Sunday, October 18, 2015

Demigod Wannabe Mike Adams of Natural News Spreads Vicious Disinfo Campaign

Mike Adams thinks he's a demigod
I've learned over the past several years that Mike Adams of Natural is all about one thing, Mike Adams! Adams crosses over into all areas of life in the public eye that he often has no business being in as a narcissist extraordinaire seeking the limelight. From his over produced new age consciousness rap videos, to his recent announcement of yet another ground breaking strategy of forming his own news talk radio program network, I've had it with Adams trying to be a demigod over everything possible on the Internet and beyond.  See Healthranger Launches Massive New Talk Radio Network - October 18, 2015.  

When Dane Wigington at recently mentioned on the air of a radio program that Mike Adams was participating in a dis-info campaign against him, I realized it's really about Adams and his huge ego. Dane Wigington is likely viewed as an adversary to the huge Utopian based Natural News empire Adams' building.  If what Dane Wigington's saying about weather engineering wars is true, Adams has no future as none of us do so he chooses to dismiss such dire warnings in order to continue glorifying himself as some demigod.

Because Adams doesn't support Dane Wigington's important work over at, nor even offer him a place on his new radio network to get the information out about what aerial spraying is and how weather warfare's destroying the planet, I hope others will reconsider supporting his self-glorified news organization as I have.

Mike Adam's Wants To Dominate Everything in American Culture Crossing Over Into
All Jurisdictions of Life Like Some New Age Demigod

If what Dane Wigington's saying is true about weather wars going seriously awry, and I believe it is, Natural News won't be around for very much longer because it's bubble will eventually pop from our earth's environment collapsing.

"I have been concerned for a long while on the increasing flow of incorrect information and half truths coming from "Natural News". Creating conflict in the activist communities is exactly what the power structure wants, it is not my intent to create division. This being said, there are times when disinformation is so egregious, bringing it to light is a responsibility. Though "Natural News" does put out valid information, when "independent news sources" like Natural News also puts out what can only be described as disinformation, this needs to be pointed out. The recent post below from Natural News is truly beyond comprehension. - Dane Wigington, Is Natural News Trying to Hide Global Climate Engineering? June, 15, 2014
The tensions between the two apparently started when Adams was asked to interview Wigington for back in 2013. Ever since then, according to Wigington, Natural News has been running a disinfo campaign against

Back in 2013 Adams was asked to interview Wigington on

Dane Wigington's not a business man like Mike Adams, he's just letting every day people know what we're facing with the weather wars going haywire on this planet.  Dane's not trying to make a buck nor is he glorifying himself.  Mike Adams later negated a courageous man, so what does that tell you? Adam's an a-hole extraordinaire wanting too much power over everything that he's willing to disregard and derail getting out important information to the public simply because Dane Wigington's the primary key committed person interfacing with the public by radio, videos and his website.

A comment on Wigington's article about Adam's disinfo campaign.

I always try to remind people who follow the likes of Adams and Alex Jones at PrisonPlanet that these are businessmen out to make a profit, not organizations! I cringe whenever I hear Alex Jones asking his listeners for donations to his business enterprise.

After his bubble world pops, Adams will apparently have to learn the hard way he's not God and that Jesus is the only way out of these serious problems. In the meantime, I'm boycotting Mr. Demigod.