Saturday, December 13, 2014

Voicemail From Lifetime Committed Rapist Scott Emerson Felix Threatening Lawsuit

One Friday evening on November 8, 2014, I received a call from convicted felon rapist Scott Emerson Felix.  Felix called me from a fake number disguised as a kind old grandpa who was trying to help out his relative in hospice at the Veteran's Hospital.  Since he called using an out-of -state phone number I had no reason to expect anything unusual aside from his ramblings until I noted the next day he called from a different number in Coalinga, CA.  Because of the unusual nature of receiving three calls from someone who seemed very controlling,  I looked up the Coalinga phone number to learn it came from the Coalinga State Mental facility, a state run mental hospital.

Scott Felix had called first to coordinate his distant relative driving out to meet me at the VA hospital's hospice the next day to notarize some trust documents for his alleged dying uncle.  I'm glad I spoke with his relative first because I had every right to think foul play was involved when she informed me Felix was the sole beneficiary.

The State of California does not want Scott Felix anywhere near the rest of civilized humanity. (Note: Except to call Cheryl Meril and threaten lawsuits)  The state Legislature and the officials who run the penal and mental-health systems say that he's damaged goods, perhaps permanently damaged. They want him off the streets, in a locked psychiatric facility. 
State officials say his past is a prologue. They claim he belongs to a special class of dangerous criminals who need to be locked up, even after their prison sentences are completed -- at least for a while, and perhaps forever. These officials are confident that they possess the scientific tools needed to predict that Felix will commit more rapes. -  SF Weekly - June 3, 1998
The reason I'm posting this is to let others know these prisoners like this can disguise their phone numbers so  be on guard that it's possible someone at a state mental hospital could be phoning them.   Felix told me I was referred by someone who had used my services.  I later confirmed that Scott Felix has no access to the Internet on his own so someone must have provided my contact information.  He had offered his credit card over the phone I wouldn't accept until the time of signing.  Had I accepted early payment he might have had a legal case for breach of oral contract.

Scott Felix Transcript of Voice Mail November 8, 2014 7:35 p.m.

here for Audio Version)

"Cheryl Meril of Nob Hill Notary Mobile, are you refusing services after you made a verbal agreement to complete this transaction? Whether I'm in a state hospital or not, has nothing to do with the fact that your services are discriminating against me. And if you're going to discriminate against me, then I would like to know that. So are you refusing to complete the task that you agreed to? And if so I would like you to notify me, you have the number.  
In addition to that I don't appreciate your threats. I have not acted inappropriate. I've conducted myself professionally with you. I've given you all the information, and I've been clear, and I've been honest. And this is something that needs to be done in the interest of my family. And I am acting as that party right now. So I do not understand your hostility, and I do not understand why you are denying me services that you advertise.  
So know this, I'm a paralegal, and I will follow through if you refuse my family and me any services today. You have a nice day. I hope you contact my cousin to complete the task before you."
Scott Felix said the legal papers had been prepared by an attorney.  What I found unusual was why didn't the attorney arrange for my services instead? Why did they refer my phone number to a convicted institutionalized rapist?

The devil was behind this contact, it's just too scripted and abnormal.