Friday, July 17, 2015

My Parents Should Have Been Branded As Felony Child Abusers

By today's standards my parents would have been arrested and convicted of felony child abuse and neglect and my sister and I placed in the foster care system.  They were loveless, abusive, negligent and AWOL parents who only cared about their public image. My so called parents were a nightmare, installed under Satan's helm for the purpose of destroying others' lives while retaining their community status. My sister and I were always left to ourselves, there was zero parenting in our lives. My high IQ sister was left to rot in her room without any parental guidance because there was none available from a Latino wetback adulterer loveless father Buddy Merrill of the Lawrence Welk Show and his red headed demon possessed tyrant wife Ruth Behunin Merrill.

God knows all the very serious sins my parents committed against their children, every single loveless, thoughtless sinful act against us! God is aware my parents secretly acted to destroy, not nurture and protect their children.  They even gossiped against their children behind their backs, lying to others about them to make themselves look good!

Loveless, rotten people, God has demanded I forgive these two psychologically twisted abusive SATANISTS whose main goal in life was to come through with unscathed reputations for the extreme damage they caused their offspring due to their horrendous, loveless negligent abusive child rearing of the devil.  They were a nightmare, the worse unimaginable people ever, you couldn't turn to them for help or parental guidance, they were AWOL all of my young life only there to torment, offend, humiliate and oppress through tremendous contempt and arrogance. They existed in their so called civil marriage arrangement for the purpose of ruining their childrens' lives and future as they waited for their property's worth in Palos Verdes Estates to increase in order to bring them a retirement fund.

Those were my so called parents, a couple of sad clowns and this is what happens when you mix the races in intermarriage, a very confused cultural upbringing of people who had no culture or life to speak of. When my Latina grandmother named ORTEGA crossed with a White Mormon Utah man BEHUNIN in the early 1900's., that is a cursed blood line. First, you don't mix Mormon with Roman Catholic let alone Latino with Caucasian! What kind of stupidity is that?  It can only be expected a Latino/Caucasian son offspring would be an adulterer unable to form any real bonds with women and be a complete failure at fathering.  The Latino/Caucasian man was a bad experiment of a cross breed family unable to care and love his family whose so called wife was his stand in he used as a cover for his adulterous affairs.

Mormon's and Catholics are bad enough since they're not at all blessed by God for being false doctrine religions of the world. Then when you add to the bad mix occult practices such as my mother did, it becomes a highly toxic spiritual suicide bomb.  The initial mixing of Latino woman and Utah White man blood through the grandparents isn't a good mix, one's short and stubby while  the other's tall and strong with a cowboy demeanor. They never should have married and their entire bloodline's cursed by God Himself being completely out of line with His Scripture on marriage.

I'm convinced cross marriages of the races done so freely today doesn't at all contribute to spiritual harmonious relationships, but cursed ones in which the people have no idea what's wrong in their lives. For these reasons I am against cross marriages of any sort. Whenever I learn a Caucasian woman is stupid enough to mix her bloodline with the Chinese, I roll my eyes all over again that these people are choosing wrong! Wrong! You're not supposed to be mixing the cultures and bloodlines, YOU ARE CURSED PEOPLE WITHOUT GOD'S BLESSINGS unless you repent and surrender your lives to Jesus you will most definitely find yourselves in eternal hell in the afterlife.

It was a nightmare to be raised by loveless, careless antichrist people who continually proved negligent in every way shape and form of their children's upbringing. God knows! God knows what they did back there to damage the lives of the innocent they wanted to make forever guilty!! This is my way of HONORING my father and mother, forgiving and releasing them to God to deal with their transgressions against their children, but not before letting the world know they were a nightmare of endless abuse and neglect of their children's emotional, psychological and spiritual upbringing.

I've been set free by Jesus and am now called to forgive these people for their transgressions, lies and illusions they had over their children.  I cannot possibly be forgiven by Jesus unless I release these people in my prayers to Him in forgiveness.  This is the way it works,