Saturday, December 20, 2014

What U.S. Ice Skater Lori Fussell Did With My Amelia Earhart Tribute Song Was Beautiful

U.S. Ice Skater Lori Fussell's performance at the 2011 ISU International Adult Competition

Earlier this year I learned U.S. Ice Skater, Lori Fussell, took my tribute song to Amelia Earhart, Do You Read Me and made it part of her international ice skating competition.  Lori sent me the link to her video and thanked me for the song making it worth while after all.  Thanks again Lori, you're so inspiring to watch!

Back in 2007 I composed and arranged the song that featured flautist Sky Grealis.  It was a very fun project.  I certainly never believed it would get chosen for an International ice skating competition. Sky's performance clearly made the difference.

The reason I'm posting this is it was brought back to memory after I met Brian Boitano a few weeks ago who was a 1988 Olympic gold medal champion.

My actual video for the song:

My Tribute to Amelia Earhart Song- 2007 with flautist Sky Grealis

I didn't search far and wide for Sky, she just naturally arrived for the song likely thanks to her name that resonated with Amelia's life who flew the skies.  All these people made my dream come true to put one of my songs to good use on behalf of another in tribute.  I honestly didn't think that would be at all possible having not sung in decades.
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