Thursday, January 1, 2015

BUSTED! Largest Operation of Dog Torturing Criminals in Thailand Arrested

This is the best New Years ever!  I prayed to God about this as one of many of my prayers answered last year. This post's a follow-up to my post earlier this year, Hell On Earth: Southeast Asia's Brutal Pet Dog Torture Mirror's Eternal Hell - October 30, 2014

Just days after Thailand’s first Animal Welfare Law came into force, another dog meat wholesaler and another dog butcher have been shut down thanks to the support of the SOI Dog Foundation contributors spreading the news of this horrific animal abuse of stolen pets! 

Posted by The SOI Dog Foundation on January 1, 2015
On December 29th, our undercover investigators, acting on a tip-off, coordinated with the Royal Thai Police and the local deputy Sheriff to conduct a raid on what turned out to be one of the biggest dog meat wholesalers in the region.
The raid took place near the city of Chiang Rai, in northern Thailand, where the police swooped in and immediately arrested the criminal in question. A quantity of cooked dog meat and 3 kilos of frozen dog meat were seized as evidence. 

The wholesaler was immediately transferred to the police station and under intense interrogation, revealed the source of where he had purchased the meat. The police were swift to act on this new intelligence and officers were dispatched to the premises of the butcher in question.
Forced to break into the property, they immediately arrested the butcher and his accomplices. Under interrogation, the butcher confessed he had been on the verge of quitting the trade for good due to the increased negativity surrounding it. These criminals will now be prosecuted and their barbaric businesses have been shut down forever. 
These events are yet more positive developments in our fight to end this vicious trade but we must keep the pressure on! Increased campaigning and our public awareness billboards are proving to be huge deterrents but the war is not yet over.
Your support is now more crucial than ever! Please CLICK THIS LINK to see how you can be a part of ending this barbaric trade for good!
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