Saturday, November 1, 2014

Asian Betrayal of Man's Best Friend Manifests Into Dogs Forewarning of Eternal Hell

A three minute video glimpse of man's best friend
forewarning fallen humanity of what eternal hell will be like.

As a saved Christian I'm given spiritual insight into things here on earth.  It's been brought to my attention through the Holy Spirit in my prayers that the dogs suffering in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and China for the cruel meat trade are introducing humanity to what it will be like of the unspeakable gruesome suffering of fallen unsaved humanity in eternal hell.

Those who live for the sake of promoting tastier dog meat derived from torture of boiling and/or skinning them alive will face eternal hell and the torment of Satan and his demons for rejecting Jesus as their only hope of eternal salvation. For those who die without Jesus in their lives, the suffering will be eternal and never ending where, on the other hand, these tortured dogs will get relief returning to God their creator after death.

Dogs don't end up in eternal hell because they're innocent creations of God Almighty! Dogs aren't fallen sinners but innocent creatures created by God Himself!. Dogs didn't fall from grace and were put here to help us grow our character to learn about loyalty and unconditional love for us out of His kindness to provide companionship to us. 

Ebola Nurse Nina Pham gets her beloved dog back, thanking God.

When people eat dogs unnecessarily and turn it into a greedy industry to profit by, it's a sin against God's creation. God didn't intend for these joyful loving creatures to become a cruel meat industry. They initially were eaten in Asia during difficult times during the war but the Asians in certain countries became addicted to the meat that's a total sin. God expects mankind to protect these vulnerable dogs from the demonic principalities ruling over Asia especially.

Those who deliberately seek to torture these dogs prior to death to make the meat tastier for the consumers are evil and will end up in eternal hell whereas these dogs will be released from the bondage of such evil fallen men. Let there be no doubt these MONSTERS are being trained by demonic forces in these countries in preparation of ushering in cannibalism because they know what's up ahead is famine.  The cages for dogs now will likely be for children and young people sometime in the future for the carnal sinners to consume. If they can do this to people's beloved pets, they can do it to anything.

Keep that in mind, that God is watching, He is real and knows what's going on. You betray these loving pets, these precious vulnerable dogs and you betray Him as well.

There are good people helping these poor dogs who need our support, The SOI Dog Foundation that created the video to spread the news. They're not looking to become wealthy or famous but just to eradicate the evil pet dog trade and torture in their country.