Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'll Miss Coffee, Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow!

At the time I stopped drinking coffee a while back I thought it was no big deal, just the right response to a gnawing health problem.  Now that I've begun a new journey in life without coffee, I'm feeling the pain of what it really means.

It's only been a little while without coffee and I'm already missing the decades of visiting coffee houses with friendly conversation among those who shared my love for coffee. I especially miss waking up early to a freshly made pot of coffee brewed to perfection.

I'm concerned, very apprehensive about what Iv'e done by having such nerve to deny myself one of the few enjoyments I  had left in life at my growing age.  Coffee was it, the last thing I relied on as my crutch so to speak.  It's only been 2 1/2 months without a cup and I'm finally facing the reality that coffee will no longer be part of my existence on earth. My memory flashes back to time markers when coffee was in my life, how peculiar this all is. It's almost as if I've had a love affair with coffee! Okay, there I've said it.
My last cup of coffee! My last cup of joe! My life's nearing something up ahead, this I surely know. - Cheryl Meril
I'm feeling the withdrawal symptoms and pain over decades of apparent emotional attachment to coffee that connected me with pleasant conversations with others who shared my love for the beverage.  

I'm finally realizing I miss coffee terribly and that's exactly why I had to let go of it.  Life shouldn't be about drinking coffee and my body was telling me no more.  My digestive system was screwed up from acidity and my body chemistry was being tampered with. I had to stop. God wants us to honor our temples aka bodies so coffee had to go.

I've had small glimpses that life can be just as good without coffee. I've had a couple good mornings full of energy that I felt good.  I tried a few alternate coffee beverages only to find there's no way to replace coffee, I just can't fool myself any longer. Coffee's gone from my life forever and I'm never drinking it again. 
This is just the way it is and will always be, there will be no more coffee for me!   
- Cheryl Meril
Coffee's just another part of myself I'm giving back to God for Him to address in His own way.  I figure one of the reasons people don't want to follow Jesus is for this very reason, it takes discipline to let go of certain patterns and addictions in life.  Jesus will help me with this problem but I'm pretty sure He won't be having any cappuccino machine waiting for me in heaven either.  Something far better awaits!

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