Sunday, September 27, 2015

Who Does Pope Francis Think He Is, God?

Who does Pope Francis think he is, God? He apparently believes he and his priestly staff have the power and authority to forgive people's sins. The Bible clearly states only Jesus has the power to forgive our sins!

The Pope even had the audacity to claim Jesus dying on the cross was a failure. This is the way Satan speaks with blasphemous lies! (see video below)

The Pope has nothing to hide lying knowing the masses of ignorant people
will believe whatever he says under color of authority.

Those who know the Scriptures are fully warned who the Pope really is that the world that currently adores him has no idea where it's all leading.

I feel sorry for Catholics in this day and age who are following the Pope who have no discernment they're being deceived by the antichrist spirit. I can't really sit in judgment of these people because I'd be a hypocrite since I too was deceived to be on the broad way to eternal hell throughout my life.

I recall in my early 20's being led into the new age religion materials myself so I understand what being deceived is like and why it happens. I believed in becoming "one" with something greater then myself and people being all part of the oneness.  In other words, I was deceived having wandered into all kinds of misinformation back then including studying the false doctrine of  a channeled demon in A Course In Miracles.

I was even interested in Hinduism by visiting the Self Realization Fellowship sanctuary near Malibu a few times.  I became intrigued by Paramahansa Yogananda's biography who came to America to teach Eastern Yoga to Americans.  At the time I believe it was marijuana's influence that caused me to not even consider Christianity along with the music of the time period. Television made Christians look like clowns back then the comedians had a field day with such as Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Getting high with roommates watching Saturday Night Life skits of clown Christians had us all rolling on the floor. Who wanted to be a Christian when there was so much fun happening in all walks of life back then? The music was great and people were very attractive to be with back then unlike today.  Christians didn't do drugs or burn incense like my first roommates did in 1980 that it never even entered my mind anything was wrong with it.

Channeled Demon Seth Speaks books of the 1970's
I even once visited my mother in Palos Verdes Estates, CA in 1981 to discover her side of the family was channeling some demonic spirit that she had tapes of the entity for me to listen to.  Ruth even had this huge bound book full of the demon's speaking through one of her relatives. Now that I recall, after I listened to a few of these tapes that's when I began to really lose perspective on reality.  Purchasing the crazy new age book Seth Speaks didn't help much either.

Maxwell's children Bible stories
were popular in the 1950's
Why I wandered away from the foundation when I was a child of the beautiful pictorial children's Bible Stories by Arthur Maxwell on the shelf isn't surprising thanks to the culture I was raised in.  Maybe it was the occult practices of the 1960's that took over with the Ouji Board, seances were trendy like they had on I Love Lucy. I recall the horror films like Omen, Poltergeist and The Exorcist later abounded. When I was as young as 8 years old my mother encouraged me into automatic writing,  the channeling of demonic spirits posing as dead people and even table levitation that I loved to all fake. Our neighborhood in the late 1960's would naturally want to have seances and be spooked by the local haunted house gutted out from the Baldwin Hills flood.  We were into ghost hunting and summoning the spirit of bloody Mary when we were young.

So the truth is amnesia began setting in at a young age about Jesus after films like The Ten Commandments, The Robe and Ben Hur I saw as a child that was then replaced with television programming that left God out of the equation.  I forgot about the Maxwell Bible stories too. Decades later after I stopped watching television programming in 2007, Jesus managed to get through to me that He is the way and truth, all the rest of this world is a lie of the enemy.  Because Jesus was able to get through to me after all of my failings and wandering into darkness, I see there's hope for others like me who just don't get it yet about God and the truth. More will surely come to Christ as I have in my age group in spite of all the brainwashing we encountered from a godless culture.

For those who want to know the truth about God, Jesus and the nature of the world we're living in, I highly recommend Know Your Enemy by The Fuel Project, an 80 part video series also sold by DVD.  For instance, if you want to know about the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the videos below are an example of how to learn what they're really all about.

Know Your Enemy - Part 23 Roman Catholicism

Know Your Enemy - (Part 24  Catholic Symbols)

Know Your Enemy (Part 25 Catholic Symbols)

Know Your Enemy (Part 29 The Islam Catholic Connection)
I began as a Catholic kid of 6 years old who once attended a booth confessional where the priest expressed anger for my forgetting the Lord's confessional prayer.  It was spooky for me as a little girl to be in a room with some glowing red screen with a priest on the other side to begin with. Then for the Priest to scare me with his wrath asking me if I attended their Sunday school, I never went to another confessional ever again. Men can't forgive one's sins so the booths are more like spying rooms where people pour out their secrets to strangers who document them for the Church record.

The Pope is a fraud and Catholicism is rooted, not under the God of Abraham, but that of the ancient Babylon mystery religion under Satan's helm. Those who follow the Pope and all other religions that come from outside the two branches under the God of Abraham are on the broad path to eternal hell!

Jesus came to save humanity from eternal hell where all of fallen humanity is headed without Him. Hell wasn't created for humans meant only for Satan and his fallen angels.  Because humans were created in the image of God, we are spiritually eternal and can't die, there are only two places for people to go in the afterlife.  All those without Jesus in their lives will end up in eternal hell God never intended for us! That's a real shame because it didn't have to be that way. Jesus died for all of humanity's sins in order for us to return to God with Him.  That's real love unlike anything the late Beatle* John Lennon could ever offer in a song.  Speaking of John Lennon, the following video is a must see.

John Lennon's Imagine Song - Would Society Be Better Without God?

People who believe they're good people on their own merits as fallen sinners without a need for God will be very shocked to find themselves in eternal hell after they die.  Obeying God and His Word is an absolute requirement to enter heaven. Jesus forewarned of all that's taking place today and the Bible describes what's unfolding to the tee!  I highly recommend not going to eternal hell that would be absolutely foolish and to get your spiritual life together and obey what God asks through His Scriptures.

Charles Stanley at InTouch Ministries is a great Christian teacher I highly recommend.

* It's good to know my spell check views the word Beatle as a misspelling!  

Monday, September 21, 2015

To Be Honest, Quitting Coffee Is Like Slow Death

Since I wrote my last article about quitting coffee in September of 2014, I wanted to update on my progress of weening myself in favor of tea. To be honest, it's been a nightmare. I've been lying to myself that everything's okay sipping tea in the morning. My life will never be the same and I'm still experiencing psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms.

Since the weather's been so warm here in San Francisco lately I haven't been able to drink hot tea so I found myself slipping into Peet's Coffee for ice coffee to start my mornings at the office. I had such a good time drinking ice coffee at an outdoor patio I realized how much I missed coffee's effects on my mood.

It's clear to me now that without coffee I'm not really living life as a normal person, but rather just vegetating.  I have an undefined health problem and need coffee to help me be an active person otherwise I'm in a passive reactive mode of so called living.  I wonder how many people share this experience?  After checking Google images under key words "without coffee" I found a slew of those who share my addiction.  Here's just a few.

This evening my brain and body shut down, I was knocked out with a very long nap in the late afternoon.  It's called adrenal fatigue and it seems so unfair that all it takes to trigger symptoms is a 16 oz cold brew ice coffee at Peets! Nowhere in the Bible does it speak of coffee being a sin but it sure feels like it.  Sadly, it seems like a slow death to be without a stimulant of any kind.  I've tried juicing of course but nothing can replace coffee.  I've had some good days without coffee and thought I was doing well but it was the seemingly innocent cold brew ice coffee at Peets that caused me to backslide.

When I read Exodus in the Bible I wonder how the Jews managed to walk all of those miles in such dire conditions without a cup of Joe.  What's our society come to when we need coffee this much?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Television Destroyed the American Mind But Is It Too Late?

People who still support Obama are brainwashed zombies.
One of the reasons God's been able to break through with His truth in my life is likely due to the simple fact I chose to stop watching television in 2008. That was a huge step in the right direction ever since I was put in front of the T.V. when I was just three years old. I've since come to understand television's a dangerous hypnotic tool of distraction and denial of the reality that damages people, especially Americans, in many ways.

The real world we're living in isn't a sitcom or comedy.  Let's face it, this is the same world that crucified and convicted the Messiah Jesus Christ to hang on a cross like a lowly criminal who came down to earth from His throne in heaven in order to bring us home to God.This is the same world where today a Christian is said to lose their lives to murder every 5 minutes somewhere in the world as genocide and the slaughter continues. 50 Spies Say U.S. ISIS Intelligence was Cooked - Daily - September 10, 2015

We're living in the kind of world that brutally skins or boils alive precious pet dogs stolen from their families in China in the millions each year that even celebrates their suffering with festivals. Even worse, in a nation that murders innocent babies in and even outside the womb in order to sell their parts to the highest bidder in a billion dollar industry encouraging infanticide. The world's becoming darker no doubt as demonic forces are being unleashed due to growing sin and immorality. Unfortunately, the average American refuses to face these realities they should be standing up against all while millions prefer to tune out reality and tune into their television screens.

Thanks to television and more evolved forms of entertainment including the huge LCD HDTV screens sports programming and video games, Americans are easily distracted from serious matters requiring their immediate attention. The average American mind's so lost in television and other similar programming they've willfully given their minds over to, they have lost their country and lives to traitors, liars and criminals.

Obama's clearly a traitor but many Americans don't care.
America's Been Thrown Under The Bus
For instance, the corruption in the Obama Administration is huge with mountains of high crimes the average zombified American doesn't care to know anything about.  The result of this escapism is that the President's thrown our country under the bus and our nation's finished.  I can hardly believe what I just read in a newsletter from Judicial Watch or in this article by the American Center for Law and Justice, Jay Sekulow's ACLJ.
Today, a minority in the U.S. Senate filibustered the Resolution of Disapproval of the Iranian nuclear deal, blocking the bill from receiving an up-or-down vote in the Senate.
It was the single most important foreign policy debate in decades and President Obama’s allies in the Senate wouldn’t even allow a vote, in essence forcing the Iran nuclear deal on the American people.
The American people – who overwhelmingly oppose the Iran deal and oppose it in even greater numbers the more they understand it – deserve better than this from our U.S. Senate. Only 1 in 5 Americans support this bad deal made much worse by abandoning American Pastor Saeed Abedini and the other wrongfully imprisoned Americans in Iran.  In fact, a large bipartisan majority of the Senate opposed the deal. - Senate Minority Forces Iran Deal on America, Abandons U.S. Captives - September 10, 2015

Americans don't do any research and if they do, have no morals
Rep. Nancy Pelosi's primarily responsible for rallying enough support in the U.S. Congress to make sure the U.S. hands over $150 billion to Iran with her claim of dire consequences if we didn't pay up. By the way, it's really estimated $500 billion will be given to Iran in the long term for its nuclear development purposes. The deal's really been made due to oil and a few wealthy corporations in the U.S. wanting a piece of it. They've whored out our nation for the wealth of a few.  Politicians lie to Americans with impunity.

Zombie Americans, what will ever break them out of the trance leading to self-destruction before it's too late? America's gone like an Alzheimer's patient.  Meanwhile Russian subs with nuclear warheads may one day arrive or maybe even some EMP attack.  In the end it will all be because of television that Americans were too dumbed down to think clearly.

If there's hope for someone like myself who spent decades in front of the television since the age of three, an average of 3-4 hours a day that God took full advantage of my decision to give it up in my home, Jesus is America's only hope to awaken from the nightmare.  Otherwise eternal hell awaits  the vast majority who deny Him as their Savior having agreed to give their minds over to television and other similar programming apparatus's.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

How My 1983 Magic Mushroom Experiences Led to Homelessness, Etc.

Did you know that according to an article on Huff Post that a recent 2014 study placed magic mushrooms in the top 10 of popular recreational drugs?  This is why I felt this blog post's quite appropriate for the times we're living in. See This Is What Magic Mushrooms Do To Your Brain -

Never forget this piece of wisdom from someone who grew up as a teen in the 1970's.  The mark of an enemy is anyone who shares drugs with you, even on a social level. The moment you accept a hit off a joint with that person or even influences the alleged benefit of trying hallucinogenic mushrooms, what you've really done is accepted a temptation to sin against God. You can't really blame that person who tripped you up because it's your own decision to accept or reject the offer.  This is why it's always important to forgive anyone who influenced you to take drugs because it was your own choice to give into that temptation.

Think back to every single person who offered you a hit from a joint for recreation purposes. What change in your life took place thereafter?  Back in the 1970's and 80's I viewed such offers as innocent, just a social thing. The last time I had marijuana was back in 1997, hits off a couple of joints offered to me by two separate dates relaxing prior to going to a jazz concert or my just being there to talk. I believe men use this drug as a means to loosen up women to possibly have sexual relations with them but it didn't work on me.  I always distracted them away from such desires with interesting conversation I'm really good at. The downside of having just a few hits of marijuana is it most always caused my behavior to change to one of paranoia and delusion.

If marijuana could change me so radically to lose a job I had worked hard to maintain at Williams-
Sonoma Corporation back in 1997, think of what magic mushrooms did to my brain in the 1980's!  For some reason the marijuana had stayed in my system for weeks as I worked causing me great trouble and distraction. I became delusional and paranoid leaving little notes and a book for a female employee viewed as an attractive guy who I thought was flirting that led to my termination.

Back in 1983, when a very handsome former Palos Verdes H.S. classmate Kim Linnett (a guy) offered mushrooms to me after a dinner date at his home, I didn't feel any effects until I got home and went to sleep listening to music. I felt I had experienced something truly divine that evening and it wasn't Kim.

My brain had been changed forever with that mushroom experience that caused me to make poor decisions having placed me in the category of someone who fell into the trap of drug use that damaged their future.  It's no surprise I wanted to try the shrooms again with Kim so he agreed to take me to a local park one day, crazy as it sounds.  I once again went home and saw exciting light shows listening to music and felt great peace and happiness of divine origin. I was so hooked on the shrooms I drove past Kim's rented home in Redondo Beach a few times but never heard from him again.
Though magic mushrooms are not habit-forming, and don't create physical dependence, the users could become psychologically dependent and crave to experience the psychedelic state again. Some users might experience heightened emotional awareness or have experiences that they might perceive to be spiritually significant, which is why they might be tempted to use it more often. Effects of Shrooms on the Body -
I have good reason to believe that date with Kim Linnett, who I had met at the Nautilus Gym in Redondo Beach, was entirely fake that someone was working behind the scenes to set me up for disappointment because I later learned this man already had a girlfriend. When I entered his home after leaving a few minutes, the door was left open and I overheard him say to someone over the phone "I'm trying, I'm trying!" Someone was clearly behind this date.  At the time I ignored what I heard and just continued on to have dinner with him that evening.

What was equally strange was how Kim led me to believe he was looking for a woman to live with him. Over dinner he mentioned "this house could use a woman's touch" and continued as though I was being interviewed to live with him. The idea sounded good to me, I was living a few blocks away temporarily with a guy roommate who I didn't really want to live with.

After the mushroom date,  I naturally became suspicious of Kim and wondered who the hidden person was. Was it Carolyn, another PVHS classmate who just wanted me to have a good time? Was it Sheila, another PVHS classmate who I saw driving one day near the Nautilus gym who acted like she wanted to speak with me?  Sheila was the first person who offered me a hit on a joint back in 1974 at a break in orchestra rehearsal. Coincidentally, I later learned Kim and Sheila lived within 1/2 mile radius in Palos Verdes in the 70's who both drove Spitfires. In fact, I had seen an old spitfire parked in Kim's driveway.  It seemed to me Sheila was the likely suspect of setting me up on a fake date with mushrooms.

Video from ASAPScience

This video on magic mushrooms explains after the drug's taken it changes the human brain. ". . . .inhibiting normal brain activity, making it harder to determine reality from and fantasy making self awareness impossible." even months after the drug's worn off.
"My experience within a year of taking magic mushrooms twice in 1983 was my brain activity was very low (e.g. inhibited) that I felt as if I was in a coma conscious of being in a dream world that was real life.  I didn't care about the dream I viewed as insignificant compared to the mushroom experience of joy, peace and happiness." - Cheryl Meril
The main problem with drugs is the tend to make me paranoid, even too much caffeine tends to do this. (Yes, I had a few cups of caffeine tea prior to writing this!)   People don't know you tried these drugs so they just think you're unwell not knowing the reasons for the changed behavior. In 1983 I lost my first really good job, the best job opportunity I had ever been given at Epson America in Torrance, CA.  After taking this drug I really changed dramatically being paranoid not even trusting my boss Bob Adams who hired me in spite of my crying during the interview. He had been so good to me at Epson America and I was giving him a headache after mushrooms.

The Outcome of Homelesslness 
After mushrooms, I didn't care about the material world feeling everything was getting in my way of being in that place of eternal love and joy.  I just wanted to be free so I let everything go in a self-destructive way because I didn't have God's Word in my life at that time. I became homeless due to being behind in bills. I made a really bad decision to sleep in my car a month to pay back the money and find another place to live but it didn't work out that way. Instead I became homeless for 1.5 years!  Satan was stripping me of everything setting me up for eternal hell. I had no wisdom of God, just some drug experience, no spiritual foundation at all.  Satan's strategy was to lead me into hell while believing I was heading for heaven letting go of this life.

Drugs clearly can't be a replacement for God and obedience to His Word, it's the wrong way to go that leads to hell.  Just because both the saved and unsaved are under God's grace that we all can choose to enjoy freely doesn't mean we all go to heaven.  Jesus is the only way to heaven, not via any drug experience.

Sheila Rogers, 1975 PVHS yearbook
I figured out years later based on the foregoing that Sheila Rogers from our PVHS orchestra class was likely the person behind this mushroom date being my enemy. What else can one expect from a psychiatrist's daughter? Sheila went on in 1985 to become a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, then to be a producer for the David Letterman Show for many years who now works for comedian James Corden on the Late Late Show.

It's true what's been written about me in a petty little blog that way back in 1989 before personal computers existed for the masses, Sheila's parents, a brain surgeon and psychiatrist, sent me to jail for violating a restraining order writing them letters. I was a shroom head zombie pumping out letters who got in trouble for it. They had much patience but eventually wanted revenge long after the intensity of letters stopped, for disturbing their family's lives.  I ultimately went to jail two weeks on a misdemeanor charge for violating my two year probation I was given for sending a fax to Rolling Stone Magazine to Sheila because I didn't believe she was involved in the restraining order. What triggered the probation violation was when I left Los Angeles for San Francisco that was prohibited by law during my probation.

After my fall from grace from drugs, God was working through others' lives who eventually came to my aide as recently reborn Christians to provide me with shelter and spiritual support.  I was also introduced to a key Christian lady who helped me enormously including sending me to a deliverance conference in Phoenix AZ.  Through Christians, God helped me recover from jail and the stigma associated with having been there, not to mention the two police officers who went to my former high school who were in the department that facilitated me going there.

I want to interject here that the Los Angeles jail back in 1989 wasn't that bad an experience. They served good food, believe it or not, and I had a nice rest there with very little stress.  In my cell I sang to pop tunes they played over the stereo system. I was given free food, rest and good music to listen to. While jail wasn't a resort, it also wasn't the kind of punishment I anticipated because no one was harassing me there.  I could also feel Christians praying for me. The toughest part was leaving with my wrinkled professionally dry cleaned beautiful deep blue dress suit and catching a bus home in downtown L.A.. At that time I felt I had been unfairly treated so I had no shame being sent to jail.

Moral of this story is never accept drugs from anyone, they're not your friends! Just forgive and pray for God's forgiveness if you accepted drugs.  Drugs aren't the way to God, only an escape from our responsibility to obey Him that's necessary to enter heaven avoiding eternal hell where everyone's headed without Jesus.

No matter who offers you drugs, we're ultimately responsible for the consequences having only ourselves to blame. Don't forget to pray for your enemies and forgive them.  Hold no grudges against anyone.  Ultimately everything falls on our own shoulders in this life. We can work it out with God by following His Word, accepting Jesus forgiveness and obeying Him. Otherwise eternal hell awaits, believe me!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Whatever Happened to Cindy Lynne Havran? Law Graduate JD Living on Streets of San Francisco

Cindy's sign asks for $130 for bus fare (for a Greyhound bus)
For any former classmates who are wondering what happened to Cindy Harvran, 61, graduate of Michigan University with a BA in journalism who later obtained her JD in law, I'm providing info in case anyone knows a relative who can help her. I'm writing this because it's clear Cindy's on her last legs in life and living in denial about her undiagnosed condition of paranoid schizophrenia.   

I attempted to help Cindy after chatting with her over the past several months learning why she was in a wheel chair panhandling on the streets.  Her story was that she and her alleged husband had medical issues, he had cancer in remission and herself a heart condition that affected her ankle and foot with water retention and swelling.  As her sign said, she and her husband want to get on a bus back to Los Angeles where they feel they could recover at a friend's after two years on the streets of San Francisco. They wanted $130 for the Greyhound bus and a little extra cash to get situated there.  Cindy claims an average of $30 a day as a homeless panhandler.
"I've been harassed by the manager at Starbucks for pan handling on the public sidewalk in front of his store who even called the police on me. He was yelling and really out of control.  I've also been harassed by the Coffee Bean Shop people who don't want me in front of their store either.  
A mean guy once grabbed money out of my hand and he wasn't homeless.  We also lost our ID's to theft and some teen bicyclists recently stole our sleeping blankets one evening."   
- Cindy Havran, homeless with a JD in law and BA in journalism, University of Michigan.
This kind of testimony gets the attention of a Christian, Jesus is all for the oppressed, harassed and abandoned. Cindy recited some Bible Scriptures she uses whenever evil people do bad things to her that showed promise as well.  Whenever a homeless elderly lady forgives people's actions against her, it's a sign of a heart ready for Jesus to enter.  I thought she was ready for God to help her and to be ministered to for her spiritual needs as well.

I'm Christian and people have helped me throughout my life. I felt strongly that God wanted me to help these two so I prayed about it.  I felt their request for the $130  bus fare wasn't budgeting wisely since there are far less expensive bus rides from SF to LA exist for $30 per ticket directly to Santa Monica.  The other cheap tickets available caused me to pause as to why it had been so difficult for them to leave. Pan handling in San Francisco isn't too bad, especially for intelligent well spoken educated women in wheel chairs. Still, I didn't want to second guess them so I agreed to help them get back to Los Angeles but only through the less expensive CA Shuttle to Los Angeles for a total of $68. Unfortunately Cindy didn't want that bus service.

Cindy at the corner of Sansome and Pine Streets in San Francisco in front of the Equinox Gym 
After I brought them two sleeping bags I had stored away for many years, I had plans to help these two get cleaned up from their dirty street clothes into a shower with some nice clothing from a nearby used clothing store where there was 70% off.  I planned on getting them some shoes and cheap hair cuts, but Cindy wouldn't have any of it refusing to cooperate with my requests.  Her guy friend, who she called her husband, ended up coming today to speak with me at Huntington Park.  Chris Miguel Smith was sobbing how he wanted to escape Cindy and leave that he was appreciative of my offer to help. He told me Cindy's in denial having paranoid schizophrenia.  He also said he wasn't her husband, only by common law.  There's no common law marriage in California.

At this point I realized my plan to help wasn't working out at all, I was being dragged into some crazy relationship and that this was more then just needing bus tickets and to help them out.  I also know they needed prayer.  These two were in a dysfunctional relationship, a 41 year old man and a 61 year old woman that hasn't been real for 10 years. They're just co-dependents in a dysfunctional situation that Chris wants out of.

When Chris told me Cindy's name, I confirmed the info she told me and also learned she filed a San Francisco lawsuit in 2004 in pro se against many high level professional people under a civil rights claim.  The lawsuit was dismissed and Cindy was sanctioned $350 for not showing up at a hearing.  Her companion had told me she too had looked up my information on the Internet and was highly critical of me after the blog she read, not trusting me, a person who just wanted to help her get off the streets and back to Los Angeles.  When I realized this person was scrutinizing me, I no longer wanted to help because I wasn't interviewing for a job with her. Her pride was evident due to her former education and she apparently hasn't hit rock bottom yet that often drives willful people to face the reality of their situation.

I ended up helping Cindy's companion, Chris, 41 with tickets and clothing at a used clothing shop with some shoes.  He said it was the best day of his life and I told him it was God, not me because I'm naturally a selfish person. After I gave him his clothing and I left him alone for a few moments, I came out and he was no where to be found. He took everything and left.  He took the clothing, one of my hand carry bags with supplies and left without a goodbye.  That's okay though because I did it for Jesus.

I went back to Cindy and told her what happened.  Cindy is likely going to be left on the streets of San Francisco without her companion to protect her.  She doesn't want my help and expects people to hand her money each day.  Whomever reads this, if you know Cindy's relatives, she's going to start deteriorating in San Francisco.  Her location where she panhandles are as follows:

  • 8:00 am - 10:00 am at the corner Sansome and Clay Street near the newstands.
  • 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at the corner of Sansome and Pine Street next to Equinox gym.
  • 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the corner of Montgomery and Bush Streets in front of the Coffee Bean.

Cindy's been beaten up a few times being lured into people's homes, she's been continually robbed, including her heart medication.  I noted her sleeping blankets were stolen from them so I provided two sleeping bags I didn't know what to do with from years ago.  Cindy seems to me to be a very nice lady but her companion said otherwise and he also accused her of faking her wheelchair condition. I no longer know what to believe, but I do know I've witnessed Cindy waving her arms around talking to an imaginary person and this was confirmed by her companion who can't deal with it anymore. Her illness is very real.

I've come to the conclusion Cindy doesn't want my help because she wants things her way and I don't qualify to help her according to her thinking.  She's a very independent strong willed person!  If any of her family reads this, she's likely going to begin deteriorating without her guy friend helping her and will need assistance out of San Francisco before it's too late.  I'll be praying for help to come in any form.

All I wanted was to get these two homeless people on a bus back to Los Angeles off the streets of San Francisco cleaned up and newly clothed to also minister to them about Jesus and what He's done for me throughout my life.