Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sympathy For The Devil - Evil Ferguson Rioters Unjustified By God

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. We've had much to be thankful for in this country thanks to God's grace over a nation He used to be able to bless.  God blessed America because as a country we used to honor Him and His Word to a large degree that's since been eroded by the distractions of popular culture including television, music, entertainment, video games, Internet porn, addictions, greed and a plethora of other vices.

Unfortunately, the infiltration of too many peoples from other lands along with a traitorous greedy U.S. government and liberal based media have changed American culture over the past several decades.

It's a sad fact that what's happening in Ferguson is a deliberately orchestrated staged response and lie, a spiritual attack by the godless against America.

Allow me to restate the facts that some bully thug robbed a liquor store completely overpowering a tiny little Indian man by physically threatening him, then later tried to over power a police officer by reaching into his vehicle so he who had no time to call for back up.  Historically, Americans in the droves would clearly have backed up the police officer. When someone robs a store anything can happen for such a reckless lawless action of a bully. Cops are just doing their jobs to apprehend robbery suspects, surprise!

Sinner Michael Brown bullies and robs store owner prior to police officer stopping him nearby. Obama's food stamps apparently weren't enough.

Based on the facts, any reasonable person can deduce this uprising is some orchestrated psy-op on behalf of criminal elements who use race as a red herring.  When someone gets robbed, there's always a possibility someone can shoot the robber dead if they feel their life's threatened too.  You put your own life at risk when you have the audacity to rob someone.

I'm truly astonished at the godless liberal Darlena Cunha who wrote Time Magazine's,  Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting.  Like a shock jock pop singer Madonna, journalist Cunha seeks shock value publicity by sympathizing with the devil.  The more shock the better for Cunha whose apparently desperate to raise her family of five being in need of new Twitter subscribers.

Could it be Cunha's true motivation for rationalizing and justifying rioters in her Time Magazine article could be an apparent desperate need for new Twitter followers as seen in her previous post?

Cunha's type of hopeless ignorance will one day support and usher in the Anti-Christ. Cunha will likely seek to rise up into new positions of authority to potentially hand over Christians for persecution and take the 666 on her body to feed her family. This while her Ahab weakling husband sits in the background letting some ignorant godless woman ruin his family's chance to enter heaven.

Don't get me wrong, I used to be a rebellious person just like anyone else.  I hated the police too, but it turned out I had no support in God's Word to respond the way I did so it took a long time for me to heal.  I eventually realized I really wasn't a martyr or victim just ignorant of my sinful situation in my being without God's support.

When God can't support us due to rebellion and sin sometimes we feel like victims of others like the police.  When we follow God and obey His Word He restores and heals us so we need not feel a need to rebel any longer.  God protects those who honor His Word and obey Him!  We saved Christians know God's grace is sufficient for our needs while unsaved sinners think they're always victims due to their ignorance of God and sympathy and/or allegiance to the devil.

In my case, I realize today that I always had God's grace available to me to overcome my situation without having had to go through such ignorant rebellion. Instead of rebelling I could have been accepting God's grace and enjoying it as I am today.  Prayer and obedience to God works wonders to open spiritual doors of escape from the temptation to sin that includes the temptation to riot toward self-destruction.

It's INSANE the way these rioters are carrying on wanting to expand across the country to destroy America over this orchestrated highly staged psy-op. It's clear these unsaved lost souls wanted any excuse to riot so they could get the free HDTV's and loot having witnessed the video footage of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and other cities.

The fact is that God is calling Americans to repentance having forewarned of coming Judgment through Prophet of God Dr. Owuor. God always forewarns prior to His Judgment being carried out against a nation in order for it to repent and turn back to Him.

Instead of repentance such that God's Prophet David Owuor forewarned was necessary to avoid God's Judgment of America, what we're witnessing instead is even more rebellion.  As long as journalists like Darlena Cunha provide sympathy and unjustified rationalizations for ungodly rebellion in order to get more publicity for those like herself and new Twitter followers, the godlessness will continue to escalate and morph into new levels of evil not excluding attracting terrorist groups such as ISIS.

As for those of us who seek to follow Jesus and obey God's Word, we pray, forgive our enemies and their trespasses against us while remaining shocked at how ignorant people can be to sympathize with the devil whose neither black nor white but just plain evil.