Saturday, May 2, 2015

VIDEO: Nepal Christians Sing 'He Makes Nations Tremble' At Moment Of Earthquake

Throughout my life I've noted God's work has a lot to do with timing, especially when confirming He hears and responds to Christian prayers. While many hardened worldly folks attribute an earthquake to mere scientific patterns based in fact, Christians often experience such events with deep spiritual significance.

A video has surfaced online of Christians in Nepal singing about God making the nations tremble at the exact moment that the earthquake rocked the country on April 25, 2015.

Nepal Earthquake Begins after Christians sing "who makes the nation's tremble"

Three young men had begun singing the hymn “Almighty, Unchangeable God” at a house church meeting.“Who spread out the clouds before Him? Who fashioned the earth with His hands?” the men sang. “Who created the starry host and formed the earth at His command?” The congregation sat listening quietly. “Who scatters lightning before Him? Commands the rain and snow to fall?” “Who makes the nations tremble?” they sang. - 
Video Surfaces of Christians Singing ‘Who Makes Nations Tremble?’ at Moment Earthquake Rocked Nepal - End Time Headlines - May 2, 2015

God works in mysterious ways that the people of the world are largely oblivious to. Fearing God means hating evil.  Had I been at this church meeting I wouldn't have screamed but stood in awe of Him.