Sunday, September 27, 2015

Who Does Pope Francis Think He Is, God?

Who does Pope Francis think he is, God? He apparently believes he and his priestly staff have the power and authority to forgive people's sins. The Bible clearly states only Jesus has the power to forgive our sins!

The Pope even had the audacity to claim Jesus dying on the cross was a failure. This is the way Satan speaks with blasphemous lies! (see video below)

The Pope has nothing to hide lying knowing the masses of ignorant people
will believe whatever he says under color of authority.

Those who know the Scriptures are fully warned who the Pope really is that the world that currently adores him has no idea where it's all leading.

I feel sorry for Catholics in this day and age who are following the Pope who have no discernment they're being deceived by the antichrist spirit. I can't really sit in judgment of these people because I'd be a hypocrite since I too was deceived to be on the broad way to eternal hell throughout my life.

I recall in my early 20's being led into the new age religion materials myself so I understand what being deceived is like and why it happens. I believed in becoming "one" with something greater then myself and people being all part of the oneness.  In other words, I was deceived having wandered into all kinds of misinformation back then including studying the false doctrine of  a channeled demon in A Course In Miracles.

I was even interested in Hinduism by visiting the Self Realization Fellowship sanctuary near Malibu a few times.  I became intrigued by Paramahansa Yogananda's biography who came to America to teach Eastern Yoga to Americans.  At the time I believe it was marijuana's influence that caused me to not even consider Christianity along with the music of the time period. Television made Christians look like clowns back then the comedians had a field day with such as Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Getting high with roommates watching Saturday Night Life skits of clown Christians had us all rolling on the floor. Who wanted to be a Christian when there was so much fun happening in all walks of life back then? The music was great and people were very attractive to be with back then unlike today.  Christians didn't do drugs or burn incense like my first roommates did in 1980 that it never even entered my mind anything was wrong with it.

Channeled Demon Seth Speaks books of the 1970's
I even once visited my mother in Palos Verdes Estates, CA in 1981 to discover her side of the family was channeling some demonic spirit that she had tapes of the entity for me to listen to.  Ruth even had this huge bound book full of the demon's speaking through one of her relatives. Now that I recall, after I listened to a few of these tapes that's when I began to really lose perspective on reality.  Purchasing the crazy new age book Seth Speaks didn't help much either.

Maxwell's children Bible stories
were popular in the 1950's
Why I wandered away from the foundation when I was a child of the beautiful pictorial children's Bible Stories by Arthur Maxwell on the shelf isn't surprising thanks to the culture I was raised in.  Maybe it was the occult practices of the 1960's that took over with the Ouji Board, seances were trendy like they had on I Love Lucy. I recall the horror films like Omen, Poltergeist and The Exorcist later abounded. When I was as young as 8 years old my mother encouraged me into automatic writing,  the channeling of demonic spirits posing as dead people and even table levitation that I loved to all fake. Our neighborhood in the late 1960's would naturally want to have seances and be spooked by the local haunted house gutted out from the Baldwin Hills flood.  We were into ghost hunting and summoning the spirit of bloody Mary when we were young.

So the truth is amnesia began setting in at a young age about Jesus after films like The Ten Commandments, The Robe and Ben Hur I saw as a child that was then replaced with television programming that left God out of the equation.  I forgot about the Maxwell Bible stories too. Decades later after I stopped watching television programming in 2007, Jesus managed to get through to me that He is the way and truth, all the rest of this world is a lie of the enemy.  Because Jesus was able to get through to me after all of my failings and wandering into darkness, I see there's hope for others like me who just don't get it yet about God and the truth. More will surely come to Christ as I have in my age group in spite of all the brainwashing we encountered from a godless culture.

For those who want to know the truth about God, Jesus and the nature of the world we're living in, I highly recommend Know Your Enemy by The Fuel Project, an 80 part video series also sold by DVD.  For instance, if you want to know about the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the videos below are an example of how to learn what they're really all about.

Know Your Enemy - Part 23 Roman Catholicism

Know Your Enemy - (Part 24  Catholic Symbols)

Know Your Enemy (Part 25 Catholic Symbols)

Know Your Enemy (Part 29 The Islam Catholic Connection)
I began as a Catholic kid of 6 years old who once attended a booth confessional where the priest expressed anger for my forgetting the Lord's confessional prayer.  It was spooky for me as a little girl to be in a room with some glowing red screen with a priest on the other side to begin with. Then for the Priest to scare me with his wrath asking me if I attended their Sunday school, I never went to another confessional ever again. Men can't forgive one's sins so the booths are more like spying rooms where people pour out their secrets to strangers who document them for the Church record.

The Pope is a fraud and Catholicism is rooted, not under the God of Abraham, but that of the ancient Babylon mystery religion under Satan's helm. Those who follow the Pope and all other religions that come from outside the two branches under the God of Abraham are on the broad path to eternal hell!

Jesus came to save humanity from eternal hell where all of fallen humanity is headed without Him. Hell wasn't created for humans meant only for Satan and his fallen angels.  Because humans were created in the image of God, we are spiritually eternal and can't die, there are only two places for people to go in the afterlife.  All those without Jesus in their lives will end up in eternal hell God never intended for us! That's a real shame because it didn't have to be that way. Jesus died for all of humanity's sins in order for us to return to God with Him.  That's real love unlike anything the late Beatle* John Lennon could ever offer in a song.  Speaking of John Lennon, the following video is a must see.

John Lennon's Imagine Song - Would Society Be Better Without God?

People who believe they're good people on their own merits as fallen sinners without a need for God will be very shocked to find themselves in eternal hell after they die.  Obeying God and His Word is an absolute requirement to enter heaven. Jesus forewarned of all that's taking place today and the Bible describes what's unfolding to the tee!  I highly recommend not going to eternal hell that would be absolutely foolish and to get your spiritual life together and obey what God asks through His Scriptures.

Charles Stanley at InTouch Ministries is a great Christian teacher I highly recommend.

* It's good to know my spell check views the word Beatle as a misspelling!