Friday, December 12, 2014

Sarah Schlemmer's Demons Texted Me A Curse Over Imaginary Event

This is a quick blog post calling for Christian warriors to pray for me over recent phone and text contacts from Sarah A. Schlemmer, 28 an atheist of San Francisco originally from St. Louis MO.

I'm calling prayer from Christians to bind these demonic spirits that are attacking and slandering me through this person in the form of text messages though I've never met nor had any conversation with her.

Ms. Schlemmer contacted me at 4:00 pm on Friday, December 5, 2014 for an apparent notarization though I have no memory of it.  My phone records confirmed Ms. Schlemmer contacted me and that I returned her call twice within a few minutes leaving two voice mails. I was very busy that day and took her phone call squeezed in between two appointments.  Sometimes when people call I'm riding my eBike answering with a bluetooth and can't hear them clearly so I tell them I'll call them right back. My records show I returned her call twice.

In any event, today I noted a text message from Ms. Schlemmer that was sent that very day of December 5th I hadn't seen. The message shocked me, very accusatory about my alleged attitude and then going on about her having cyber stalked me and my reviews on the Internet that its a wonder I have so many bad ones.  Knowing this wasn't true that Google is full of defamation written by cyber stalkers I responded with:
"I think there was a mis-communication that happens among strangers on the phone. I'm sorry, but I didn't do anything wrong to you I'm aware of."
What this person responded with was not at all dismissive tearing into me even more:
"You were rude and beyond unprofessional. you started an argument and then hung up on me.  Please do not contact me again."
I didn't remember her phone call and her description sounded fabricated.  I don't argue with customers and hang up on them unless they're giving me a real hard time.  I certainly wouldn't hang up on someone and then call them back as my records showed either. I felt this lady was making up a story of a fake argument so I wrote back:

"Liar, I deny your false accusation devil"

You see, I was absolutely shocked and didn't feel I was addressing a rational human being so I responded to the devil.

Sarah responded:

"Stop harassing me you miserable psychopath.  A pox on you and your house!"

Wow, this was a witch cursing me and my home by text!  I wanted to find out what kind of personality would call me a psychopath and obviously cyber stalk me to read a psychopath's blog about me.

Sarah on Google+ with her nephew. Who sticks out their tongue like that?   
This was not a nice nor understanding forgiving person.  I looked up her phone number and connected it to Ms. Schlemmer's that she was a student at the local city college.

I wouldn't allow this curse on me and my home to stand so I responded:

"Sarah, Good luck with city college. I'll be praying for you Ms. Schlemmer".

Sarah response:
"I'm atheist, please don't pray for me. And I'm actually working on my masters now. Thanks for the well wishes. . . "

Texting from a demonic spirit through Sarah

I'm sorry but when someone curses me by texting and cyber stalks me, then calls me a psychopath I think that person's in need of prayer. I wanted to post this because Sarah's in need of Jesus in her life.

Sometimes the reason people are crazy is they don't realize they are. This is the kind nightmare of a customer no notary wants of endless accusations over a non-event.

In my opinion from this small amount of information I've gained through such abnormal contacts, Sarah's a  hard core witch to put a curse on me like that by texting, very wicked.  When I saw her Google+ photo and account it confirmed the kind of personality I was dealing with.  When I first I saw that text attacking me I thought it was creepy being from the devil and I was right. I knew the devil was behind it. This isn't really Sarah, it's the devil operating through her.

I do forgive Sarah and will be praying to bind the demonic spirits that work through Satan's children that insist on finding all kinds of ways of attacking and falsely accusing me.  I do think it's scary when people like this are working on their masters degree. I hope for the sake of others that she's not planning on being a psychologist.