Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Spiritualist Witch Julie Barrios from Reality SF Church

Nothing says "I am a Jezebel" like Julie Barrios, Director of Spiritual Formation at Reality SF Church than her self description on Linkedin:

"Keeping humans human is what Julie is all about. The Incarnation captured her heart, mind, and body, and ever since, she has been on an ongoing journey of personal embodiment and mission to help others live life to the fullest of their human capacity, just as Jesus did." - Julie Barrios 

Notice Julie tried to get Jesus in there somewhere, but it's really all about her, she is the star of her show calling herself a "spiritual midwife", something typical of the infamous Jezebel spirit.

Can anyone tell me why a Christian church that preaches the Gospel hires a career spiritualist like Julie Barrios that the Holy Spirit wasn't enough for it? Her seductive eyes and smile were too much they just had to hire Jez for the job! What's this lady's salary, she's clearly not a volunteer.  Do I want to donate a cent to a church that pulls a stunt like this? Heck no! 

A master manipulator and self acknowledged social engineer of human beings, Julie's also mastered being a seductress using casual banter bringing excitement into the elder men at Reality San Francisco Church.  The hard ons and late night chats, hope their wives don't mind!  Why should a pretty young thing like Julie Barrios be allowed around married men of God?  Church run amok!  Very unwise to hire this woman on staff at Reality Church fellas.  

The Jezebel in charge of Reality SF Church's spiritual formation posted this
 travesty a couple months ago

The Jezebel at Reality SF Church posted Jesuit Pope Francis theology like a true traitor to Jesus

The Jezebel wants to be a leader to bring others into eternal hell with her.
She'd feel quite at home with the
Antichrist one world religion

Liberal presentation of unknown Pastor
at Reality/SF.
This church Reality/SF has some very talented revolving door Pastors as many are brought in from churches I'm unfamiliar with that I have no idea what their doctrine is.  For instance, who is Josh Waidley? When did he become a water baptized reborn Christian and where did he go to school? This church profile isn't enough for me as a church member to rely on. Anyone can preach the Gospel.

I don't know anything about many of these Pastors and for all know they have threesomes and kinky sex orgies based on how they look like liberal John Lennon "do as though wilt" ungodly trash tattoos and all. So I have a problem with unknown Pastors suddenly appearing out of nowhere to preach a sermon.  

I came into church early today sitting in an aisle with a couple of likely lesbians with nose rings, women who couldn't bear my question about why they felt it was okay to wear nose rings in church that they acted victimized in real distress.  I couldn't video record their faces and contorted response, but one of them actually got up saying she was angry as if she was going to punch me in the face.  Another very large lady with raven black hair a few rows down over heard my question prior to the sermon and said "I'm uncomfortable with your question" as if I was under their mob rule. I told them I was under the authority of Jesus to ask them a question. 
Who is this Pastor who came out of nowhere
 like the kid actor from the terminator?

It's easy to act like a trendy Christian that everything's cool all of the time. Then when someone comes along and asks "why are you wearing nose rings in church?" they have a real hard time with that I realize this is an anything goes church where anything flies. You can't challenge anything that's wrong. Because a Jezebel spirit's in charge of the spiritual formation, things will never change because the men in charge have the wishy washy liberal AHAB spirit as they lack strong commitment flying in and out of the church as they so please like jet setters looking for a good time in San Francisco.

The pastors welcome JEZEBEL's spirit to plant itself in their church.  The nose ring ladies likely go home with the church's blessings and eat each other after service.  Otherwise they will get out of their seat and try to intimidate anyone who asks them why they wear nose rings to church since they have no fear of God whatsoever.
Depraved women wanted to fight me.

This nose ring tattoo generation is the worse in human history ever, lacking discernment of holiness, whats right and wrong, being delusional and unwilling to do what it takes to obey and get right with God.  They're just the trendies who think anything goes since they have no fear of God.

This is the trashiest worst generation in American history in my humble opinion. Their music stinks, their politicians are evil and revolting. Their sexual practices are vile. They are the worst Americans ever in human history!  They go to church ready for a fight insisting they can wear whatever they so please to church. Anything goes and they'll even step on your toes!  Those two women claimed they'd been going to this church for three years.  

Time to find another church.