Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Political Cartoon: SF Mayor Ed Lee Shakes Fist at God with Jurisdiction of a Rainbow Flag

I had someone put my cartoon idea to print.  We need more political cartoons these days to drive points home.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Looking Up Into the Heavens Mocks God Almighty

Monday, March 30, 2015

The LGBT Community's Big Stink Over Nothing

The anarchist LGBT community's currently whipping corporate America and governments into a frenzy over its irrational claims of discrimination. Seeking total control and attention on itself and its imaginary fears, those who are rational can view the facts for themselves that many states have similar laws in place already.  In fact, even President Clinton and Obama once expressed support for these very same laws.

The difference between now and the 1990's is the LGBT monster has its tentacles in corporate and government pockets like never before demanding they all respond with hysteria. Let there be no doubt, this is all about money.

President Clinton Signs the Religious Restoration Act (1993)
"The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed into federal law by President Bill Clinton more than 20 years ago, and it lays out a framework for ensuring that a very high level of scrutiny is given any time government action impinges on the religious liberty of any American," Pence said. "After last year's Hobby Lobby case, Indiana properly brought the same version that then-state senator Barack Obama voted for in Illinois before our legislature.  
This Week Host George Stephanoplous later asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest to respond to Pence's claim: 'Josh, you just heard the governor say right there this is the same law, he says, that Barack Obama voted for as a state senator back in Illinois.'
Earnest didn't dispute the Indiana governor's statement. 'Look, if you have to go back two decades to try to justify something that you're doing today, it may raise some question about the wisdom of what you're doing,' Earnest said." - Oh Dear, the Liberal Hysteria over Indiana's Religious Freedom Act Has Begun - TownHall.com - March 30, 2015

I guess the reaction to a law already implemented in many states is due to the ability of the LGBT community to cause a big stink over their paranoid delusional narcissistic "the world revolves around us" mentality.  They've got their insane tentacles wrapped around as many corporations and governments as they can possibly influence and terrify with their threats of pulling out financial support (i.e., bribery and blackmail).

Some of the most powerful CEO's and state governments are clearly overlooking the facts of this matter that many states already have this law in place and even President Obama once supported it!  Apparently the LGBT community demanded a loud response to their imaginary fears. It's a cause for concern the hysteria and irrational response from those in power in this country that can only come from a conspiracy network of powerful individuals exposing themselves as such who are clearly out-of -line based on the facts presented here.  

You don't hear the LGBT community coming out against ISIS, the real threat to all Americans at this time, because they like the fact Christians are being exterminated in their paths.  This is really about hating Christians and God more then anything else.

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Big Mouth Alert - LGBT's Population a 3% Gnat on the Map - March 29, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Big Mouth Alert: LGBT Population A Gnat 3% On the U.S. Map

With the ongoing uproar with boycotts of Indiana for its Governor's signing the Freedom of Religion Act, this distraction is exactly what ISIS is depending on to keep Americans distracted and clueless.

A godless, rebellious dominating sector of the U.S. population have grown big mouths along with a continual need for attention who refer to themselves as the LGBT's, AKA, Lesbian, Gays, Bi's and Transgenders. This period in U.S. history has become the LGBT's time in the proverbial sun so to speak with voices roaring as one in their having risen to be finally heard.

A recent CDC survey conducted in 2014 contradicts the misrepresentations of a large gay and lesbian population in America.
"Less than 3 percent of the U.S. population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday in the first large-scale government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation.
The National Health Interview Survey, which is the government’s premier tool for annually assessing Americans’ health and behaviors, found that 1.6 percent of adults self-identify as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent consider themselves bisexualThe overwhelming majority of adults, 96.6 percent, labeled themselves as straight in the 2013 survey."  - Health Survey Gives Its First Large Scale Data On Gay Bisexual Population - The Washington Post - July 15, 2014
When I was a teen back in the 1970's I was entirely delusional over who gays and lesbians really were based on the disco music of that era. I continued to hang out with many gay men in the 80's and 90's and was entirely accepting of their lifestyle.  Even into the 2000's decade I spent a lot of time with a gay man in my apartment building who I invited over for dinner and evening walks in San Francisco. This was up until I realized he lied to me about his drinking problem and disgusted me with his sharing things about his bizarre relationships with men.

This is when I finally came to the realization there's something inherently evil about homosexuality, I was wrong to accept these people into my personal life that God later confirmed.

I'd never turn away anyone for services because they're gay, only in my personal life.  I believe the recent fear of Indiana's new religious freedom law is irrational based on paranoia of losing political power in the U.S.  I'm concerned over the various corporations such as Apple, Angie's List, SalesForce along with city governments rising up to boycott Indiana.  Clearly this is all about revenge in wanting to punish a state that has done nothing wrong except reaffirming its right to what's already in the U.S. Constitution.

Newsflash - the gay pride flag has no jurisdiction over the State of Indiana.

These various entities clearly overstep their jurisdictions on the matter. If they didn't want such a law that many other states already have in place, they could have rallied against it prior to its implementation.  Instead, these entities clearly want to flex their financial and political muscle over the consequences of such a law that's also part of the U.S. Constitution. I'm appalled at the response of powerful corporations to a state's right to reaffirm its U.S. Constitutional rights to honor freedom of religion.  Based on a mere 3% population which has been confirmed by the U.S. Government, it is very distracting for such an uproar in view of the current threat ISIS poses to America and the rest of the world.

"Ah, this is tired. Barack Obama voted for the same type of legislation as a STATE SENATOR. Bill Clinton signed similar legislation into law as POTUS. Tim Cook is playing loose with the facts. Perhaps doesn't even know the law passed - just playing by the stereotypical fashion being peddled. Democrats are not honest. They lie often. This is not an endorsement of the law, just know full well the reaction provided by Mr. Cook is demonstrably over the top political slant. Not helping anyone." 
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3017493/Apple-CEO-Tim-Cook-blasts-new-anti-gay-laws-enshrine-discrimination-state-law.html#ixzz3Vr9ne93f Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

If the LGBT thinks Christians are such a huge problem discriminating against them, they should take a look at what ISIS intends on doing to them should they ever invade the U.S.  They'll find only Christians will be equipped with the spiritual weapons to defeat such an enemy that threatens their very existence.

This is the sick moment Islamic State butchers pushed a man off the top of a building - because they believed he was gay. The blind-folded man was held at the top of the tall block in Raqqa, Syria, while his captors took pictures of his final moments on mobile phones. - ISIS: Twisted Militants Throw Gay Man Off of Building - U.K. Daily Mail March 4, 2015

Christians are only trying to save people from eternal hell in their having already died spiritually to this life!  There's a door to heaven available only through Jesus Christ that Christians want to help others enter into to save them from eternal hell.  Life on earth is short while eternity's forever. Our lives on earth as fallen humanity is God's test to determine who belongs to Him and who does not, who are His sheep and who are the goats.

ISIS is the biggest threat yet we don't hear one peep from LGBT over the terrorist's threats because it apparently supports Christian suffrage, martyrdom, torture and beheadings.  Focus remains on a gnat with the big mouth making a big stink over paranoid delusions of grandeur and over inflated self importance at the expense of the nation's safety from external threats.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How a Jewish Spirit Transported Me Into a Halfway House As a Teenager

The 1975 PVHS Orchestra
Andrea Stein second row, third from left, I'm first row, fifth from left
(Click to enlarge)
Yesterday morning in a twilight sleep God brought to my memory a disturbing time in my teenage years I wanted to share here because it involved a Jewish religious spirit.

Back in 1977 I was in my junior year of high school when our conductor Don Marino of the Palos Verdes High School orchestra arranged to bring over a violinist, Andrea Stein, into the viola section on a voluntary basis because I was the only violist that year.  Andrea took the initiative to learn the viola and we were greatly encouraged to have sectional practice for the transition.

Since I was the lead violist, I invited Andrea over to my home a few blocks away to a sectional rehearsal.  When Andrea arrived, I explained the reason I wasn't introducing her to my family in the living room watching television was because they were being mean to me. Immediately Andrea jumped on the opportunity to get out of sectional rehearsal and very quickly without a second thought overreacted to what I had said by insisting I come with her over to her home.

In 1975 I had a great debut with the PVHS orchestra and continued to win awards the following year in spite of my halfway house homeless situation.

Being emotionally vulnerable, dominated and unaware of where they were leading me, the Stein single parent family took me in for a week, providing food and shelter while teaching me about their Jewish heritage while making it seem I had run away from home. I was under the belief they were helping me so I fully cooperated unaware I was being manipulated.  I wouldn't have agreed to any of this had I known where it was leading, I just thought it was a nice break from my stressful family environment.  My father, Buddy Merrill, had recently retired from the Lawrence Welk Show in 1975 having no direction in life.  He and my mother were in a power struggle in their marriage with loud late night arguments.  That year my mother told me I had come into the world unwanted (illegitimate) under a mountain of angry emotions due to her failed marriage.

After contacting my mother to arrange for my clothing and necessary items, the Stein family must have been appalled that they didn't want me back making me out to be the problem. The attitude was likely "you can have her." All I had done was arrange for a sectional string rehearsal and mention my parents were being mean that ended up in my being severely traumatized in what followed. The Stein's contacted social services having had me sent to a half way home for shelter and a counseling evaluation where I became officially homeless!  

I stayed at the half way home in Hermosa Beach for a week back in 1977 and was prevented from attending school, leaving Andrea as the sole violist of the orchestra.  The counselors at the halfway house couldn't find any reason why I was removed from my home so they contacted my parents who came down for a mediator counseling session having agreed to pick me up.  My parents knew they had a legal obligation to care for me that I had done nothing warranting their refusal to allow me to reconcile and come home so I could attend class.

I've thought about this traumatic experience a few times over the years always with appreciation for what this kind Jewish family did for me but that I'm a little wiser in years I see things differently. The PVHS orchestra where this problem originated knew I was having family problems from my very first rehearsal at the summer musical Oklahoma in 1974. One evening my mother showed up in the orchestra pit rehearsal interrupting the conductor for me to pack up my instrument and leave with her. All I had done was talk back to her standing up for myself prior to leaving for rehearsal,  I really had done nothing wrong.  Teenagers talk back to their parents occasionally. The way my mother handled it spoke of the red headed tyrant she truly was.  In 1975 my father, Buddy Merrill of the Lawrence Welk Show was about to  retire from the program approving of my mother yanking me out of my very first orchestra rehearsal.  It was humiliating what they did to me and a glimpse of things to come.

Did removing me from my home and taking me out of school for a week help my situation?  No, it was just another way of humiliating me. Andrea would have had to endure my conducting a viola sectional so she preferred my submission to her to show how much better her family was. My privacy was completely violated by the Stein family and I was made homeless within a week sent to social services.  One day some lady just picked me up in a car and took me to a halfway house without discussion or forewarning.

When I returned to orchestra class a week later, it was clear no one missed me, no one cared I was gone and Andrea had been the only violist.. I now realize I was being usurped by a Jewish religious spirit and I'm sure Andrea wasn't alone in encouraging my early departure from the orchestra class where I had received two awards in 1975 and 1976.  Andrea had nothing to lose since she was leaving school early that year.  Sheila Rogers, who later became a talent scout and producer for David Letterman was also in that class while claiming she was Jewish as well. It is duly noted Sheila Rogers was sent on a two week trip to Israel, Greece and Spain by her caring parents, while I was completely trashed and abused by my own.  My own family looked for every opportunity to trash, hurt and humiliate me while using me as a slave to do most all the chores. 

My parents even tried to prevent me from attending the USC music camp  scholarship the orchestra provided me in 1976 because they had planned a vacation to Yosemite. (They were quite miserable to spend time with since the Hollywood television based marriage was an unhappy depraved one from the very start being born from adultery and illegitimate birth.)  I ended up staying at a musician's home starving for two days waiting to be driven up to the music camp because my parents didn't give me food money.  

Let The Jewish People Have Their Awards - They Can Have Them!
I've learned that winning awards causes people, especially Jewish musicians, to hate you and it's not worth it. That's why the last year of orchestra class I didn't bother to attend the awards dinner opting out for the jazz choir awards.  I also learned having a sports car early in life such as I had at 23 years of age causes people to hate you and it's not worth it.

Wise people never cause others to covet their talents or possessions!  I was just a kid back then and didn't fully recognize I was inadvertently causing others to covet through my musicianship and awards and later through a beautiful sports car I purchased.

Do not commit adultery, do not murder, do not steal, do not covet,”(and if there is any other commandment) are summed up in this, “Love your neighbor as yourself."
I never want to win an award again and am glad I don't have to be concerned that will ever happen. My reward's in heaven through what Jesus did for me at the cross forgiving my sins. His gifts of grace love and patience are a real blessing, God restores!  He just wants our prayers to ask Him for such restoration.  Ask and you shall receive. Matthew 7:7-8

Sunday, March 15, 2015

San Francisco City Corruption Spills Over Into Purist Tap Water In Nation

For decades, the city of San Francisco has enjoyed what's said to be the purist tap water  in the entire nation that comes from a snow pack in Yosemite known as the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. Blink! Not anymore thanks to the moronic decisions city government officials have used as an excuse to build water wells to extract polluted sewage runoff water to add to the Hetchy water mix. The allotted polluted sewage water will be allowed to enter the San Francisco tap water system at a 90/10% ratio. See Blending Contaminated Water with Hetch Hetchy Makes it Safe To Drink Experts Say - SF Examiner, April 24, 2014

To add insult to injury for the people of San Francisco, a government employee was recently allowed to get away with peeing in the reservoir multiple times without losing his job.  This ridiculous high pension PUC water manager employee, Martin Sanchez, merely got a 5 day suspension slap on the hand when he should have gotten his lame ass kicked out of a job!

"In a display of colossal disrespect for his $111,000-a-year maintenance planner position at the Public Utilities Commission, an adult man frequently urinated in a reservoir that is a source of drinking water for 2.5 million customers in the Bay Area. The Chronicle has word that the culprit named Martin Sanchez will likely be suspended without pay for five days as a result of the behavior that he was called out for in anonymous complaints" - SF Water Manager Peed In Reservoir At Work And Won't Be Fired - SF Examiner - February 9, 2015
The city government of San Francisco completely failed to run an adequate marketing campaign to get its residents to curb their water usage. Why? Likely so it could implement its preferred plan to cause major construction projects to extract water from newly built polluted groundwater wells in the city. Yet the problem still remains because this response is really just a temporary band aid since groundwater will eventually run out.

I've been noting there's little to no enforcement of water hoarders and we're already about to enter the second quarter of 2015!  For instance, the Huntington Park sprinklers run around mid day at the height of the sunshine and often saturate the ground into mud. No one cares!
California is still in the throes of an epic drought. But Bay Area water users are running taps, using hoses and watering gardens as usual, prompting warnings that The City is edging closer to mandatory water rationing in the coming months. Water use by Bay Area homes and businesses is at or above normal levels this year despite the ongoing dry spell and pleas from officials to conserve water, according to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission records. Water Use Continues As Normal Despite California Drought - SF Examiner - May 19, 2014 
It's duly noted there's no choice in the city's 311 App to address water abuse complaints.  The government's visionless and so willing to pollute the drinking water rather than implement water conservation and long term solutions.  For instance, there was a profound lack of vision to ignore repairing the Hetch Hetchy water tunnel that's on the verge of catastrophic collapse.

Mountain Tunnel, a key part of the Hetch Hetchy water system - which supplies 2.6 million Bay Area residences and businesses - is at risk of a "catastrophic collapse" and will cost more than $100 million to repair or up to $630 million to replace, according to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission City officials have known for 25 years that significant work is needed on the 19-mile-long tunnel just outside Yosemite National Park in a steep, hard-to-access wilderness area. They considered making it part of the PUC's decade-old, $4.6 billion water system improvement program, which is now more than 80 percent complete. But ultimately, the 89-year-old connector was left out of the rebuild, which focused on upgrading Bay Area water facilities that could fail in an earthquake. - Hetch Hetchy Water Tunnel in Danger of 'Catastrophic Collapse' - SFGate August, 2014
Too busy focusing on bridge earthquake standards restoration, right?  Why didn't city officials consider water to be the priority? I propose the answer to that question is that today's corrupt liberal stinking governments are the main problem to what will happen in the future.  It's their lack of Godly wisdom and poor choices that will be affecting their populations for years to come. They care more about building their baseball stadiums and bullet trains then protecting drinking water systems. It's really bad news the city has chosen to use sewage run off polluted ground water to supplement its water supply rather than incorporate an adequate campaign for water conservation from its people.

There's not enough scrutiny or resistance to these corrupt politicians anymore. Why is that?  These government officials had decades to address the faulty Hetch Hetchy water tunnel system, but apparently it wasn't a priority and they are gambling with people's lives in the process while sucking up sewage water and throwing it into the purist water delivery system of the U.S.

Meanwhile, the PUC employee pees into the water system with a hand slap.  Where's the public resistance to these stinking sewage runoff loving lunatics who make these crazy decisions while failing to address major problems of our antiquated water systems? Why don't people start asking questions and get involved before it's too late?  There are idiots at the helm of our government!

Too busy watching the sports programs as danger looms! Too busy with their heads in the sand not doing their jobs while peeing in the reservoir!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Governor Jerry Brown Plans On Culling California's Population Thru Drought

In a reminder to all that liberalism is a mental disorder, Governor Jerry Brown's lack of action to prevent a catastrophic outcome due to California's drought speaks louder then words of what he and his fellow delusionals in State government are planning.  The State has just one year left of water as the state leadership does nothing significant to divert a catastrophe when they most certainly had opportunities to do so. See NASA Scientist Says California Will Run Out of Water in a Year - Needs to Ration Immediately - UK Mail - March 14, 2015

Instead of doing his Governorship duty to implement water rationing laws, one commenter on UK Mail stated it best about the tepid response of California's liberal leadership.
"These are the same people who are allowing billions of gallons of fresh water to drain out to the ocean from the Sacramento delta to save a fish. This is a man made problem. We just had four decent rain storms move thru SoCal and the idiots in charge let all I that water drain out of the LA river as well. We are horrible at conserving the rain water we get." - Comment - UK Mail
It's becoming crystal clear the state government in California has full intentions on allowing this matter to become as worse as possible to kill off its own population. In other words, the liberals in charge have no problem allowing this drought to kill off masses of people  As the commenter on UK Mail says, this is a man made disaster due to poor planning, lack of vision and proper attention to the problem.

Folsom Lake - July 20, 2011

Folsom Lake January 16, 2014

'It's abundantly obvious that almost no one actually living in California has yet come to their senses about the reality of this situation, because if they did, there would be a glut of homes for sale as everyone tried to get out ahead of the water collapse. "The last people to understand the collapse of an empire are those who live within it." writes Jeff Thomas of InternationalMan.com._ California's water supply headed for collapse in just one year; state has "no contingency plan" - NASA scientist  Natural News - March 14, 2015

When the drought kicks in, property values will plummet in California. If California's government can't provide water to its residents its economy will surely collapse and the exodus to other states will begin.

Though California's not the richest state on the planet, this comment has some truth to it.
"The Richest State on the Planet and the Politicians and the Population have still failed to sort this out over the past decade. Every thing from Almond Farming to Climate change has been blamed. A 4 year drought and continued Human over consumption and the failure to implement very costly alternatives. 365 day and this article suggests that California will be as dry as the Atacama Desert." - Commenter UK Mail
Yet another commenter hits the nail on the head:
Thank God California invested heavily in desalination plants instead of welfare for illegals, bloated retirement payouts, and 'light rail'. Oh wait... Commenter UK Mail

When Governor Brown wakes up one day to observe his state has no water, he'll likely take off in some Lear Jet along with his wealthy elitist pals to some oasis far away and let the state burn.  Never forget that liberalism is a mental disorder!

Also see:

California Has About One Year of Water Left - Will You Ration Now?  - LA Times March 15, 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

StreetsBlog Editor Aaron Bialick Censors, Bans God Related Comments

I noted today that Aaron Bialick, editor and contributor of StreetsBlogSF.org, is accusing San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee of putting cars and parking above pedestrian and bicyclists' lives. See Mayor Lee Won't Say Saving Lives is More Important Than Car Parking - March 12, 2015.

Mr. Bialick's latest info is very interesting because just a couple weeks ago I received the following threatening email from him:

StreetsBlogSF Editor Threatened to Ban Me! 

After I received his shocking email, I checked to note Mr. Bialick did indeed censor my comment completely deleting all references to God including my being saved from eternal hell through God's grace on the day of my bike accident.  In my comment I was responding to the sudden death of a 64 year old bicyclist in order to witness how important it is to have knowledge and relationship with God prior to riding on dangerous city streets to avoid spiritual danger.

Aaron obviously didn't agree with my comment and that's his right to disagree. What wasn't okay however is how he censored my comment having actually gone in and deleted text without my permission.  Mr. Bialick then then threatened me that if I ever referred to God (aka "religion") again I'd be banned from commenting.

I took issue with Mr. Bialick's audacity to censor God out of my comment as follows:

My response email to Aaron Bialick (Click to enlarge)

I hadn't tried to comment on anything on the Bialick blog since the last communication until today when I wanted to on the Mayor Lee article.  That is when I discovered Mr. Bialick banned me from posting on the streets blog.

After I learned I was banned from commenting, another email was sent as follows:

Re:  Question for My Next Blog Article On You.

Mr. Bialick: I'd like to interview you for my next blog article related to your blocking me after you censored my comments related to sudden death and God, lied with a threat and then blocked me when I didn't write anything.

I understand your in New York editing a blog about San Francisco.  First, you're on my territory, I've been in this city now for 20 years as of this August.  I'm also a native Californian who hasn't had a car since 1986 and I've been on scooters and bicycles since that time. I've put 100,000 miles on scooters since 1992 and began bicycling in San Francisco in 2009.

As previously communicated in emails to you two weeks ago, I was in a major bike accident and nearly lost my life.  I had a near death God experience in my having nearly gone to eternal hell that day and became a reborn Christian. I was at the Broadway tunnel flat on my face as my attorney client witnessed the aftermath of the accident that clipped my tire.

I noted you didn't write about my accident of course because it wasn't in the news.  Yet it did happen and brought to light the importance of having a relationship with God for bicyclists who could lose their lives in an instant only to face eternal suffering forever without God in their lives. One minute I was riding my eBike mellow as can be on a beautiful day to Trader Joes, the next moment I woke up in a dark room at SF General with a doctor stitching up my head telling me of my multiple bone breaks. I could have just as easily awoke in eternal hell but God gave me another chance.

Since I did not continue to write about "religion" as you called it in my comments on your articles, I find it unacceptable that you still blocked me.  I therefore would like to request any comments you have related to your choice to "ban me" from your blog.  If I don't hear from you I will assume you have no interest in commenting in my blog.

You are obviously not a native Californian, you just paid your way into an education here and think you have a right to block and ban people's free speech. You violate my jurisdiction, you don't live here and this is my community. I'm on the streets of San Francisco every day here. 

Question for my article is basically "who does Aron Bialick think he is?"  Are you not more than an editor by 1) violating a community's 'jurisdiction choosing who should be heard and who should not be heard 2) violating the First Amendment of the Constitution and the religious clause (though I'm not even a religious person).


Cheryl Meril
Mr. Bialick's article about Mayor Ed Lee's preference for cars and parking over pedestrian and bicyclist lives is rather hypocritical when it comes to eternal salvation he's completely opposed to.  What's wrong with letting people know the importance of having a relationship with God when they're participating in high risk activity such as bicycling on busy city streets?  Who does he think he is, this Aaron Bialick, to disregard the First Amendment and also the manner in which he completely blocked me after my email response?

The young and ignorant are following the lead of their foolish politicians by trying to strip God out of all cultural influences hoping people will forget about Him. The fact remains, there would be no First Amendment Rights in America, especially the religious clause if godless men like Aaron Bialick had it their way.  God would be completely banned from all public discussion as if he didn't exist!

A Psalm of David. The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.  - Psalm 14.1

Aaron Bialick has overstepped his authority and jurisdiction using the Internet in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He has self-righteously and unlawfully stripped me of my rights to attempt to save lives eternally by witnessing for Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet Marc Barrett - Rude Robo Caller Extraordinare "Stop What You're Doing and Listen!"

Telemarketers call my phone frequently and the U.S. government's Do Not Call List makes no difference. I called AT&T that told me everyone's experiencing an increase in these annoying calls. One particular annoying robo caller keeps sending me "Stop whatever you're doing and listen!" pre-recordings from (701) 264-5002.  I never get past the introduction to know what else it says because I'm not interested.  I consider these particularly rude since they take on an authoritative tone of urgency. I have a bluetooth device I answer and get this nonsense in my ear that's become a real nuisance.

It seems a few very annoyed people have done their research to catch one of these creeps whose unlawfully spamming people's phone numbers multiple times  Meet Marc Barrett, formerly from San Diego. (FB Page at Left )

Marc claims to be a wealthy Multi Level Marketing (MLM) entrepreneur but there's no evidence whatsoever that he's wealthy, he just seems to be a good con artist who also practices the occult doing psychic readings per his Facebook page description.  This creep has been blasting my business with these rude interruptions multiple times so I looked up the number to discover the extraordinary research that was done.

People fed up with Marc Barrett's unlawful robo calls did a little research tracking the number (701) 264-5002 as I did.

Click to enlarge - posted on this call center website

and this

Click to enlarge - posted from call center website

I can't imagine the kind of man who would continue to send these robo calls week after week but I thought Marc earned a place on my blog for refusing to provide an opt-out for the calls and to stop while he's ahead.

Marc practices the occult and this was his latest post within the past our of my blog post.  

Greedy occultist Marc Barrett and his latest Facebook sales promotion today

Apparently money couldn't buy Marc Barrett any anti-aging solutions.  

  • President & Founder 
Barrett Banking Systems, Inc.  Denver, CO & Miami, FL
Founded a financial services company specializing in Electronic and Virtual payment processing systems and merchant account sales for Visa and MasterCard accounts nationwide with 111 sales representatives in multiple states. 
  • Managing Member & Co-Founder
Paragon Technology Partners, LLC
Research and analysis of investment opportunities with startup companies seeking venture capital, seed round financing, or angel investors
  • Owner
Resource Marketing Group
Sales, Management, and Business development for a company marketing consumer and technology products in the US and 18 international markets.
  • President & Founder
Landmark Financial San Diego, CA & Denver, CO
Founder of multiple financial and real estate related companies: Landmark Equity Corp., Landmark Capital Corporation, Consolidated Management Systems, Landmark Insurance Services, Landmark Energy Systems, and Barrett Financial.
Residential real estate sales, income property management,  real estate syndication, capital raising for private real estate placements and the design and structuring of securities work for private offerings (thirteen partnerships). Analysis and acquisition of commercial properties, financial restructuring and loan brokerage,  marketing and resale of projects.

People full of greed will not enter heaven (Ephesians 5:5)