Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Guitarist Buddy Merrill - Only Two Grandsons In Prison, Homeless

My late sister's daughter, 25, learned I existed from the Internet
About two months ago I was praying for my late widowed sister Melody's five children who were removed from her by the State of California in the late 1980's due to her inability to care for them.  I figured they must have had a hard time going into the foster care system and their lives likely weren't easy.

I heard about what had happened of the children's seizure buy the State in 1998 from their paternal grandfather, Buddy Merrill, 79, former guitarist for the Lawrence Welk Show, after I designed a website about his career as a gift and sent a copy to my grandfather.  Buddy gave me a call thanking me soon thereafter.  Also See My Parents Should Have Been Branded As Felony Child Abusers - August 5, 2015

Unfortunately, during the conversation Buddy also unloaded a lot of bad news about my sister Melody all the while insisting he was a happy person.  He said my sister had AIDS and that he didn't know where she was. Buddy also said she lost her second husband who died in a swimming pool while she was visiting him in Southern California. He said when she found out her husband died that all hell broke loose. He mentioned Melody would visit and smoke pot in his front yard as if gossiping about her being a problem. After Buddy told me this I wanted to locate my sister but didn't know how because the Internet in 1998 wasn't as developed as it is today.

Buddy went on to say some other really violent, depraved horrific things happened to my sister that to this day I don't necessarily believe and won't repeat. The reason I don't believe Buddy is I later learned my sister didn't have AIDS at all, I know this because I obtained her death certificate after I learned she died in 2002.  Melody had died of bacterial meningitis with other complications from Hepatitis C and alcoholism.  This isn't the first time Buddy has lied about something, he also used to blame his former wife Ruth for entrapping him into marriage with my birth claiming she went off the pill.  Only problem is, there was no pill in 1960 and no real guaranteed birth control methods back then.

I came into existence because youthful 23 and 21 year olds sinned in an adulterous relationship they later held against me.  I was conceived while Buddy was on a two year military draft assignment away from the Lawrence Welk Show program he debuted in 1955 as an 18 year old.  I was viewed as a mistake who in this day and age would have most surely been a secret abortion with such knowledge kept from Catholic grandparents.

So back to my sister's kids who I prayed over.  God answered my prayers because to my utter surprise a few days ago I opened a Facebook email from one of my late sister's children (pictured above) whose name I won't reveal here.  The girl pictured is 23 years old who told me she was doing some research  and discovered to her dismay that my parents whom she spoke with and had even visited my mother,75, in Las Vegas a couple of times, didn't inform them that Melody had a sister. That's right, my parents pretended that I never existed!

This confirms what I've known to be true from analyzing my parents actions and behavior towards me now later in life that my mother in particular blamed me for my being their illegitimate child, that I invaded their lives and was a tolerated guest in their household not worth mentioning much to anyone. This also explains why mother called me to their home to present a cheap drug store candle in an unwrapped shoe box for my 21st Birthday.

Enough of me now, I wanted to let people know there are ripple affects when there is bad parenting that goes down the bloodline, even curses from sin!  Buddy Merrill was a missing dad in so many ways especially when he'd have affairs on my mother. They would fight like cats and dogs keeping me and my sister up late into the early morning hours. Once my sister ran down the stairs from her bedroom and pulled a knife out of the drawer screaming "I'm going to kill myself!  Stop stop stop the fighting!!"  It was unfortunate none of our neighbors bothered to call the police.  Buddy Merrill was just AWOL in so many ways and could really only be available to watch on television every Saturday night.  He hid away in his man cave recording room downstairs and was not a presence at all in the home.  He didn't keep us informed of anything going on and he had very little communication with his children.

Buddy Merrill's grandson (above) and granddaughter .  The grandson is currently living on the streets being in and out of jail. The only other grandson's (their half brother) in prison. 

Melody's sister told me while the three girls who were taken by the State and put into foster care and then adopted out to good homes are doing well, the two boys are not.  One is in prison and the other's living on the streets! She said her brother once beat her up, breaking her nose and threatened her with a knife so he's been in and out of jail.  So, Buddy Merrill's only two grandsons, one is living on the streets in and out of jail while the other is in prison.  This is the fruit of an adulterer, three time divorcĂ©e musician, what he passed down from he and his wife's sin, people are suffering because of this man's negligence raising his family without love based without any foundation of God's wisdom.

My parents didn't disclose to my late sister's children they have an Aunt Cheryl likely because I have a lot of information about why Melody's life went the direction it did, primarily due to poor negligent parenting.  Melody had a high IQ and was full of life, energy and good humor. She was very witty and entertaining even choreographing her own dance routines but my parents kept her their prisoner much of the time. Melody tried to break free from them and went wild with her first boyfriend a few blocks away that she didn't even complete her freshman year of high school.

My parents tried to have Melody put in Del Amo Hospital for a while but the Court overruled it.  My sister won her court case against my parents, married some military man and left home for Hawaii in 1983 and I haven't seen her since.  I later heard she had been frantically searching for me prior to leaving even visiting a local community college I attended. She was afraid she'd never see me again and was right.

Here's a message my sister once left on my tape recorder back in 1980 I picked up from the house after I moved away. I had left it there and called wanting to pick it up a year later.  In a terrified voice my sister, at the time 13, uttered the following  hushed words as if a monster was about to attack her:

"Help me!  Help me!  Please help me!"

My roommates brought this to my attention having listened to my music tape that was interrupted. The reason I didn't take it seriously at the time was because I had babysat my sister many times and knew she over dramatized things.  Today I have a different opinion based on the outcome of her life. My parents went psycho on her after I left and she was terrified and I should have intervened.  I actually did once attempt in 1982 to speak with my sister outside the awareness off my parents.  I drove up to Palos Verdes Estates one evening hoping to talk and came up the back yard stairs and got my sister's attention in her room. Unfortunately my mother overheard our conversation and yelled upstairs to me in a loud intimidating hostile voice "What are YOU doing here?  I just got her under control for the night!" Mother then came up like the tyrant she was and as I was leaving, pushed me very hard out the door and slammed it behind me.  I felt I had done nothing to deserve that at all.

My parents got off scott free with me, I always took care of myself, I even bought my own stereo, some of my own clothes, my own moped to get around as a teen and later my own vehicle while having no college for them to pay for.  I went to work right after graduating high school and left home within 4 months.  The many years of cleaning house for r for nothing and doing all her husbands chores like trimming the hedges in the front, washing their cars, cleaning out the garage, taking out the trash never mattered, I was always the child who never should have existed!  They were tending to their real daughter who was born six years later in wedlock and I was just a footnote in their lives.

To confirm, Buddy Merrill's only two grandsons he will ever have, one is in prison, the other is homeless out on the streets in and out of jail.  He hasn't met them, he doesn't want to help them.  He wasn't a father or grandfather, he was AWOL. His bad parenting caused future lives to suffer and be disrupted.  He was loveless, he was abusive and he was inhuman to his family. He quit working for Lawrence Welk at a time his family needed a steady income because we were all in school but he didn't care about us and our futures.  He didn't find a new career and put out several very amateur sounding cheesy recordings that can be heard today on iTunes.  Out of spite and resentment, he even gave back his stratocaster guitar to Fender that provided it to him in the 1950's he could have sold for thousands of dollars to help pay for his family's medical needs.

For years I never had a place of my own, my parents never taught about how to get a lease and my own apartment. I rented rooms for many decades and my life was also hard at times with very little money until about 2000 when I got a job at a good law firm.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to help my sister, they had her drugged up on Ritalin beginning at the age of 5 and she was difficult to reach in many ways. I have given this all to Jesus and have forgiven my parents. Both are said to be happy, but is it real happiness or just delusion coupled with denial?  I think the later.

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