Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How To Ignore Chimps Tossing Poo At The Zoo

It's very simple, would you rather be watching monkeys at the zoo tossing poo around or would you rather read the Word of God and pray? I just don't understand why the nation is so focused on depraved ungodly people protesting as if it means something when it clearly doesn't. It's all meaningless!

Blacks kill each other with firearms far more than cops do.  There's no problem in America with cops killing black people. The percentage is below 5% of cops on black shootings. So why do people overreact and want to scapegoat a cop for the black problem of their killing each other? Likely to remain playing the role of a victim and martyr because it's profitable.

You know, I'd rather not get involved in this foolish and childish dispute of a bunch of narcissist depraved monkeys running around protesting to distract from their serious depravity being godless and pitiful. I'd rather not be involved in the bowels of hell and just open my Bible and read that the word "holy" means to be "set apart".  I want to be set apart from this INSANITY.  I just don't get why Prison Planet has a live stream feed of these disgraceful activities in Ferguson that I feel should be ignored and replaced with attention to the Lord Jesus.  Anyone in their right mind wouldn't want to report such meaningless activities that's a disgrace to the human race and Him.

Look, if you don't like our court system in the U.S., go find another country to live but you have no right to riot and destroy other people's properties! 

I'll be praying for these psychotic depraved narcissists to become Godly by accepting Jesus into their lives to repent from such abhorrent disobedience, I'm just very disappointed it's come to my acknowledging what a disgrace such people have become.  Burning the American flag will you?  People died for that flag, they didn't riot and burn buildings for no just cause like these beasts did tonight.

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People die every day in many ways. That young man who died wasn't any different from anyone else. Just because he was a black man gives no one a right to riot like madmen. So please get a grip on reality and open your Bibles. Set yourselves aside from the monkeys tossing poo and maybe God will take notice and set you aside for something of His greatness.

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