Sunday, May 3, 2015

RED ALERT: Idiots Are Fracking Baldwin Hills CA Oil Fields Triggering Earthquakes Over Major Fault

From 1962-1971 I lived in Baldwin Hills California where the state-of-the-art Baldwin Hills reservoir dam broke in 1963. Today I noted yet another earthquake happened this morning in Baldwin Hills from trending news on Facebook. This morning there was a 3.9 and a month ago a similar quake struck the area.  Now, while that isn't considered a significant quake, many are concerned of a pattern and the fact oil companies are fracking there.

Here's a news break from Stop Fracking California State's FB page:
BREAKING: 4:10 am - Baldwin Hills, the largest contiguous oil field in CA, and one of the three largest contiguous oil fields in the U.S. just had a 3.9 according to ABC 7. This is the second earthquake in Baldwin Hills in about the last month. This area they are fracking is unstable as the Inglewood/Newport fault line runs right through it. If set off, we are looking at a 7.4+ if memory serves. Think of Nepal, and get angry. They have no right fracking, and drilling in Baldwin Hills, or anywhere in CA! We will be posting as updates come in. 

In 1963 oil companies drilling caused an entire neighborhood to be destroyed and 5 deaths due to  ground movement from underestimated oil field activity, a factor in its flawed design. In 2015 they're now intensifying fracking over a major fault that could trigger a 7.4 earthquake

Historical footage of the Baldwin Hills dam break of 1963

After the dam broke they conducted studies pointing to oil drilling causing the dam to break.  This is why I wanted to be a conduit to spread the news that these oil companies are recklessly fracking Baldwin Hills over a major fault that could possibly trigger as much as a 7.4 earthquake causing widespread damage to Los Angeles.

Though dam's no longer there, the main concern is the major fault coming alive beneath.  That's why it's important to spread the news to those in Los Angeles that idiots from the oil companies are fracking there triggering these small earthquakes.

USGS seismoligist responded to my sending her a link of the oil field ground influence of the dam.

I received a response to my tweet from Dr. Lucy Jones, USGS Seismologist confirming the study Ground Rupture in the Baldwin Hills Dam by Stanford University.
The study's conclusion: "That the earth-crack ground rupture of the Baldwin Hills dam was genetically related to high-pressure injection of fluid into the previously faulted and subsidence-stressed subsurface seems established beyond a reasonable doubt. The fault activation appears to be a near-surface manifestation of stress-relief faulting triggered by fluid injection, a mechanism identified as being responsible for the 1962-65 Denver earthquakes and for generation of small earthquakes at the Rangely oil field in Western Colorado. 
Experience in the Baldwin Hills dam break suggests that, although fluid injection operations may be carried out for beneficial purposes, the effects of such injection on the geological fabric can be serious and far-reaching. 
Please like Stop Fracking California State's on FB and spread the word they shouldn't be fracking in earthquake country California that could trigger major faults.