Friday, March 13, 2015

StreetsBlog Editor Aaron Bialick Censors, Bans God Related Comments

I noted today that Aaron Bialick, editor and contributor of, is accusing San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee of putting cars and parking above pedestrian and bicyclists' lives. See Mayor Lee Won't Say Saving Lives is More Important Than Car Parking - March 12, 2015.

Mr. Bialick's latest info is very interesting because just a couple weeks ago I received the following threatening email from him:

StreetsBlogSF Editor Threatened to Ban Me! 

After I received his shocking email, I checked to note Mr. Bialick did indeed censor my comment completely deleting all references to God including my being saved from eternal hell through God's grace on the day of my bike accident.  In my comment I was responding to the sudden death of a 64 year old bicyclist in order to witness how important it is to have knowledge and relationship with God prior to riding on dangerous city streets to avoid spiritual danger.

Aaron obviously didn't agree with my comment and that's his right to disagree. What wasn't okay however is how he censored my comment having actually gone in and deleted text without my permission.  Mr. Bialick then then threatened me that if I ever referred to God (aka "religion") again I'd be banned from commenting.

I took issue with Mr. Bialick's audacity to censor God out of my comment as follows:

My response email to Aaron Bialick (Click to enlarge)

I hadn't tried to comment on anything on the Bialick blog since the last communication until today when I wanted to on the Mayor Lee article.  That is when I discovered Mr. Bialick banned me from posting on the streets blog.

After I learned I was banned from commenting, another email was sent as follows:

Re:  Question for My Next Blog Article On You.

Mr. Bialick: I'd like to interview you for my next blog article related to your blocking me after you censored my comments related to sudden death and God, lied with a threat and then blocked me when I didn't write anything.

I understand your in New York editing a blog about San Francisco.  First, you're on my territory, I've been in this city now for 20 years as of this August.  I'm also a native Californian who hasn't had a car since 1986 and I've been on scooters and bicycles since that time. I've put 100,000 miles on scooters since 1992 and began bicycling in San Francisco in 2009.

As previously communicated in emails to you two weeks ago, I was in a major bike accident and nearly lost my life.  I had a near death God experience in my having nearly gone to eternal hell that day and became a reborn Christian. I was at the Broadway tunnel flat on my face as my attorney client witnessed the aftermath of the accident that clipped my tire.

I noted you didn't write about my accident of course because it wasn't in the news.  Yet it did happen and brought to light the importance of having a relationship with God for bicyclists who could lose their lives in an instant only to face eternal suffering forever without God in their lives. One minute I was riding my eBike mellow as can be on a beautiful day to Trader Joes, the next moment I woke up in a dark room at SF General with a doctor stitching up my head telling me of my multiple bone breaks. I could have just as easily awoke in eternal hell but God gave me another chance.

Since I did not continue to write about "religion" as you called it in my comments on your articles, I find it unacceptable that you still blocked me.  I therefore would like to request any comments you have related to your choice to "ban me" from your blog.  If I don't hear from you I will assume you have no interest in commenting in my blog.

You are obviously not a native Californian, you just paid your way into an education here and think you have a right to block and ban people's free speech. You violate my jurisdiction, you don't live here and this is my community. I'm on the streets of San Francisco every day here. 

Question for my article is basically "who does Aron Bialick think he is?"  Are you not more than an editor by 1) violating a community's 'jurisdiction choosing who should be heard and who should not be heard 2) violating the First Amendment of the Constitution and the religious clause (though I'm not even a religious person).


Cheryl Meril
Mr. Bialick's article about Mayor Ed Lee's preference for cars and parking over pedestrian and bicyclist lives is rather hypocritical when it comes to eternal salvation he's completely opposed to.  What's wrong with letting people know the importance of having a relationship with God when they're participating in high risk activity such as bicycling on busy city streets?  Who does he think he is, this Aaron Bialick, to disregard the First Amendment and also the manner in which he completely blocked me after my email response?

The young and ignorant are following the lead of their foolish politicians by trying to strip God out of all cultural influences hoping people will forget about Him. The fact remains, there would be no First Amendment Rights in America, especially the religious clause if godless men like Aaron Bialick had it their way.  God would be completely banned from all public discussion as if he didn't exist!

A Psalm of David. The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.  - Psalm 14.1

Aaron Bialick has overstepped his authority and jurisdiction using the Internet in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He has self-righteously and unlawfully stripped me of my rights to attempt to save lives eternally by witnessing for Jesus Christ.