Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alex Jones Identity Crisis Overflowing With Crazy Videos, Needs Prayer

Radio host Alex Jones has had signs of growing mental illness lately since he hasn't put out any films in recent years. His former self of years ago would be embarassed for what his program has become, one of entertainment and mockery of current dangerous times we're in. How can anyone take Alex Jones and his program seriously when they have the audacity to release videos like these?

This is about as low as it gets. Though Alex isn't in the video, he approved the content.

I stopped listening to Alex Jones' radio program a few years ago.  I happened to see this video advertised in YouTube to discover just how far Alex Jones Infowars has fallen since 2012 when I stopped.  His paid staff are just doing a job to keep the operation going.

Alex has expressed a secret desire to retire having released the following crazy video unsuitable for serious viewers concerned about the state of the nation.

Alex Jones's mind's cracking as America falls.

Alex Jones has reduced himself to an entertainer who can't be taken seriously anymore.  I will be praying for him of course.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why Muscle Man Greg Plitt's Dead As Another Survived Unimaginable Wreckage Without Injury

I found this article today of a man miraculously surviving a horrendous wreck quite interesting in contrast to the one about body builder Greg Plitt who was killed by a metro train after trying to shoot a protein shake scene in his commercial.  See Actor and Fitness Model Hit By a Train While Filming Protein Shake Commercial - UK Daily Mail, January 18, 2015  

After having lifted my jaw from the floor over these two mind blowing stories, what I found especially intriguing was not only how close Kaleb Whitby, 27, came to death but how he had allegedly walked away without injury from a small cube of what was his former vehicle crushed by two huge big rig trucks. I particularly noted that the truck ahead of him had the words Covenant Transport.  

Clearly God saved this man from certain death in this situation and then used the truck's Covenant message to let the world know He was involved in saving this man's life.

An uninjured Kaleb Whitby, 27, stares out calmly from the mangled wreckage of his Chevy Silverado after the two semi-trucks smashed into each other on the I-84 in Oregon - with him in the middle.

On another interesting note Kaleb's name's significant in Biblical history.
"Caleb, sometimes transliterated Kaleb (כָּלֵב, Kalev; Tiberian vocalization: Kālēḇ; Hebrew Academy: Kalev) is a figure who appears in the Bible as a representative of Judah." -Wikipedia

God went to all ends of the earth to save Kaleb's life while sending out the message of His Covenant still being firmly in place.  This tends to catch the eye of Christians like myself.

The Laws of Lean - The Late Greg Plitt

On the other hand, body builder and upcoming reality t.v. show star Greg Plitt seemed to have a long and successful life ahead of him only to lose it over a foolish choice to cross the train tracks while filming his protein shake commercial.  Where was God in this situation?  Why couldn't this man's fine muscles and human strength save him from the coming train?

The Lord says "cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans. Who rely on human strength and turn their hearts away from the Lord.".  Jeremiah 17:5-10

I found this opportunity to contrast these two lives of the muscle man hell bent depending on his own human strength while climbing the ladder of celebrity.  This versus a man God clearly helped survive one of the worst wrecks imaginable while sending a reminder of His Covenant.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. - Matthew 6:33
It's important to contrast God's involvement in saving the lives of certain folks while apparently letting others go on their merry foolish way in life.  No matter what fine muscles one has, they mean nothing when decisions are made not to seek God first in one's life.

Man who SURVIVED being crushed between two big rigs in icy freeway crash and walked away without a scratch - UK Mail January 18, 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trolls on the Internet Didn't Like My Jane Goodall Chimpanzees Comment

A troll has posted something on the Internet accusing me of being a racist for my comment on a video that Jane Goodall's chimpanzee's behave better than many black people I've witnessed in my lifetime.  I stand by my comment and have the following facts to support them from my own personal experiences.

Last Friday I noted a disturbed black man (left photo) in his early 20's was screaming loud hateful obscenities in front of my office building that was frightening people including myself.  In fact there was a recent news article of iPhone thefts and violence last week so everyone was already on edge. See San Francisco Pedestrians Being Attacked & Robbed - January 13, 2015.   In fact, the man was so loud and hateful I ended up following him to get a photo that I also ended up speaking with him about the fear he was causing. Turns out, when I got to the bottom of his rap sounding rants, he was just upset about his video game provider being unable to provide a secure connection so he could play his game.  I shared about Jesus with Him and left him in peace with "God bless you sir" after which I noted he remained silent as I walked away.

The trashy mouthed troll Rvi Era featured in this 8 year old video has sought to punish me on-line for my comment about Jane Goodall and the good behavior of her chimpanzees on a YouTube video "Teacher Snaps in Class" (see below)

With this disclosure I wanted to provide a response to ridiculous accusations of a troll named Rvi Era, a young man in Puerto Rico, of my being a racist that the person went to great lengths to attempt to punish me on-line out of revenge for my comment about the behavior of some black people's behavior being worse than Jane Goodall's chimpanzees.  Rvi also claimed to have written my former church about the comment, the same church I left a few months ago after it advertised on its website Guys Night Out to Watch the Planet of the Apes.

I wanted to respond to this vile mouthed troll with my personal experiences starting from when I was a child:

Way back in 1960 when my parents moved to Baldwin Hills, California it was a nice family neighborhood being peaceful and friendly lacking crime.  Then around 1967-68 a wave of black folk began buying homes in the area and a criminal element became evident where fear arrived:

1.  As a young girl I was chased home from Baldwin Hills Elementary school a few times and in fear for my life from a black group of boys who would steal my lunch money. I was punched in the stomach and threatened.

2.  In 1968 the bicycle I bought with my chore money was stolen on the school's premises.

3.  In 1969 a black girl threatened me for my third place swimming ribbon fro the UCLA Youth Sports program I attended.

4.  In 1969 we witnessed young black boys throw rocks at our front window and my mother chasing them down the street.

5.  Bars began appearing on people's windows and fear spread of burglaries happening in the community.

6. Sometimes disturbed black girls would say very nasty gross things to me on the playground.

7. One day while on the playground we children spotted two adults humping in the park next to the school yard who were clearly African American.

8.  The middle school, Audubon, I was slated to attend already had gang activity and white beatings in the news so we ended up moving for these reasons.

Baldwin Hills became an upper class community for African Americans in the 1970's

What had started out as a very peaceful happy community where neighbors got together on Friday nights to play cards deteriorated quickly due to the onslaught of a depraved sinful rebellious black culture.  Because I'm an honest person, I want to disclose here the black community has always been a problem for me personally due to the these facts.

From my early childhood is where my bad experiences with black people began having continued up to present that has made my life on this planet one of continual fear and apprehension.  The only thing that kept me from entirely avoiding all black people a the time was their achievements in music specifically from the Motown era.  I once had a black boyfriend who I gave a gift to in 5th grade, his name was Count and he was an A+ well behaved student.  My mother noted the gift exchanges and stopped it immediately when I received what they called a choker collar gift of neck jewelry.

Where my comment was posted to a video where a teacher loses it in a classroom - Note behaviors among the class that is far worse then Jane Goodall's chimpanzees I've seen in her documentaries. The Chimpanzees are very well behaved in comparison to these wild little beasts.

In Baldwin Hills Elementary School I was continually disgusted with the depravity of the black culture including the wet lips my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Brown, a black man, placed on my cheek when we were alone in class at lunchtime.  Mr. Brown came up from behind me wrapping his arms around me as a 6th grader but didn't go any further, but that was enough. I gave Mr. Brown a gift too, from my chore money. Mr. Brown gave me A's that helped me get into good classes in middle school.  Later my  father was also being influenced by the black culture including loving the soundtrack of Shaft and buying Bill Cosby and Flip Wilson albums.

In spite of these experiences, I've always tried to be open to all kinds of friends in the corporate world where I discovered the politics was entirely unfair that black folks could say and do anything without reprimand due to the race employment laws.  There have only been a handful of black folks I could trust throughout my life only because all of them have a healthy fear and understanding of God and morality.   Way back starting in my early 20's I spent time with black men from where I worked listening and getting to know them and their issues in life having long conversations with them. I can say the adult black men from the 1970's era were a lot different from the one's of today.

In summary, it's not about racism anymore in this day and age just that many Caucasians like myself likely disapprove of the bad behavior, criminal element, political corruption and depravity of black communities having to do with sin and godlessness.  The out-of-control demons in the black community come from ancient curses throughout generations from ancestors in Africa that practiced voodoo and occult witchcraft while worshiping wooden idols that attracted all kinds of demonic spirits to possess them during trances. Today these very same demons want to bring this nation down into self-destruction.

The late Andrae Crouch, an African American who Loved Jesus

It's up to the black community to accept the Word of God and Jesus and to stop blaming their culture's plight on the Caucasians.  In other words it's time get a spiritual life, get God and stop blaming white people!   The Word of God is right there for everyone to read on the Internet, there are Bibles in libraries and huge resources to get on the right track. There's only so much we all can do to get through to a culture that refuses to accept responsibility for its own sinful godless immorality but I refuse to allow myself to be brought down into the pit of hell with them. If that's someone's interpretation of racism, that's some sick twisted mindset I want nothing to do with.

No one should attempt to argue with the mentally insane nor cast pearls to swine. We should let it all go of this depraved world and move on while praising God for Jesus Christ.  Time to disengage from all those who seek to bring others into hell with them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ellen DeGeneres Leading Good Witches of America to Eternal Hell

I've been noting how God's been dealing with comedians in Hollywood a great deal lately. For the past several months it's become clear a huge spiritual earthquake's been shaking up the comedy entertainment world.  Ellen DeGeneres is one of those comedians who God clearly has a lot of love and patience with providing tremendous grace, but time's running out for her so God's been trying to shake Ellen up in His own way too.

To many of her naive viewers, Ellen DeGeneres recently defeated an enemy, a caring Christian Pastor who doesn't merely disagree with Ellen's sinful lifestyle that goes far deeper that that.
In Wednesday's monologue, The Ellen DeGeneres Show host and 24-time Daytime Emmy Award winner responded to Larry Tomczak, an author and self-proclaimed "cultural commentator," six days after The Christian Post's published his article, "Are You Aware of the Avalanche of Gay Programming Assaulting Your Home?" DeGeneres, 56, doesn't "usually read anything" about herself, she said. "I don't look at the tabloids or the internet. Unless it's about me being pregnant and then how else would I know? Got to find out. But I heard there was an article written about me and I would like to address it right now." -

Sound Clip of Ellen DeGeneres Rebellious Speech

Ellen's brand of witchcraft enables her to appear confident, unfrazzled, loving and yes, unconvicted by the Holy Spirit. This is because Ellen is playing the role of the good witch as was presented to her as a young child in The Wizard of Oz.  In being a good witch Ellen believes she can still defeat evil and what's wrong with the world.  According to God's Word, the only way to defeat evil is to accept what Jesus did at the cross, ask for forgiveness and repent of one's sins turning away from them. Eternal hell is the only outcome for those who deny Jesus who suffered on the cross for our sins in order to save us.

Ellen DeGeneres is collecting a hefty salary at the expense of her fans and viewers.  Her program's not volunteer work to make the world a happy place, it's all about the almighty dollar.  Take away her paycheck and the real Ellen DeGeneres would show her true colors as a depraved sinner. In this case of a tremendous opportunity to admit she's a sinner, Ellen lacks humility or reverence for God Almighty leading others along with her into eternal hell.   If Ellen would be open to God about the tremendous gift Jesus offers her she would gladly trade in everything for it.  Ellen is too caught up in Satan's game to give Jesus Christ and what He did for her any thought whatsoever, far too rebellious.

This is just a reminder humans can never be good enough to enter heaven as fallen sinners, only by accepting Jesus as our Savior, the Messiah sent by God to save us, can we return to heaven to be with Him forever in peace and love.  All who reject Jesus are headed for hell as unsaved sinners. One can never rationalize their way out of hell, it just doesn't work that way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

San Diego Superior Court's System's EVIL!! Crazy Witch Kathy Rowe Gets Wrist Slapped!

This is an update to my post of last year San Diego's Court a Tool For Satan Full of Zombies -  September 20, 2014

The twisted evil crazies in the San Diego Court system sure are showing their true colors letting some abhorrent witch go free without punishment over an extremely depraved case of intense torment of a couple including with ads placed to rape a woman on Craigslist.  

The vile authorities in the San Diego Court Judicial system gave this wicked evil person Kathy Rowe a slap on the wrist while noting her 2007 Mother of the Year Award, isn't that sweet?

These evil witches and warlocks in the San Diego Court system are showing what they're really all about, tormenting the innocent. That's what they love to do, especially in their Family Court system.
  • Kathy Rowe was sentenced to a year of electronic surveillance and five years of probation in court in San Diego, California on Friday
  • She had terrorized Jerry Rice and Janie Ruhter for months after they outbid her for her dream home in 2011
  • She stopped their mail, inundated them with magazines and sent Valentine's Day cards to other wives in the neighborhood from Rice
  • She also pretended to be Ruhter in online posts and asked men to come over to the house and act out her rape fantasy Daily Mail U.K. - January 13, 2015
This is to confirm that the San Diego Court system is clearly under the jurisdiction of the demonic principality Jezebel I've discussed at length here on my blog.  These people in authority love injustice and especially tormenting innocent lives!  They just love it and this case proves it.

These people in the San Diego Court system are twisted, evil, vile and worship their god Satan enjoying whatever injustice they can create at the expense of others.  What about the victims, isn't that what justice is all about?  No, not this court system, they enjoy tormenting the innocent and promote their devilish comrades with slaps on the hand for their evil deeds.

I highly recommend this book Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit for all Christians on how to deal with these evil demonic principalities that rule over certain geographic areas especially.
"With keen insight, John Paul Jackson peers through the enemy's smokescreen and exposes one of the most deceptive snares used to destroy the Church. In this eye-opening book, the author challenges Christians to embrace God's divine order and seeks to strengthen God-breathed intercession and prophetic ministry that bears the marks of humility, wisdom, and discernment. "Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit" is biblically anchored and seasoned with years of divine revelation and thoughtful reflection."
God's watching all of this, and I can say without a doubt, San Diego's under the jurisdiction of the demonic principality Jezebel.  Avoid bringing cases there at all costs if you can.  If you're a reborn Christian please pray in order to bind this spirit as directed in Scripture, especially in Ephesians 6.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

BUSTED! Largest Operation of Dog Torturing Criminals in Thailand Arrested

This is the best New Years ever!  I prayed to God about this as one of many of my prayers answered last year. This post's a follow-up to my post earlier this year, Hell On Earth: Southeast Asia's Brutal Pet Dog Torture Mirror's Eternal Hell - October 30, 2014

Just days after Thailand’s first Animal Welfare Law came into force, another dog meat wholesaler and another dog butcher have been shut down thanks to the support of the SOI Dog Foundation contributors spreading the news of this horrific animal abuse of stolen pets! 

Posted by The SOI Dog Foundation on January 1, 2015
On December 29th, our undercover investigators, acting on a tip-off, coordinated with the Royal Thai Police and the local deputy Sheriff to conduct a raid on what turned out to be one of the biggest dog meat wholesalers in the region.
The raid took place near the city of Chiang Rai, in northern Thailand, where the police swooped in and immediately arrested the criminal in question. A quantity of cooked dog meat and 3 kilos of frozen dog meat were seized as evidence. 

The wholesaler was immediately transferred to the police station and under intense interrogation, revealed the source of where he had purchased the meat. The police were swift to act on this new intelligence and officers were dispatched to the premises of the butcher in question.
Forced to break into the property, they immediately arrested the butcher and his accomplices. Under interrogation, the butcher confessed he had been on the verge of quitting the trade for good due to the increased negativity surrounding it. These criminals will now be prosecuted and their barbaric businesses have been shut down forever. 
These events are yet more positive developments in our fight to end this vicious trade but we must keep the pressure on! Increased campaigning and our public awareness billboards are proving to be huge deterrents but the war is not yet over.
Your support is now more crucial than ever! Please CLICK THIS LINK to see how you can be a part of ending this barbaric trade for good!
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