Friday, September 4, 2015

Whatever Happened to Cindy Lynne Havran? Law Graduate JD Living on Streets of San Francisco

Cindy's sign asks for $130 for bus fare (for a Greyhound bus)
For any former classmates who are wondering what happened to Cindy Harvran, 61, graduate of Michigan University with a BA in journalism who later obtained her JD in law, I'm providing info in case anyone knows a relative who can help her. I'm writing this because it's clear Cindy's on her last legs in life and living in denial about her undiagnosed condition of paranoid schizophrenia.   

I attempted to help Cindy after chatting with her over the past several months learning why she was in a wheel chair panhandling on the streets.  Her story was that she and her alleged husband had medical issues, he had cancer in remission and herself a heart condition that affected her ankle and foot with water retention and swelling.  As her sign said, she and her husband want to get on a bus back to Los Angeles where they feel they could recover at a friend's after two years on the streets of San Francisco. They wanted $130 for the Greyhound bus and a little extra cash to get situated there.  Cindy claims an average of $30 a day as a homeless panhandler.
"I've been harassed by the manager at Starbucks for pan handling on the public sidewalk in front of his store who even called the police on me. He was yelling and really out of control.  I've also been harassed by the Coffee Bean Shop people who don't want me in front of their store either.  
A mean guy once grabbed money out of my hand and he wasn't homeless.  We also lost our ID's to theft and some teen bicyclists recently stole our sleeping blankets one evening."   
- Cindy Havran, homeless with a JD in law and BA in journalism, University of Michigan.
This kind of testimony gets the attention of a Christian, Jesus is all for the oppressed, harassed and abandoned. Cindy recited some Bible Scriptures she uses whenever evil people do bad things to her that showed promise as well.  Whenever a homeless elderly lady forgives people's actions against her, it's a sign of a heart ready for Jesus to enter.  I thought she was ready for God to help her and to be ministered to for her spiritual needs as well.

I'm Christian and people have helped me throughout my life. I felt strongly that God wanted me to help these two so I prayed about it.  I felt their request for the $130  bus fare wasn't budgeting wisely since there are far less expensive bus rides from SF to LA exist for $30 per ticket directly to Santa Monica.  The other cheap tickets available caused me to pause as to why it had been so difficult for them to leave. Pan handling in San Francisco isn't too bad, especially for intelligent well spoken educated women in wheel chairs. Still, I didn't want to second guess them so I agreed to help them get back to Los Angeles but only through the less expensive CA Shuttle to Los Angeles for a total of $68. Unfortunately Cindy didn't want that bus service.

Cindy at the corner of Sansome and Pine Streets in San Francisco in front of the Equinox Gym 
After I brought them two sleeping bags I had stored away for many years, I had plans to help these two get cleaned up from their dirty street clothes into a shower with some nice clothing from a nearby used clothing store where there was 70% off.  I planned on getting them some shoes and cheap hair cuts, but Cindy wouldn't have any of it refusing to cooperate with my requests.  Her guy friend, who she called her husband, ended up coming today to speak with me at Huntington Park.  Chris Miguel Smith was sobbing how he wanted to escape Cindy and leave that he was appreciative of my offer to help. He told me Cindy's in denial having paranoid schizophrenia.  He also said he wasn't her husband, only by common law.  There's no common law marriage in California.

At this point I realized my plan to help wasn't working out at all, I was being dragged into some crazy relationship and that this was more then just needing bus tickets and to help them out.  I also know they needed prayer.  These two were in a dysfunctional relationship, a 41 year old man and a 61 year old woman that hasn't been real for 10 years. They're just co-dependents in a dysfunctional situation that Chris wants out of.

When Chris told me Cindy's name, I confirmed the info she told me and also learned she filed a San Francisco lawsuit in 2004 in pro se against many high level professional people under a civil rights claim.  The lawsuit was dismissed and Cindy was sanctioned $350 for not showing up at a hearing.  Her companion had told me she too had looked up my information on the Internet and was highly critical of me after the blog she read, not trusting me, a person who just wanted to help her get off the streets and back to Los Angeles.  When I realized this person was scrutinizing me, I no longer wanted to help because I wasn't interviewing for a job with her. Her pride was evident due to her former education and she apparently hasn't hit rock bottom yet that often drives willful people to face the reality of their situation.

I ended up helping Cindy's companion, Chris, 41 with tickets and clothing at a used clothing shop with some shoes.  He said it was the best day of his life and I told him it was God, not me because I'm naturally a selfish person. After I gave him his clothing and I left him alone for a few moments, I came out and he was no where to be found. He took everything and left.  He took the clothing, one of my hand carry bags with supplies and left without a goodbye.  That's okay though because I did it for Jesus.

I went back to Cindy and told her what happened.  Cindy is likely going to be left on the streets of San Francisco without her companion to protect her.  She doesn't want my help and expects people to hand her money each day.  Whomever reads this, if you know Cindy's relatives, she's going to start deteriorating in San Francisco.  Her location where she panhandles are as follows:

  • 8:00 am - 10:00 am at the corner Sansome and Clay Street near the newstands.
  • 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at the corner of Sansome and Pine Street next to Equinox gym.
  • 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm at the corner of Montgomery and Bush Streets in front of the Coffee Bean.

Cindy's been beaten up a few times being lured into people's homes, she's been continually robbed, including her heart medication.  I noted her sleeping blankets were stolen from them so I provided two sleeping bags I didn't know what to do with from years ago.  Cindy seems to me to be a very nice lady but her companion said otherwise and he also accused her of faking her wheelchair condition. I no longer know what to believe, but I do know I've witnessed Cindy waving her arms around talking to an imaginary person and this was confirmed by her companion who can't deal with it anymore. Her illness is very real.

I've come to the conclusion Cindy doesn't want my help because she wants things her way and I don't qualify to help her according to her thinking.  She's a very independent strong willed person!  If any of her family reads this, she's likely going to begin deteriorating without her guy friend helping her and will need assistance out of San Francisco before it's too late.  I'll be praying for help to come in any form.

All I wanted was to get these two homeless people on a bus back to Los Angeles off the streets of San Francisco cleaned up and newly clothed to also minister to them about Jesus and what He's done for me throughout my life.