Monday, September 28, 2015

CEO Ryan Hasselmeier's Bizarre Behind The Scenes Activities

**UPDATE** Ryan Hasselmeier has sent me a LinkedIn message revealing he's an aficionado of mind control, domination and manipulation. I don't buy his B.S. and have since blocked this person from contacting me.  

I noted Ryan's been steadily creating an image of himself on FB since the racist vicious attacks of Jason several months ago including on his web page. He has used great amounts of  time to steadily attempt to erase his complicity with vicious racist attacks as if it never occurred to make himself appear above and beyond such activities.  

The real victim, Jason, sent me this message a few days ago after I sent him a link to this blog article

Message from victim Jason responding to my informing him of this blog article.
Message to moderator of the NSA forum Ryan Hasselmeir
Original Article

Some believe Ryan Hasselmeier's just a CEO/President of Advisors Group International, Inc. primarily as a tax preparer accountant, business consultant and notary public who moderates a Linkedin Group Notaries and NSA Group Signing Agents.  After witnessing bizarre activities on his forum, I think there's something more about Ryan to consider for those who are considering doing business with him.

Back in April of this year I posted a blog article about a very crazy Canadian Chinese lady troll named Yun-Soon Suk and her protégé troll Ken Sachs, 71. All three of these individuals, including Hasslemeir, are involved in the financial industry (a CFO and two accountants) who aren't full-time notaries.

Since my blog post, Ryan Hasselmeier was contacted as the moderator about the violations of the forum's policy that he continually lied he'd do something about.  Responses such as "I'm on a business trip and intend to delete her as soon as I get back" never came to fruition.  After nothing happened, another slew of complaints from myself and others came into Mr. Hasselmeier that he ignored about a vicious racist attack that was also liked by Ken Sachs. (See message below).

Click to enlarge
I happened to see this post that made my eyes pop out of my head, it was that unbelievable.

The post was a vicious attack on an African American professional named Jason who had politely asked some advice from other notaries on how to improve his business.  Like an animal, Yun-Soon Suk, whose supposedly a CFO at an undisclosed company in Canada, responded with eyeful of shocking attacks on a very nice man.  Yun-Soon wasn't pulling a Don Rickles stunt to even try and be funny, she was serious!  

Once again, another round of Ms. Suk's materials went back to the moderator Ryan Hasselmeier with requests of removal and for her to be completely removed from the forum.  This time others joined me in rebuking Ms. Suk on the forum and Jason himself sent a complaint to Mr. Hasselmeier. I was so confident Ms. Suk would be removed from the forum, I didn't bother to track her or give it a second thought believing it would be done without a problem. However a few weeks later I was once again shocked to learn that Ms. Suk was still posting on the forum that nothing had been done. 

It turns out from my research that Ryan Hasselmeier is an apparent ring leader of these accountant finance people who enjoys the trolling and cruel racist activities in allowing notaries to be attacked only to eventually censor the complainants.

Ryan's home based business with a P.O. Box mailing address.

Further research of Hasselmeier's company, Advisors Group International, Inc., confirms it's a one person operation in spite of the references to "we are. . . .".  to make it seem a large impressive entity. In fact, Mr. Hasselmeir's business is at his home with a P.O. Box for his mailing address.  The name of his company sounds misleading that it's a "group" when it likely consists of contract workers, perhaps even Ms. Suk.

If this article's taken as an attack on Ryan Hasselmeier, the entire universe apparently revolves around him and his mindset allowing trolls to systematically abuse and harass unsuspecting notaries as if he's just an innocent bystander.  

It's all been a real "hassle" to say the least.

Shadowmen - An Encyclopedia of Mind Control, Anthony Napoleon PhD, September 2015