Monday, September 21, 2015

To Be Honest, Quitting Coffee Is Like Slow Death

Since I wrote my last article about quitting coffee in September of 2014, I wanted to update on my progress of weening myself in favor of tea. To be honest, it's been a nightmare. I've been lying to myself that everything's okay sipping tea in the morning. My life will never be the same and I'm still experiencing psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms.

Since the weather's been so warm here in San Francisco lately I haven't been able to drink hot tea so I found myself slipping into Peet's Coffee for ice coffee to start my mornings at the office. I had such a good time drinking ice coffee at an outdoor patio I realized how much I missed coffee's effects on my mood.

It's clear to me now that without coffee I'm not really living life as a normal person, but rather just vegetating.  I have an undefined health problem and need coffee to help me be an active person otherwise I'm in a passive reactive mode of so called living.  I wonder how many people share this experience?  After checking Google images under key words "without coffee" I found a slew of those who share my addiction.  Here's just a few.

This evening my brain and body shut down, I was knocked out with a very long nap in the late afternoon.  It's called adrenal fatigue and it seems so unfair that all it takes to trigger symptoms is a 16 oz cold brew ice coffee at Peets! Nowhere in the Bible does it speak of coffee being a sin but it sure feels like it.  Sadly, it seems like a slow death to be without a stimulant of any kind.  I've tried juicing of course but nothing can replace coffee.  I've had some good days without coffee and thought I was doing well but it was the seemingly innocent cold brew ice coffee at Peets that caused me to backslide.

When I read Exodus in the Bible I wonder how the Jews managed to walk all of those miles in such dire conditions without a cup of Joe.  What's our society come to when we need coffee this much?