Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet Marc Barrett - Rude Robo Caller Extraordinare "Stop What You're Doing and Listen!"

Telemarketers call my phone frequently and the U.S. government's Do Not Call List makes no difference. I called AT&T that told me everyone's experiencing an increase in these annoying calls. One particular annoying robo caller keeps sending me "Stop whatever you're doing and listen!" pre-recordings from (701) 264-5002.  I never get past the introduction to know what else it says because I'm not interested.  I consider these particularly rude since they take on an authoritative tone of urgency. I have a bluetooth device I answer and get this nonsense in my ear that's become a real nuisance.

It seems a few very annoyed people have done their research to catch one of these creeps whose unlawfully spamming people's phone numbers multiple times  Meet Marc Barrett, formerly from San Diego. (FB Page at Left )

Marc claims to be a wealthy Multi Level Marketing (MLM) entrepreneur but there's no evidence whatsoever that he's wealthy, he just seems to be a good con artist who also practices the occult doing psychic readings per his Facebook page description.  This creep has been blasting my business with these rude interruptions multiple times so I looked up the number to discover the extraordinary research that was done.

People fed up with Marc Barrett's unlawful robo calls did a little research tracking the number (701) 264-5002 as I did.

Click to enlarge - posted on this call center website

and this

Click to enlarge - posted from call center website

I can't imagine the kind of man who would continue to send these robo calls week after week but I thought Marc earned a place on my blog for refusing to provide an opt-out for the calls and to stop while he's ahead.

Marc practices the occult and this was his latest post within the past our of my blog post.  

Greedy occultist Marc Barrett and his latest Facebook sales promotion today

Apparently money couldn't buy Marc Barrett any anti-aging solutions.  

  • President & Founder 
Barrett Banking Systems, Inc.  Denver, CO & Miami, FL
Founded a financial services company specializing in Electronic and Virtual payment processing systems and merchant account sales for Visa and MasterCard accounts nationwide with 111 sales representatives in multiple states. 
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Landmark Financial San Diego, CA & Denver, CO
Founder of multiple financial and real estate related companies: Landmark Equity Corp., Landmark Capital Corporation, Consolidated Management Systems, Landmark Insurance Services, Landmark Energy Systems, and Barrett Financial.
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