Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Russia Watching America Burn, Prepares For Nuclear Attack Predicted By David Wilkerson, Dr. David Owuor

For those who want to be right with God, please listen up! Those violent thugs in Ferguson have accepted the temptation to disobey against God and His Word who are facing eternal damnation in hell without Jesus. God doesn't accept any excuses or rationale for such rebellion against Him because His Word and Grace is available to all along with the tremendous distribution of His resources in this day and age.

I've had my own days long ago of rebellion against the police officers who I felt did wrong to me but had no understanding of God's Word at the time so I failed to bear any fruit to glorify Jesus. My rebellion came in the form of nasty letters challenging police officer's trespassing over bearing oppressive authority over my life as a single woman. I later learned that you can't glorify God by playing a falsely persecuted martyr and victim.  Those who are rebelling in Ferguson have accepted the role portrayed to them in the film Planet of the Apes that's quite sad to witness.

There's absolutely no excuse for anyone to riot as witnessed last night over the grand jury's lack of indictment of a police officer as if it was based on racism.  The entire nation's witnessing the depravity of these godless children of wrath and it's so sad to see so called leaders stand down in serving Satan's destructive intentions for America.

What must Russia and China be thinking about the breakdown in America's culture that allows this to happen? Surely they see nothing but weakness, along with a depraved so called President in charge. Ever see videos of the Chinese marching military? It's truly frightening to behold.  Of course the Chinese or Russian military's no

How will America's depraved Godless culture address a coming invasion from China and Russia?

How will America's depraved culture deal with an invasion from the forces of China and Russia?  It's not too difficult to see the outcome when traitors are at the helm of American's government political system. God can't help America when it hasn't repented and turned back to Him.

The truth is that America could very well be nuked by Russia in the future. All those called to God need to turn to Him and let go of fascination with these ungodly people acting on the level of animals. God's been calling for America's repentance through Prophets such as Dr. David Ouwar, He always gives warnings prior to judgment of a nation.
'To the Russians, the United States is enemy number one these days and the Russians are feverishly preparing for a potential military showdown." - 10 Signs that Russia's Preparing to Fight and Win a Nuclear War with the U.S. - End of the American Dream, November 24, 2014

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I'm affirming that it's the right thing to do to ignore and forgive these hardened rebellious ungodly people and move on with following God.  What these people are doing has no impact on Jesus or His Kingdom whatsoever except those who might repent and turn to Him for forgiveness.  We're all under God's grace and that's what saved me was His amazing grace.  God pays attention to our actions, not lip service!  It's what we do for Him that matters and how we'll all be judged in the end. There's nothing wrong at all with scoring points with God, it's all outlined in Scripture on how to please Him very clearly.

The word Holy means "set apart".  Reject the ways of those in Ferguson that only leads souls to hell.

God's no respecter of persons but what we do in His name that aligns with His Word counts.

David Wilkerson -

The Self-Destruction of America - David Wilkerson