Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Gluten Intolerance Slithers In Undetected Like The Devil

I recently came to the conclusion I have gluten intolerance thanks to God answering my prayer for the cause of my symptoms four days later.  To think all I had to do was pray to God and He would help me discover what my problem's been after all this time!  Way back in 2007 when I had a endoscopy procedure performed the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my digestive tract system. For the past seven years I've been suffering with uncomfortable stressful symptoms I believed were related to peri-menopause.

For years I excused the possibility I was suffering from gluten intolerance much like when I was an unsaved person who excused sin as a potential cause of my emotional suffering and unusual outcomes.  Now that I finally know what's been oppressing my health for all these years and what triggered it, I know it was God's involvement in bringing the information to me.

Here's an example of what brought gluten intolerance to my awareness through a trip to Trader Joes:
"A few weeks ago I noted Trader Joes no longer stocked my favorite angel hair pasta.  I was almost out of the stuff after I noted a particular bad reaction to eating it the night before I had simply chalked up to some growing undetected disease I've had for years.  I asked the manager at TJ's what happened to the pasta and he said they had a problem getting it into their store. I then noted what was available at the time was all organic healthy non-gluten pastas.  I was horrified!  I thought, 'Brown rice pasta?  Quinoa pasta, are they serious?' 
A few days later I stumbled upon information of gluten intolerance as a possible issue with my health. I went back to TJ's and tried the gluten free brown rice spaghetti and had no reaction to it and even thought it tasted pretty good. I then tried some of the gluten free breads and had no reaction to it.  My body was finally at peace with the bloated rumbling and grumbling of my poor stomach gone!  I felt entirely set free of this problem with gluten in a couple of days, almost immediately my body was acting normal again."
I figure that many other people are going through this gluten problem that Trader Joes had a large demand for gluten free pasta that bumped the gluten pasta's to the upper shelves.  Pasta is a huge problem and I've been buying it for years without a thought about it.  In fact, back in the early 1990's I got completely hooked on eating the white pasta tomato, basil olive oil pine nut with Parmesan cheese dish. I'd have it every night of the week for months upon end with a few glasses of wine. Back then my younger 30's something body was fine with the stuff that I even cranked out my own homemade.  As I'm now about to turn 55, this leads me to the next section to explain what caused my gluten intolerance next. (photo credit: GlutenFree in NC)

To put it simply, my gluten intolerance was triggered by the use of antibiotics my doctor prescribed me in 2007 that ate away at my gut flora.  I wasn't supplementing the flora with probiotics for many years.  I began repeating antibiotics to fight my bronchitis I developed as a yearly event due to the landlady telling me I couldn't have my steam heater turned on unless I left it on all year. I hate having the heat on in the summer months so I simply didn't use my heater.  This caused me to develop colds and ultimately bronchitis that lead to antibiotics I had never taken since childhood.
"One of their unfortunate side effects, however, is that antibiotic drugs are not selective in choosing which bacteria to kill. All the good bacterial colonies in the gut die along with the bad. Because of that, readers often write to me asking how to recover their gut health after a round of antibiotics." How to Recover Gut Health After Antibiotics -
To put it simply, when we take antibiotics prescribed by doctors, they destroy our gut flora forever that requires daily supplementation through fermented foods, kefir, apple cider vinegar and probiotic over the counter probiotic supplements found at such places as Whole Foods in the refrigerator section. In worse case scenarios people develop Candida and Celiac Disease.

The reason I can't tolerate gluten is linked directly to my taking the doctor's prescribed antibiotics back in 2007.  I recall at that time in 2007 I had begun to notice symptoms after I would have free sandwiches provided to me at a law firm for lunch.  The bread was causing me extreme reactions that I once had to leave a social gathering to prevent embarrassment of my symptoms from being noticed. The look on my face must have been a give away because I lost my job within a few days, they likely thought I was being rude leaving their gathering so abruptly without explanation.  So that's when I went to a doctor who couldn't diagnose my problem from an endoscopy so I gave up on my symptoms. 

Finally fast forward to the year 2015, the only reason I became aware of the cause of my health problem was thanks to God answering my prayer to let me know what's wrong with my health.  I also witnessed how God worked last year setting up one of the best kidney stone doctors in San Francisco to diagnose me without a primary care physician. I just walked into his office the next day with a urine test from one of those Walk-in-Labs to eventually learn I had a 1/2 inch kidney stone blocking my urethra that was very serious. I later had a MRI that detected no cancer or any visible problems they could diagnose beyond the stone, nor did they find anything using xrays after my bike accident back in 2012. I was completely stymied at what the problem was for years upon years.

After I praised and thanked God, He let me know through His word it is very simple to pray asking Him for what I need help with or need.  God's Word says He honors his people's prayers as long as they line up with His will for them.  God is happy to answer our prayers, it's not at all a burden to him like asking one's parents for the car keys.  It's been easy for me to let go of gluten to get rid of my symptoms, it's a no brainer that I can give up gluten with all the wonderful new market foods available. I've even made my first loaf of gluten free bread from Pamela's Breads and used coconut oil that was delicious! 

It's enormously revolutionary for me to realize God is there to answer my prayers and solve my problems when I put them in His hands.  As I had failed to recognize sin was a problem early on in my life, I developed many symptoms that I didn't understand.  I therefore lived in oppression and darkness for many decades until God opened my eyes one day after a serious bike accident.

God helped me solve this problem.  I urge everyone to turn to God to help you deal with whatever's troubling  you in life.  God only answers the prayers of His people who have repented and accepted Him into their hearts and lives who follow Him turning away from their sins.  God will not hear the prayers of an unsaved person who remains in darkness by choice.
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