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Is Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah A Secret Freemason?

The Horned Hand Satanic salute of recognition
With great sadness and horror I need to report that there seems to be significant evidence Dr. David Jeremiah of Turning Point Ministries is somehow secretly involved in Freemasonry including the all seeing eye behind him on his television ministry at Shadow Mountain Church. Freemason hand symbols, including the devil horns, have also been denoted during his sermons.  No, this is not a joke, this is very serious!

 X symbol in the Masonic lodge
The blog I discovered about Dr. Jeremiah is Another Voice Rev 18:4. that's way up as #4 in Google's search engine for the article entitled "David Jeremiah and His All Seeing Eye - What is Up?  Casting a Spell on You" (also see update to the article) The article's so thoroughly well done full of many supporting eyewitness comments and perspectives from those who attended Shadow Mountain Church, I don't feel it necessary to write another article. My role here is simply to publicly repent of following Dr. Jeremiah whom I've been promoting on my blog and elsewhere as one of the Pastors I follow.  Pastors I currently follow include Dr. Charles Stanley of InTouch Ministries , Perry Stone Ministries, author Rheta McPherson and other gifted Christian friends on Facebook . These are the ones I fully trust as genuine spirit filled Christians, no longer David Jeremiah.

At first I thought this information was a ridiculous smear but when I also learned about David Jeremiah's 2003 Life Wide Open book he still sells on his website and on Amazon, that was all the evidence I needed that this Pastor promotes new age antichrist based individuals as follows:
"Who are these small handful of people who have discovered the secret? Well according to Jeremiah’s book, his list includes Rick Warren, contemplative, feminine spiritualist Sue Monk Kidd (When the Heart Waits), contemplative Calvin Miller (Into the Depths of God), Buddhist sympathizer Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline), emerging church leader Erwin McManus, contemplative Michael Card, and Brother Lawrence (Practicing the Presence of God)." See David Jeremiah's Book Life Wide Open Still Sold On His Website - Still Includes New Agers - Lighthouse Trails Research - March 28, 2011
Also noted by Lighthouse was an antichristian statement by one of the books featured persons emerging church leader Erwin McManus:

My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ,” McManus, author of a new book called “The Barbarian Way,” said in a telephone interview.
“Some people are upset with me because it sounds like I’m anti-Christian. I think they might be right.” Erwin McManus

I strongly recommend reading through all of the comments on the earlier mentioned article as well that provide eyewitness testimony. Note the shock of many who never suspected such a gifted teacher of Christ could have such a secret identity.  
The all seeing eye with an upside down cross in the iris is denoted by many as odd and creepy.
(See close-up below)

The article referencing the all seeing eye was from November, 2009 but many comments followed as as recently as July 29, 2015 as follows:

Horned Hand symbol in several photo frames.
"Dr Jeremiah certainly thinks it (the all seeing eye behind his pulpit that appears on television) is biblical and I am not here to condemn him but it has led me to conclude that the symbol is deliberate! I am shocked and perplexed and even more curious about his end time preaching of late now. All i can say that i have observed lately is that deceit has increased in the world of late and Matthew 24 tells us to watch out so that we are not be deceived for many will come in His name and deceive many. Also that we are at risk of our love growing cold due to the increase in wickedness. Hang in there believers and get to know the bible for yourself and not simply by following great names out there. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can save you. Stand firm to the end and keep praying for Christians that you
Freemason sign of the hidden hand
are aware of that seem to be toying with or falling away from the Word. Stand firm till the end and you will be saved. Further for Christians that are dismissive about these matters firstly
 Hosea 4:6 (my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge) and secondly if something is of true value and of great worth to you would you play with it? By this I am referring to your salvation 1Cor 10:23 everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial so why not concentrate on the things that please God rather than the things that are a "maybe"?" July 29, 2015 at 2:32 AM
A response to a someone who doubted the authenticity of these claims:
tom m. said...
Freemason sign of hidden hand

Along with many other big names, Jeremiah was one of the main speakers at this very recent "unifaith" conference. Holding hands with deniers of the Lord Jesus Christ 2John 7-11. No way to spin it. Rev. 18:4 
July 30, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Anonymous said...
It's odd to me that a "Christian" church would have such a sketchy image in there place of worship. How could anyone think that it doesn't look like an all seeing eye? Are you blind? If I walked into a church and there was a huge stained glass pyramid behind the pastor every Sunday I would not attend no matter how sound the doctrine. Any church that would let that fly has deeper intentions in my opinion.

P.S. The pulpit has leaf branches with 7 sets of leaves. A very holy number to the Freemasons. Could be a coincidence but with a huge all seeing eye in the background I'm guessing it's on purpose. June 25, 2011 at 11:07 PM
Anonymous said...
Note upside down cross at the iris extends at the top
"Well, I had a good look at a closeup of the window and saw this: Centerpoint of Eye is the red centerpoint of cross. The Red & Yellow Circles - the iris and pupil of the eye. Lightest part is in the center - An Illuminated Eye. The Red Circle around the 'cross' - The Ouroboros. Within the Fiery Red Circle the cross is equidistant from the center like the pagan Solar Cross, or Sun Wheel. The cross continues more obviously upward from there beyond the red circle making the image of an Inverted Cross.

From there, the cross extends beneath the Open Book 'Bible' and as a whole resembles a sword. An open (holy) book symbolizes deity in Masonry. The Sword symbolizes LIGHT fire, duality, and power. This would explain the use of the verse from Psalm 119:130a - "The entrance of thy words giveth light." In masonry and the occult, however, the light-giver is unfortunately Lucifer, not God.

Beyond the light colored center circle, the eye begins to take on the classic shape of an eye as a whole with an almond, or Mandorla, shape (the outline of the eye). The Mandorla has been used in both Christian and pagan iconography throughout history. The All-Seeing Eye is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light and usually enclosed by a triangle.

In this stained-glass window, it is easy to see rays of light emanating from the top of the artwork and descending downward in a triangular fashion. The overall effect is that of an illuminated eye within a pyramid. This is the exact description of the All-Seeing Eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology. The Pyramid is an occult symbol of ultimate power. I would definitely question why such artwork is in a supposed Christian church."

Once again, since I've occasionally recommended Dr. David Jeremiah on my blog it's my duty as a Christian to disclose this information and repent publicly of following this Pastor who I will be praying for in forgiveness.  I am removing all links to TurningPoint Ministries on my blog and anywhere else I've promoted it.  
Here's a video from the play list of Know Your Enemy by the Fuel Project I highly recommend to understand the Freemasons as well as other false doctrine religions all rooted in Satan's mystery religion from the time of ancient Babylon.


"David Jeremiah and His All Seeing Eye - What is Up?  Casting a Spell on You" (also see update to the article for larger photos of the all seeing eye) - Another Voice Rev18

What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality, Drinking Peets Coffee?

I highly recommend this outstanding video from The Fuel Project for those who want to know the truth of what the Bible says about Homosexuality many twist to their liking in this day and age.

Christian Mike Farley explains the truth what the Word of God says about homosexuality.

It's as clear as day. On the other hand my back sliding a little on drinking cold coffee isn't mentioned in Scripture. It was my personal endeavor to stop harming my digestive system with coffee.  I've since provided an allowance of one Black Tie Iced Coffee at Peets, my personal version of TGIF.  

The Fuel Project's Know Your Enemy DVD Series Playlist

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Planned Parenthood Butchers Babies For O|B|F Bioinformatics World DNA Banks Too

It should be crystal clear to everyone familiar with the Planned Parenthood videos that the tax payer supplemented organization is in the business of abortion to sell baby parts and full intact cadavers for profit. Many of these babies are aborted barbarically up to 26 months, nearly five months after conception.  Such an organization operates under an umbrella of secrecy protected by politicians it bribes in the millions during election time.

Planned Parenthood exists under the facade of providing health care to poor needy women when its real business model is to ultimately persuade many undecided young women to sacrifice their child's life to the scientific community. Pregnant teens and young women in their early 20's are especially vulnerable to the influence of this organization's strategy to lure them to their baby's murder since they most always lack a strong moral foundation in a liberal "do as thou wilt" rebellious culture.

Back in the 1980's when I was in my 20's I didn't understand what all the Christian hoopla was about surrounding abortion having been brainwashed by the liberal feminist establishment of the 1970's that unborn fetuses weren't yet human.  Back in 1981, I was living with a roommate named Valarie in Rancho Palos Verdes condo who loved her boyfriend to the point of waiting a long time during her pregnancy with his child to try and persuade him into marriage.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend wasn't at all interested in marrying Valerie so after what was likely four or five months of waiting, she recklessly decided to locate an illegal abortion doctor in downtown Los Angeles for late term pregnancies. I have no idea why she didn't simply adopt the child out at that point. One would have thought Valarie would have learned from her mistake but just few months later she was back fornicating with her new boyfriend at the condo we shared.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ),
Jay Sekulow's video Exposing Planned Parenthood

Valarie later invited me to her wedding ceremony on a sailboat at Marina del Rey. It's duly noted had I been a Christian at that time and there was, in fact, a Christian neighbor knocking on the door back then wanting to be my friend, I wouldn't have even lived with Valerie who helped me get a job at Clarion Corporation.  Being Christian makes it impossible to get caught up in these kind of situations, including being complicit with evil as I was I've since repented of.

In a more recent experience, a young neighbor from two years ago who was likely renting her first apartment away from home thanks to her rich mother's co-signing the lease got pregnant after just one year of partying with her boyfriend.  Right before this neighbor moved, I noted she looked three or four months along in her pregnancy so I prayed for her.  Eight months later, I bumped into this former neighbor who moved back in to another floor.  There was no baby.  Did she adopt the baby out?  I don't know, but it's just another example of foolish sinful women in their 20's who don't know what to do with their new found freedom but to destroy their futures.

Heart Beats as PP Employees Dissect Aborted Baby

Planned Parenthood preys on the young and vulnerable women who initially wanted to adopt their child.  This organization persuades the better option is to abort so they can sell the baby parts or what we now know are many times fully intact cadavers for profit to their clients around the world. That's evil and barbaric! Not to speak up against this is to be complicit with such evil.  Neutrality isn't allowed, you're either for abortion or against it.  The politically correct crowd, such as the Attorney General of California Kamala Harris, are even looking into prosecuting the whistle blowers for their videos. Planned Parenthood remains unrepentant of their crimes wanting to sue those who outed them.

Other uses of murdered babies are for Bioinformatics DNA banks and research by eugenicist scientists:

Just released video shows how baby tissue is used for DNA banks under the control of eugenicist scientists.  OBF is the bank in which all materials such as aborted fetus' and tissue go, They are logged and entered into the worlds largest repository of Genetic code for all species of the world. 

"DRAKO - I Pet Goat II Video features information on the Worlds DNA Data base. Main resource center for the worlds Genetic Coding. Access is only by way of closed groups that quote: Maintain the unique perspectives of our Goals and Cultural views. Members include some of the biggest Eugenicist known in History. Gates, Sanger, Rockefeller and more.. Many nefarious institutions and foundations have exclusive access to this DNA Bank known as Bioinformatics. Questionable character such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Sanger, Elixir and more. Those who have proven track records of tampering with our Genetic Codes to create harmful yet subtle ways to create disease and death. These institutions and foundations hide their dealing by way of the Volunteer approach of non disclosure by a private foundation.
Leading well known Biologists are known to work for free for the prestige of doing so for these wealthy organizations. I'm sure under table rewards are dished out.

OBF provides samples to various locations to allow UN-monitored tampering for that corporations uses. We have come to know. Monsanto via diseased seeds and chemicals are harming us and the environment. All under the guise of helping it. While various other organizations are harnessing ways to infect, create and design diseases to profit off humanity by way of Pharmaceuticals, vaccines and infectious diseases that will cause gradual decay and death. This is evolution by design, into their desired design." 

God didn't say in his Word that a woman can abort a baby she doesn't want or has no faith in Him to care for.  Abortion's an act of clear murder rooted in rebellion bred by the feminist movement of the 1960's and 70's. For those who made this mistake, you can still repent and turn to God for forgiveness and He will heal you as long as you stop sinning with men, get a husband and live your life within His will.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ellen Degenerate's New Lifestyle Brand for Kids At The Gap

At the bus stop today, I caught this Gap kids ad for Ellen Degeneres'
new Degenerate's new lifestyle brand clothing line, devil horn hand signs and all.

It's not enough to have a talk show, Ellen wants to influence American youth to her lifestyle of godless degenerate rebellion.

Monday, August 17, 2015

God's Got My Attention With Latest Earthquake in San Francisco

I should watch what I read! I took a small break from reading my Bible last night to browse through this pictorial book Earth SHOOK Sky BURNED. Published in 1959 by William Bronson, one of the better pictorial books I obtained a few years ago.  I didn't have much time to read, just wanted photos.

Then at 6:49 a.m. I awoke to a 4.0 earthquake in San Francisco.  I didn't connect the dots for a a couple of hours that maybe I had a premonition of sorts to pick up this book. In any event, I'm glad it was a relatively small earthquake.

This is God's way of getting my attention, no doubt.

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