Friday, February 6, 2015

I Need A Bible Hologram In My Face!

When I notarized documents for Microsoft's $150 million dollar patent acquisition for one of my clients last year, I had no idea that it would lead to new ways for me to learn Bible Scripture in a new and exciting way before I read Your Next Bible Will Be A Hologram in Christianity Today Jan. 26, 2015

All of my life I've had memorization issues when it comes to text materials that I've needed to continually repeat the information each day until it's ingrained inside my head. Even then, if I stop memorizing a few weeks later I can't easily recall it.  This requires me to continually feed my mind each day with Scripture passages since I'm unable to retain it very well.

Thus far I've only been able to retain a few passages, my favorite is Psalm 119:105 The Lord is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and James 4:7 Submit to the Lord and Resist the Devil.  I was able to easily memorize these two passages due to visualizations with a light, lamp, path and feet. I can easily picture myself holding a lantern and it's lighting my path.

Enter HoloLens:
"Obviously, holograms push the 3D models, timelines, and maps that are now study-Bible staples into new dimensions of interactivity. They can literally pop off the page and expand into space, letting you manipulate them in ways that are impossible in the 2D space of a screen. Holographic technology neatly sidesteps several limitations of current digital Bible study and could potentially usher widespread, transformative, digitally assisted Bible study." See Your Next Bible Will Be A Hologram - Christianity Today Jan. 26, 2015
Example of how HoloLens adds on to a physical environment with hologram technology

In your face hologram Bible study aide.

A great new study tool, hologram technology will be huge one day.

One of many features of HoloLens is that it merges print and digital resources
becoming a personal librarian

Other ideas I can see would be Pastors inserting themselves into the hologram to teach the materials as well. The sky's the limit.  I even see an opportunity to use the technology to travel to historical sites in Israel one day in the not too distant future.

I'm really looking forward to this hologram technology, HoloLens, as a Bible study aide.  Though Scripture isn't all about memorizing, Christians are always encouraged to keep our minds preoccupied with Scripture and things related to God.  In my case, years of watching television and listening to endless pop music in my youth caused a lot of damage to my learning ability including endless repeats of I Love Lucy as a child and Will & Grace as an adult.  I was never a good student as a child and would fall asleep after 15 minutes of reading (I needed coffee!).  I saw no value in memorizing anything beyond having to take a test.

I'm glad to see Microsoft seeking after this fabulous new technology after years of being a dying dinosaur aside from my favorite software One Note.  One Note's a great software, even the 2007 version I have is so helpful to organize information in digital folders on-line.  I'm sure Microsoft will find a way to implement the software holographically as well.

One additional comment about this technology is it reminds me of some of what I observed in Star Trek Next Generation in the 1990's.