Thursday, February 26, 2015

BEWARE: LinkedIn Member Martin Bean of Paralegal Group Services in San Diego

Yesterday I opened a LinkedIn message to find a recently convicted felon named Martin Bean, 63, from the creep capitol of the U.S., San Diego, who may still be in prison since a two year sentence back in September of 2013.

Bean's probing women like myself on LinkedIn for our free advice and contacting as if he's some successful business man.  He claimed I joined his group but I'm not a paralegal in the field since 2010 and he's not in my network.  In short, he's asking for my free advice and for permission to contact me again.

When I noted his arrogant attitude to my question about compensation and clear lying, I looked up his background to discover the following:
"This defendant blithely put the public's health at risk so he could line his own pockets," said Derek Benner, special agent in charge for HSI San Diego. "This sentence should serve as reminder about the potential consequences facing those who deal in imposter drugs with no regard for the dangers they pose to patients and consumers. HSI will continue to work with its law enforcement partners here and abroad to prevent the distribution of counterfeit and misbranded pharmaceuticals."  Florida man sentenced for operating online San Diego-based pharmacy that sold unapproved, misbranded oncology drugs  - U.S. Customes and Immigrantion Enforcement - 9/12/2013

FBI San Diego public notice on recently convicted felon Martin Bean

United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy announced today that Martin Paul Bean, III, of Boca Raton, Florida, was sentenced by the Honorable William Q. Hayes to serve 24 months in custody for his role in a scheme to sell unapproved foreign oncology drugs to doctors in the United States. Bean had pled guilty to conspiracy to commit a number of federal offenses, including wire fraud, mail fraud, selling unapproved drugs, selling misbranded drugs, and importing merchandise contrary to law. Bean was further ordered to forfeit the Jaguar XJ he purchased with the proceeds of the scheme and to pay restitution of $19,270 to one of the victims of his scheme. 
In pleading guilty, Bean admitted that between February 24, 2005 and October 30, 2011, he operated a business (GlobalRx Store) from his residence in Florida and unlawfully sold over $7 million of prescription oncology drugs to doctors throughout the United States. Bean ordered unapproved drugs from foreign sources, including sources in Turkey, India, and Pakistan, and sold them to doctors within the United States at substantially discounted prices. Among the misbranded and unapproved drugs sold by Bean were versions of drugs marketed in the United States as Gemzar7, Taxotere7, Eloxatin7, Zometa7, and Kytril7. - FBI 9/12/2013
I'm not at all for recent felons being allowed back into our society with such great ease as if they're successful businessmen.  They have to pay their dues to prove they are worthy of owning a business after what they did.  Therefore when one of these unrepentant arrogant slime balls contacts me for my free advice and he has the audacity to be trying to get into the legal field, I'll expose his lazy fat behind.  No more Jaguars for these bad men!

This is the new business model a wanna be successful businessman's attempting to push on the Linkedin network wanting their free advice to implement:

Paralegal Group Services (PGS)San Diego, California
PGS has developed many unique results driven support programs for federal, state, and county inmates, such as power-of-attorney services, notary public services, writs and letter writing services. Highlights include a "Character & Remorse Document for the Sentencing Judge" and a "Nu-Jail Facility Kit" for newly incarcerated individuals and their families. 
PGS's expertise also extends to those seeking to learn about their U.S.immigration status, as well as those who are just starting the process of immigration visa and naturalization forms.
Above all, we seek to advance reputational protection through a measured series of steps to identify, reduce and manage risk profiles and enhance our customers new way of life's continuity planning and preparedness.  
Working across these two linked areas, PGS paralegals offer specialist advice focusing on the protection of people, critical personal directions, and reputation.
If you would like to collaborate on these services, email me at *********. PGS's website is under construction and is due to open for business in San Diego on April.1, 2015.

No Martin, you may not contact me again.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

This Generation's So Called Music Is The Worst Ever In Human History!

I've been around a while now and have heard a lot of music in my life.  I feel the bands of today have pushed the envelope to the max of wanting to mirror the sounds of howling demons and fallen souls of eternal hell.  They certainly can't really get any worse than what I heard at my Active Sports Club gym this evening.

I mentioned the issue a couple weeks ago in their gym's survey and they responded they'd try to keep the volume down. Tonight it was full blown demons screaming at the top of their lungs coming over the speakers as I tried to burn some calories on their machines.

Back in the early 1980's I know rock singers like Billy Idol must have been horrific to listen to for the older folks but at least he had some kind of singing voice, musicality and the music was well produced. Today many of these horrendously talentless pieces of garbage bands sound as if they're playing from eternal hell itself.  What kind of arrogance allows people to play this music in a gym as if it's normal every day routine?  The gym manager said this music comes from a radio station yet there are no disc jockey's to present the names of these horrific bands that seem to play collectively for one specific purpose - to worship Satan and spread his ugly vile stench to human ears.

My second complaint letter to the Active Sports Club's gym today:
Per our recent communications, just a note the music was exceptionally crazy tonight, those were the kind of sounds that come from eternal hell no good man or woman should be forced to listen to.  I've been through the rock and roll era and I've heard a lot of music in my life, but that music is Satanic and beyond reasonable to play at the Fairmont Hotel that often has guests who use the gym of an elderly age. 
Once again, I'm asking Active Clubs to adjust the volume to low if it wants to play that music so that I'm not forced to endure what is an unreasonable virtual reality tour of eternal hell. I asked Ellie to let me know what station it is and she claimed she had no access to the unit. I want to know what station plays that kind of filth so I can contact Paul Williams, the President of ASCAP.  I'm going to ask that you give control to those at the front desk to turn down the music at the request of your members. 
This so called music isn't suitable for most of the members of your gym, this I assure it and if you'd like to open the kind of gym that attracts that kind of grunge 20 year old music you should move to the South of Market out of the heart of the Nob Hill community that's significantly more conservative then the other parts of San Francisco. 
Thank you for your attention to this matter once again.
Can you imagine when some elderly gentlemen who stays at the Fairmont Hotel wanting to catch a little exercise has to be put through something like that?  I mean, this is for real, the music was so depraved those were the sounds of eternal suffering and hell.  They can't make it much worse than that.

I don't know where the baby boom generation went wrong raising the current generation playing this stinkin garbage but they've gone way too far.  Their lives can be better put to use fighting ISIS.

These talentless stinking garbage bands that put out this trash need to be put out of their misery of musical failure!   I hereby accept any job opening of intercessory prayer to have this music in America wiped off the face of the earth never ever to be heard again!  It's that bad.  God answers my prayers and if this is His will and I pray it He will answer my prayer.

This has gotten to the point of no return for the little bastards who put this stinking garbage into the hemisphere and it stinks in God's nostrils!  Hell is their destination, their choice of eternal torment and they can take their stinking guitars, drummers and trashy singing with them to be locked away with Satan forever never to be heard from again!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Was I A Vindictive Person Before Jesus Saved Me? Does a Bear Do That In The Woods?

I don't understand what all the big deal is about men researching me on the Internet who don't even know me who seem to want to take issue with my possibly being a vindictive person. I get emails from their assessment of my situation after what they read.  Just as the author of the blog or comments, they too have never met me.

For the record, I want to answer questions of who might come to this blog after reading complete strangers' writings. I've never denied I was ever a vindictive woman.  I certainly was!

I've done all kinds of vindictive and self destructive things throughout my life and have had an unruly poisonous tongue at times because I was a hell bound rebellious person.  By nature I wasn't vindictive but I won't go into reasons why I became that way because they're only excuses for my not turning to God and His Word. When it comes to God and His Word he doesn't argue with us or accept any excuses because Jesus did it all for us at the cross suffering for our sins. We have God's Word as a blueprint for how to live our lives on earth prior to eternity.

I Was Confused About Myself Due To Cultural Influences And A Dysfunctional Family

For many years I had falsely believed myself to be a lesbian that caused men to want to burn me in corporate America.  Men high up on the corporate ladder wanted me to play the woman scorned role and continually placed me in  torment,  They provoked me through their own sin and, because I wasn't rooted in God's Word, namely the wisdom of Solomon's proverbs at the time, I had no foundation on how to react and behave.  I just responded whichever way the wind blew my fancy!  I shouldn't have reacted especially since putting things in writing is highly problematic when people can interpret things however they so please.  I never stalked anyone physically, I just wrote letters. I wouldn't follow anyone around or stare at them and that is the lie that was often litigated against me I took issue with.

So yes I was a vindictive person with a wicked out-of-control heart especially after I read the lies written about me on the Internet because I took myself too seriously. I was especially self righteous believing I was right and others wrong. I had remnants of witchcraft running through my veins from how I was raised as a child.  Jesus is in my life now and I know the Holy Spirit's working on ridding me of this and other issues forever. In fact, I know I'm being cleansed of this sin that will be completely removed from His memory when His work's been completed in my life.

Sandi Smith calls social media "Satan's Playground" where
drama runs rampant to distract us from God. Sandi's began studying the Bible back in 1978 whose been teaching on social media the past 7 years.

Jesus took a bucket of water and put out the flames.  The flames are occasionally triggered by comments I read on the Internet and, as Sandi Smith recently did, I need to get off Satan's playground on social media and stop spending my time there.  Sandi Smith is a true Christian who has shared a
lot about her walk with Jesus and taught the past seven years who I began listening to in 2012. Sandi's now moving on because of all the drama that happens on social media that's Satan's device to distract.

Whatever's been written about me way back in 2007 by complete strangers who were never in my personal life, were men who wanted to burn me for my view of former San Francisco Chronicle Sex Sado/Masochist Sex writer Violet Blue for my combative spirit towards their attempt to dominate me.   I responded with two lawsuits, one I won by default, another I lost because I didn't know how to proceed after a motion to quash revealed another was involved through identity theft.

Yes I Was A Vindictive Person!

It's true I was vindictive and wanted revenge at times in my life that Satan had influenced my mind and thoughts  It's true I carried it too far with a lawsuit in 2009 and gave these strangers far too much attention of my time. It's true I made some presumptions that turned out to be false, such as the identity of the man who sent me an email who was committing unlawful identity theft of another. But I maintain the two men involved were malicious in their activities, provocative, harassing and perverted that there was a psy-op being used to entrap me for a specific purpose.  These weren't innocent men and I did not bear false witness because it was a manipulative scripted psy-op designed to cover-up for themselves.  I gave this man two opportunities to contact me after two warning letters of the lawsuit. I offered him $1,000 to take down a blog he later proved he had influence over in having it taken down once. He was involved and had a long history of his own vindictive activities and tricks.

Yes Jesus Saved Me After a Bike Accident In Late 2012

Jesus saved me from the devil's tricks and I'm a saved Christian now.  I forgive my enemies, pray for them and move on in life.  I don't Google myself nor care what anyone writes about me on the Internet anymore.  I'm no longer a singer and the musical notation I read is in God's Word.

While Sandi Smith began studying the Bible in 1978, 

I was singing this as my first solo with the PVHS Jazz Choir

Yes I Was A Fool!

Yes I was a sinner, yes I harbored anger and ill will for my enemies. Yes I was vindictive filing lawsuits out of my emotionally unhealthy condition, yes I lacked patience with the situation, yes I made bad decisions, yes I didn't seek God, yes I let the devil have a foothold in my life and heart. Yes I was a fool to fall into Satan's trap.  Fools rush in, do they not?

Yes God Is Faithful and Patient With Me!

God is faithful and patient with me that my life's been redeemed and is healing. I have a relationship with Jesus now.  I look back and see it was all my own fault, I've always caused my own problems! It doesn't matter what anyone writes if you're life's right with Jesus. Jesus is there to listen to my prayers 24/7 and answers them because I repented of my sins and turned to Him.  I yielded and surrendered my failed life to God for Him to take over.  My wicked heart has been replaced with the Holy Spirit that directs my life through God's Word.  I don't follow my foolish deceptive heart anymore that God's Word said is flawed and unreliable.

I take small steps each day of following God in obedience reading his Word that I love, praying to Him, tithing and striving to be of good service and helpful to others.  I memorize Scriptures, meditate on them and listen to the Word being taught by Dr. Charles Stanley and Dr. David Jeremiah who send me their teachings each month as well.

I Am No Longer On A Broad Path In Life

I'm on a narrow path and I pray for all of my enemies and forgive all who have hurt or offended me whether intentional or not.  I noted big problems happen from our imaginations and delusions.  God's Word is rooted in truth.

I Forgive and Pray For My Enemies!

So I hope this answers the burning questions about me, yes I was a vindictive person to a certain degree who had a problem with anger. No one's life was in danger but I was angry about what was happening to me back then I felt was unfair.  I felt cheated in life and I began to retaliate through law civilly. Because of my metaphoric blog about one of the strangers, it was misinterpreted and used against me in court often out of context.  So if anyone wants to think of me that way, you're right I was vindictive.  Just know I now make it a priority to forgive anyone who may or may not have wronged me.  Forgiveness is one of the necessary keys to a Christian's life. God has been good to me throughout my life, I caused my own problems out of ignorance of His Word.

I Accept All Promises God Offers In His Word

I do accept all God's eternal gifts and promises and redeem my life through Jesus.  I have full understanding of who and what Satan is and I'm no longer fooled by his counterfeit activities.

I won't be answering any further questions, this is an official closure on the lawsuits of 2009-10.

Friday, February 20, 2015

God Surprised Me With Perfect Timing of Crescent Moon, Venus & Mars Trio!

If you didn't see this tonight, you can still catch it tomorrow if the sky's clear.  I happened out to the gym tonight at the perfect time and recorded my surprise on this short video. What a great cosmic birthday gift from God! I turn 55 years of age on Sunday.

Venus, Mars and a large Crescent Moon, February 20, 2015

It was a gorgeous trio in the sky  of planet formations I've never seen before that were truly beautiful. When I got home I noted others were trending their photos on Facebook of some gorgeous shots.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

SNL Star's New Music Video Proclaims There's a Muslim Living in the Whitehouse

"Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson, a few years back, noted Barack Obama’s socialistic agenda and wrote and sang a ditty called 'There’s a Communist in the White House'  It was viewed by hundreds of thousands. Now she’s released a new song that’s similar, and it’s going to send the monitors of politically incorrect speech into a frenzy. It’s called 'There’s a Muslim living in the White House.”' SNL Star's Newest Song -

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Devil Proclaims Bruce Jenner's Transformation to Woman Now Complete!

Ms. Bruce Jenner can now claim official transformation to becoming a woman in her completing Satan's plan for her to take another woman's life in an accident today.  This is how Satan works.
"1:45 PM PT -- Several eyewitnesses say the accident was caused when Bruce rear ended the white car and that car then went into oncoming traffic and was struck by the Hummer.  Eyewitnesses say the driver of the white car -- a female -- died. 
1:55 PM PT  Jenner family sources tell TMZ, Bruce told cops he was being chased by as many as 5 paparazzi when he rear ended the white car.  He says he was not drinking and volunteered to do a field sobriety test, which we're told he passed."
It's duly noted Bruce Jenner, on the brink of being in the national spotlight with his own reality show along with forthcoming interviews over his transformation from a man to woman, caused a woman to lose her life in a vehicular accident today.  Satan's plan's now been completed and Ms. Jenner's future as a woman won't be thwarted since he survived, while another died.  The plan will influence thousands of others to come on board with the devil's plans for the destruction of their own souls. No where in the Bible does God grant permission for humans to change their gender by any means available to t hem.

This is how the devil works! It may not be conscious on behalf of the godless person, but because Ms. Jenner had to flee from the paparazzi today due to her choice to transform her former self to that of a woman, this innocent person lost her life.  Bruce Jenner's decisions led to this woman's death today.

Friday, February 6, 2015

I Need A Bible Hologram In My Face!

When I notarized documents for Microsoft's $150 million dollar patent acquisition for one of my clients last year, I had no idea that it would lead to new ways for me to learn Bible Scripture in a new and exciting way before I read Your Next Bible Will Be A Hologram in Christianity Today Jan. 26, 2015

All of my life I've had memorization issues when it comes to text materials that I've needed to continually repeat the information each day until it's ingrained inside my head. Even then, if I stop memorizing a few weeks later I can't easily recall it.  This requires me to continually feed my mind each day with Scripture passages since I'm unable to retain it very well.

Thus far I've only been able to retain a few passages, my favorite is Psalm 119:105 The Lord is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and James 4:7 Submit to the Lord and Resist the Devil.  I was able to easily memorize these two passages due to visualizations with a light, lamp, path and feet. I can easily picture myself holding a lantern and it's lighting my path.

Enter HoloLens:
"Obviously, holograms push the 3D models, timelines, and maps that are now study-Bible staples into new dimensions of interactivity. They can literally pop off the page and expand into space, letting you manipulate them in ways that are impossible in the 2D space of a screen. Holographic technology neatly sidesteps several limitations of current digital Bible study and could potentially usher widespread, transformative, digitally assisted Bible study." See Your Next Bible Will Be A Hologram - Christianity Today Jan. 26, 2015
Example of how HoloLens adds on to a physical environment with hologram technology

In your face hologram Bible study aide.

A great new study tool, hologram technology will be huge one day.

One of many features of HoloLens is that it merges print and digital resources
becoming a personal librarian

Other ideas I can see would be Pastors inserting themselves into the hologram to teach the materials as well. The sky's the limit.  I even see an opportunity to use the technology to travel to historical sites in Israel one day in the not too distant future.

I'm really looking forward to this hologram technology, HoloLens, as a Bible study aide.  Though Scripture isn't all about memorizing, Christians are always encouraged to keep our minds preoccupied with Scripture and things related to God.  In my case, years of watching television and listening to endless pop music in my youth caused a lot of damage to my learning ability including endless repeats of I Love Lucy as a child and Will & Grace as an adult.  I was never a good student as a child and would fall asleep after 15 minutes of reading (I needed coffee!).  I saw no value in memorizing anything beyond having to take a test.

I'm glad to see Microsoft seeking after this fabulous new technology after years of being a dying dinosaur aside from my favorite software One Note.  One Note's a great software, even the 2007 version I have is so helpful to organize information in digital folders on-line.  I'm sure Microsoft will find a way to implement the software holographically as well.

One additional comment about this technology is it reminds me of some of what I observed in Star Trek Next Generation in the 1990's.