Saturday, May 9, 2015

VIDEO: Revolutionary Self-Health Using Inexpensive Walk-In-Labs by LabCorp

Since 2012 I've had so many health issues related to a bike accident including multiple broken bones and nerve damage to my arm. Just two years later I learned I also had a one half inch kidney stone blocking my urethra after much prayer in which God guided me to take a blood and urine test I obtained directly from Walk-in-Lab (aka LabCorp). I then took the test results to a specialty doctor urologist who was one of the best in San Francisco since my primary care physician had retired.  

Since my kidney stone was very painful, the LabCorp test results enabled the urologist to see me right away without my having to go to an expensive emergency room.  

After the appointment, though the urologist hadn't yet diagnosed me with a stone, he did feel a CT scan was warranted. Lo and behold, turns out I needed surgery due to the precarious blockage of my urethra that would have caused my kidney to die.

Thanks to God's grace helping me through all of these health problems that continue to pop up out of nowhere at the age of 55, I wanted to share how effective it is to monitor one's own urine and blood without having to get a doctor's authorization. My video explains how Walk-in-Lab works and how efficient the system is at low cost especially due to their sales. You don't have to take the tests right away but within six months making the discounts possible.

My video explains my new way of monitoring my health with far less guess work and expensive doctor visits.  I'd much rather monitor my health through the numbers then wait for painful symptoms to force me into action.

Walk-In-Lab (except for MA, NY, NJ, MD and NJ where laws prohibit)