Sunday, February 22, 2015

This Generation's So Called Music Is The Worst Ever In Human History!

I've been around a while now and have heard a lot of music in my life.  I feel the bands of today have pushed the envelope to the max of wanting to mirror the sounds of howling demons and fallen souls of eternal hell.  They certainly can't really get any worse than what I heard at my Active Sports Club gym this evening.

I mentioned the issue a couple weeks ago in their gym's survey and they responded they'd try to keep the volume down. Tonight it was full blown demons screaming at the top of their lungs coming over the speakers as I tried to burn some calories on their machines.

Back in the early 1980's I know rock singers like Billy Idol must have been horrific to listen to for the older folks but at least he had some kind of singing voice, musicality and the music was well produced. Today many of these horrendously talentless pieces of garbage bands sound as if they're playing from eternal hell itself.  What kind of arrogance allows people to play this music in a gym as if it's normal every day routine?  The gym manager said this music comes from a radio station yet there are no disc jockey's to present the names of these horrific bands that seem to play collectively for one specific purpose - to worship Satan and spread his ugly vile stench to human ears.

My second complaint letter to the Active Sports Club's gym today:
Per our recent communications, just a note the music was exceptionally crazy tonight, those were the kind of sounds that come from eternal hell no good man or woman should be forced to listen to.  I've been through the rock and roll era and I've heard a lot of music in my life, but that music is Satanic and beyond reasonable to play at the Fairmont Hotel that often has guests who use the gym of an elderly age. 
Once again, I'm asking Active Clubs to adjust the volume to low if it wants to play that music so that I'm not forced to endure what is an unreasonable virtual reality tour of eternal hell. I asked Ellie to let me know what station it is and she claimed she had no access to the unit. I want to know what station plays that kind of filth so I can contact Paul Williams, the President of ASCAP.  I'm going to ask that you give control to those at the front desk to turn down the music at the request of your members. 
This so called music isn't suitable for most of the members of your gym, this I assure it and if you'd like to open the kind of gym that attracts that kind of grunge 20 year old music you should move to the South of Market out of the heart of the Nob Hill community that's significantly more conservative then the other parts of San Francisco. 
Thank you for your attention to this matter once again.
Can you imagine when some elderly gentlemen who stays at the Fairmont Hotel wanting to catch a little exercise has to be put through something like that?  I mean, this is for real, the music was so depraved those were the sounds of eternal suffering and hell.  They can't make it much worse than that.

I don't know where the baby boom generation went wrong raising the current generation playing this stinkin garbage but they've gone way too far.  Their lives can be better put to use fighting ISIS.

These talentless stinking garbage bands that put out this trash need to be put out of their misery of musical failure!   I hereby accept any job opening of intercessory prayer to have this music in America wiped off the face of the earth never ever to be heard again!  It's that bad.  God answers my prayers and if this is His will and I pray it He will answer my prayer.

This has gotten to the point of no return for the little bastards who put this stinking garbage into the hemisphere and it stinks in God's nostrils!  Hell is their destination, their choice of eternal torment and they can take their stinking guitars, drummers and trashy singing with them to be locked away with Satan forever never to be heard from again!