Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trolls on the Internet Didn't Like My Jane Goodall Chimpanzees Comment

A troll has posted something on the Internet accusing me of being a racist for my comment on a video that Jane Goodall's chimpanzee's behave better than many black people I've witnessed in my lifetime.  I stand by my comment and have the following facts to support them from my own personal experiences.

Last Friday I noted a disturbed black man (left photo) in his early 20's was screaming loud hateful obscenities in front of my office building that was frightening people including myself.  In fact there was a recent news article of iPhone thefts and violence last week so everyone was already on edge. See San Francisco Pedestrians Being Attacked & Robbed - January 13, 2015.   In fact, the man was so loud and hateful I ended up following him to get a photo that I also ended up speaking with him about the fear he was causing. Turns out, when I got to the bottom of his rap sounding rants, he was just upset about his video game provider being unable to provide a secure connection so he could play his game.  I shared about Jesus with Him and left him in peace with "God bless you sir" after which I noted he remained silent as I walked away.

The trashy mouthed troll Rvi Era featured in this 8 year old video has sought to punish me on-line for my comment about Jane Goodall and the good behavior of her chimpanzees on a YouTube video "Teacher Snaps in Class" (see below)

With this disclosure I wanted to provide a response to ridiculous accusations of a troll named Rvi Era, a young man in Puerto Rico, of my being a racist that the person went to great lengths to attempt to punish me on-line out of revenge for my comment about the behavior of some black people's behavior being worse than Jane Goodall's chimpanzees.  Rvi also claimed to have written my former church about the comment, the same church I left a few months ago after it advertised on its website Guys Night Out to Watch the Planet of the Apes.

I wanted to respond to this vile mouthed troll with my personal experiences starting from when I was a child:

Way back in 1960 when my parents moved to Baldwin Hills, California it was a nice family neighborhood being peaceful and friendly lacking crime.  Then around 1967-68 a wave of black folk began buying homes in the area and a criminal element became evident where fear arrived:

1.  As a young girl I was chased home from Baldwin Hills Elementary school a few times and in fear for my life from a black group of boys who would steal my lunch money. I was punched in the stomach and threatened.

2.  In 1968 the bicycle I bought with my chore money was stolen on the school's premises.

3.  In 1969 a black girl threatened me for my third place swimming ribbon fro the UCLA Youth Sports program I attended.

4.  In 1969 we witnessed young black boys throw rocks at our front window and my mother chasing them down the street.

5.  Bars began appearing on people's windows and fear spread of burglaries happening in the community.

6. Sometimes disturbed black girls would say very nasty gross things to me on the playground.

7. One day while on the playground we children spotted two adults humping in the park next to the school yard who were clearly African American.

8.  The middle school, Audubon, I was slated to attend already had gang activity and white beatings in the news so we ended up moving for these reasons.

Baldwin Hills became an upper class community for African Americans in the 1970's

What had started out as a very peaceful happy community where neighbors got together on Friday nights to play cards deteriorated quickly due to the onslaught of a depraved sinful rebellious black culture.  Because I'm an honest person, I want to disclose here the black community has always been a problem for me personally due to the these facts.

From my early childhood is where my bad experiences with black people began having continued up to present that has made my life on this planet one of continual fear and apprehension.  The only thing that kept me from entirely avoiding all black people a the time was their achievements in music specifically from the Motown era.  I once had a black boyfriend who I gave a gift to in 5th grade, his name was Count and he was an A+ well behaved student.  My mother noted the gift exchanges and stopped it immediately when I received what they called a choker collar gift of neck jewelry.

Where my comment was posted to a video where a teacher loses it in a classroom - Note behaviors among the class that is far worse then Jane Goodall's chimpanzees I've seen in her documentaries. The Chimpanzees are very well behaved in comparison to these wild little beasts.

In Baldwin Hills Elementary School I was continually disgusted with the depravity of the black culture including the wet lips my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Brown, a black man, placed on my cheek when we were alone in class at lunchtime.  Mr. Brown came up from behind me wrapping his arms around me as a 6th grader but didn't go any further, but that was enough. I gave Mr. Brown a gift too, from my chore money. Mr. Brown gave me A's that helped me get into good classes in middle school.  Later my  father was also being influenced by the black culture including loving the soundtrack of Shaft and buying Bill Cosby and Flip Wilson albums.

In spite of these experiences, I've always tried to be open to all kinds of friends in the corporate world where I discovered the politics was entirely unfair that black folks could say and do anything without reprimand due to the race employment laws.  There have only been a handful of black folks I could trust throughout my life only because all of them have a healthy fear and understanding of God and morality.   Way back starting in my early 20's I spent time with black men from where I worked listening and getting to know them and their issues in life having long conversations with them. I can say the adult black men from the 1970's era were a lot different from the one's of today.

In summary, it's not about racism anymore in this day and age just that many Caucasians like myself likely disapprove of the bad behavior, criminal element, political corruption and depravity of black communities having to do with sin and godlessness.  The out-of-control demons in the black community come from ancient curses throughout generations from ancestors in Africa that practiced voodoo and occult witchcraft while worshiping wooden idols that attracted all kinds of demonic spirits to possess them during trances. Today these very same demons want to bring this nation down into self-destruction.

The late Andrae Crouch, an African American who Loved Jesus

It's up to the black community to accept the Word of God and Jesus and to stop blaming their culture's plight on the Caucasians.  In other words it's time get a spiritual life, get God and stop blaming white people!   The Word of God is right there for everyone to read on the Internet, there are Bibles in libraries and huge resources to get on the right track. There's only so much we all can do to get through to a culture that refuses to accept responsibility for its own sinful godless immorality but I refuse to allow myself to be brought down into the pit of hell with them. If that's someone's interpretation of racism, that's some sick twisted mindset I want nothing to do with.

No one should attempt to argue with the mentally insane nor cast pearls to swine. We should let it all go of this depraved world and move on while praising God for Jesus Christ.  Time to disengage from all those who seek to bring others into hell with them.