Wednesday, July 15, 2015

High Roller John Nelson at CBRE Capital Markets Can't Afford My $20 Mobile Fee!

I gradually made it to the Mark Hopkins Hotel last Monday fresh from a new injury of a broken shoulder after falling off my bike last week from oil in the road.  I'm no longer on an eBike having to walk to provide services to my mobile notary customers.  I can't afford $50,000 surgery so will just have to live with a hampered arm.  I was there at the hotel to meet John Nelson, Executive Vice President of CBRE Capital Markets. Mr. Nelson's high up th e latter of CBRE, the media often quotes him.
John Nelson with CBRE comments, “It was a very competitive environment among several capital sources due to a strong market and very experienced sponsorship associated with this asset. We delivered the best capital solution available for this project, tailored to the borrower’s immediate and long term financing objectives”  CBRE Capital Markets Arranges $20 Million in Non-Recourse Financing for an Anchored Retail Center Located in Saratoga, CA
This other article quotes Mr. Nelson as well  CBRE Secures $100M Loan for Netflix HQ in Silicon Valley

Mr. Nelson's a high roller who works around a great deal of money while being one of the very few people ever to negotiate with me to waive my $20 mobile fee  I didn't know Mr. Nelson nor why he didn't want to pay my fee.  All I know is when I arrived, I had to wait for him a significant amount of time while two men from New York waited for him as their client.

Mr. Nelson had three documents to notarize at $30. Because he clearly didn't want a mobile notary when I first spoke with him, I offered to come to his office for free. He then changed the plan to meeting near where I live that his two fellows were going to meet him there.  In spite of this arrangement I was forced into to get the appointment, a man with integrity would have paid me a notary fee in spite of these negotiations.   He was far too selfish and into himself to care what I went through to walk to the Mark Hopkins with an arm sling.

I think these greedy people enjoy oppressing others.  Who in their right mind feels entitled to a free mobile service with all the money he has? A home in San Rafael? Who do these men think they are? Just think of the hardness of heart, the arrogance of American men like these. Mr. Nelson walked into the hotel acting like a celebrity.  He then thoughtlessly stole $20 from me in my humble opinion, a woman with a broken shoulder who has to walk around San Francisco now to provide services to her customers.

Today I visited a client and performed my services. A check was supposed to have been prepared since it was an appointment made last week. He said he'd be preparing a check. Instead, he provided me with a bad credit card and offered to pay me in two weeks from his corporate office.  What is wrong with these people who belong to multi-million dollar companies?

I'm now walking the streets of San Francisco slowly because my hip flexers hurt along with my shoulder and these wealthy high on the hog people are stealing my fees simply because they can through negotiation? Old Republic Title also began to steal from my loan signing fee that was clearly stated to them.  It got to the point where Sarah at ORT would try to steal my fee by even $5!  I no longer work for them.

Why does Mr. Nelson deserve to have my fee waived? Who does he think he is?  Nobody in their right mind does this to a handicapped person.  He had a wonderful service of a notary patiently waiting for him to arrive in order to notarize his document at the hotel. He entered like a celebrity and his men from NY referred to him as an elder James Caan.  He spoke of his tennis game, the high life as if I'm supposed to sit there and take his stealing from my mobile fee everyone else pays, some quite appreciatively.

These men like to pay nothing for illegal immigrant labor and don't want to pay Americans necessary fees to make a living.  They want us to die off so they don't have to pay hardly anything for services rendered by illegal immigrants.

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