Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God's Tremendous Grace, Patience and Mercy This Christmas

In this culture of materialism, I'm blessed to have a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in life that I fully understand what Christmas is really all about.  

My sister in Christ Jesus said it best today on Facebook:

God's love for mankind came into the world, through a baby in a manger. The baby was born, to one day die for man's redemption. Angels sang and rejoiced the night of the baby's birth, they were saddened the day He died on a cross. That precious baby fulfilled words of many Prophets! Today, many follow the baby who is the Messiah. As He loved us, we in turn LOVE Him, following His Words to us, obeying His commands. For unto us a child is born! We rejoice! We long for the day, He comes to redeem us....He is coming soon, I cannot wait!  - Sandi Smith

Star of Bethlehem Documentary

I know I was placed on earth for the purpose of being a blessing, not a burden, to others.  God's in my life redirecting me to His Word and cleansing the old patterns in life of failures. I'm grateful for God's patience, grace and mercy and look forward to spending Christmas with God in prayer and reading His Holy Scriptures. I strive to forgive and pray for my enemies and to let go of past conflicts I contributed to through ignorance of God and His Word.

I'm just very grateful God's in my life now and am praying for everyone this Christmas wishing all the best.