Wednesday, May 27, 2015

God's Wrath On Houston Over Lesbian Mayor Annise Park?

It's only been six months since Christian Pastors across America sent hundreds of Holy Bibles to Lesbian Mayor Annise Park in response to her abuse of authority to subpoena Pastor's church records.  The Mayor wanted the Pastors to turn over their constitutionally protected sermons and other communications simply so the City of Houston could see if the Pastors have ever opposed or criticized the city.  

Since such time, the Lord has clearly responded to His people's cries for intervention to such an outrageous Jezebel spirited woman. Within just six months look at the mess Houston's in! 

Today's headline on the U.K. Daily Mail read:

Houston swamped with 100,000 gallons of raw sewage, thousands of homes destroyed, and 20 dead: Officials warn that dam is on the brink of failure and say Texas could be hit by MORE flooding.

Since last year's disgraceful activities Mayor Parker hadn't let up. 

"Sen. Ted Cruz got in Parker's face about her illegitimate demands, assuring the bold mayor she has no power and no legal authority to silence the church. Refusing to back down, Parker then refiled the subpoenas, with jail threats no less. Soon, Mike Huckabee, Phil Robertson and Ben Carson, among others, started lifting their voices. And the U.S. Civil Rights Commission rebuked Parker for her actions. Finally, Christians around the country flooded her office with Bibles and Parker finally withdrew the subpoenas." - Charisma News - Houston We've Got a Problem - January, 2015 
Mayor Parker's latest appalling activities continued down the same path to hell even after all those Bibles were sent to her she didn't take as God's warning of coming judgment. After warnings were given to her, she was still abusing her authority.
Fast forward to January and the drama is heating up again over the so-called bathroom bill. The City of Houston has filed several motions and is asking a Texas district court to deny pastors a jury hearing. That means a final decision on the bathroom bill would be in the hands of a single judge in what they are trying to classify as an election dispute. The pastors followed all the requirements and paid all the costs to hold a jury trial.  Charisma News - Houston We've Got a Problem - January, 2015 
Within just a few months 100,000 gallons of raw sewage flood Houston, thousands of homes are destroyed and a dam may break along with more flooding.  People need to know God responds appropriately when you mess with His people. The Mayor was given full warnings but continued with her reckless activities without repentance. God has responded.

People shouldn't take it lightly the kind of people they elect to public office. God's watching and there will be consequences, not only to a nation that rebels against God and His Word, but to a city such as Houston that elected such an evil ungodly beast for Mayor.
 13"The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverted mouth, I hate. - Proverbs 8:13
Consider the possible election of  traitor Hillary Clinton for President that would surely be the end of America in a heart beat.  It's that serious, the people Americans elect into power that everyone will suffer the consequences for such ignorance of supporting such evil disgraceful people for public office.