Thursday, February 26, 2015

BEWARE: LinkedIn Member Martin Bean of Paralegal Group Services in San Diego

Yesterday I opened a LinkedIn message to find a recently convicted felon named Martin Bean, 63, from the creep capitol of the U.S., San Diego, who may still be in prison since a two year sentence back in September of 2013.

Bean's probing women like myself on LinkedIn for our free advice and contacting as if he's some successful business man.  He claimed I joined his group but I'm not a paralegal in the field since 2010 and he's not in my network.  In short, he's asking for my free advice and for permission to contact me again.

When I noted his arrogant attitude to my question about compensation and clear lying, I looked up his background to discover the following:
"This defendant blithely put the public's health at risk so he could line his own pockets," said Derek Benner, special agent in charge for HSI San Diego. "This sentence should serve as reminder about the potential consequences facing those who deal in imposter drugs with no regard for the dangers they pose to patients and consumers. HSI will continue to work with its law enforcement partners here and abroad to prevent the distribution of counterfeit and misbranded pharmaceuticals."  Florida man sentenced for operating online San Diego-based pharmacy that sold unapproved, misbranded oncology drugs  - U.S. Customes and Immigrantion Enforcement - 9/12/2013

FBI San Diego public notice on recently convicted felon Martin Bean

United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy announced today that Martin Paul Bean, III, of Boca Raton, Florida, was sentenced by the Honorable William Q. Hayes to serve 24 months in custody for his role in a scheme to sell unapproved foreign oncology drugs to doctors in the United States. Bean had pled guilty to conspiracy to commit a number of federal offenses, including wire fraud, mail fraud, selling unapproved drugs, selling misbranded drugs, and importing merchandise contrary to law. Bean was further ordered to forfeit the Jaguar XJ he purchased with the proceeds of the scheme and to pay restitution of $19,270 to one of the victims of his scheme. 
In pleading guilty, Bean admitted that between February 24, 2005 and October 30, 2011, he operated a business (GlobalRx Store) from his residence in Florida and unlawfully sold over $7 million of prescription oncology drugs to doctors throughout the United States. Bean ordered unapproved drugs from foreign sources, including sources in Turkey, India, and Pakistan, and sold them to doctors within the United States at substantially discounted prices. Among the misbranded and unapproved drugs sold by Bean were versions of drugs marketed in the United States as Gemzar7, Taxotere7, Eloxatin7, Zometa7, and Kytril7. - FBI 9/12/2013
I'm not at all for recent felons being allowed back into our society with such great ease as if they're successful businessmen.  They have to pay their dues to prove they are worthy of owning a business after what they did.  Therefore when one of these unrepentant arrogant slime balls contacts me for my free advice and he has the audacity to be trying to get into the legal field, I'll expose his lazy fat behind.  No more Jaguars for these bad men!

This is the new business model a wanna be successful businessman's attempting to push on the Linkedin network wanting their free advice to implement:

Paralegal Group Services (PGS)San Diego, California
PGS has developed many unique results driven support programs for federal, state, and county inmates, such as power-of-attorney services, notary public services, writs and letter writing services. Highlights include a "Character & Remorse Document for the Sentencing Judge" and a "Nu-Jail Facility Kit" for newly incarcerated individuals and their families. 
PGS's expertise also extends to those seeking to learn about their U.S.immigration status, as well as those who are just starting the process of immigration visa and naturalization forms.
Above all, we seek to advance reputational protection through a measured series of steps to identify, reduce and manage risk profiles and enhance our customers new way of life's continuity planning and preparedness.  
Working across these two linked areas, PGS paralegals offer specialist advice focusing on the protection of people, critical personal directions, and reputation.
If you would like to collaborate on these services, email me at *********. PGS's website is under construction and is due to open for business in San Diego on April.1, 2015.

No Martin, you may not contact me again.