Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Olivet Journal's Masquerade Attacking Prophet David Wilkerson

I came across a blog I initially found interesting today.  The Olivet Journal (not to be confused with the Cephar publishing group) was well written by an intelligent person who seemed to be genuinely routing through all the false teachers in America pointing out their doctrinal flaws with pictorial evidence.

I was trying to figure out why this particular blogger was also moving towards claiming an Internet based ministry without disclosing her identity except that of a fake name Olivia. A question therefore remained, do real Christians hide themselves when we're all asked by God to step into His light and come out from the world?  I kept searching even deeper for answers.
20"For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21"But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God." - John 3:21
Along with the lady's blog journal, I noted a forum she administrates where only those who share her views are allowed to post. Scrolling through topics I noted an attack of the late Prophet David Wilkerson citing a video allegedly of Illuminati hand signals and tongue movement along with a reptilian eye photograph.  I watched the video and didn't see any abnormal hand signals, they appeared entirely natural in the context of his preaching. I further didn't see any unusual tongue movements she had claimed for the specific time frames denoted in her post.

Olivia's blog forum she moderates, recklessly bashing the late
Christian Prophet David Wilkerson. I saw no hand signs or alleged tongue movement in the video she posted.

Olivia even insinuates Wilkerson's logo is that of a dragon, really? 

No Olivia! You're wrong about David Wilkerson who was a real Prophet of God and that Christians should stay away from all ministries you claim are false in the U.S.!  You may be intelligent but that very fact leads me to believe your true intent is as masked as you are on the Internet.

There's a trend lately towards uncovering false Christian teachers in America and those trying to start their own ministries by tearing others down. Red flags go up for me when some woman who refuses to uncloak her identity on the Internet makes a statement that all of the Christian ministries in the U.S. are false and to stay away from them.  That statement alone is enough for me to no longer read her materials.  I denoted the author of the blog and forum uncloaked her voice on one of her videos denoting a heavy Asian accent.  

An Asian woman presents her journal's home page with "shalom", there is no such thing as a bloodline of Asian Jews!  She needs to know her place in Christianity, to go raise children, be a good wife, serve others, etc.  Her place is not to be falsely accusing true Prophets of God such as David Wilkerson of being reptile people!

So here we have an Asian woman who refuses to reveal her true identity teaching about Prophecy in this video. She sounds very Asian and not very Americanized with how she pronounced words.  Her teaching isn't anything unique whatsoever that is already known to the average Christian.

After cutting down great Christian leaders such as the late David Wilkersen a Chinese lady who has refused to reveal her true identity thus far, believes she is God's anointed Christian to be teaching about end time Prophecy.  

I recently read a story about how when people in China hit a pedestrian, they make sure they're dead by running over their bodies a few more times. Likewise, when a Christian Prophet like David Wilkerson died in an accident back in 2011, this Chinese lady wanted to make sure to run him over a few more times metaphorically with allegations of his being an Illuminati false Prophet at the start of  her own ministry.  See Why Drivers In China Intentionally Kill The Pedestrians They Hit - September 4, 2015 

In sum of my brief research, the suspect woman Olivia's blog, is authored by an Asian woman who greets with Shalom, a Jewish term. Olivia claims all Christian ministries in America have false doctrine. Olivia recommends staying away from all of them while recommending her own ministry while thanking her followers for their support.

From Olivia's article False Ministries - Hand Signs
Here's Olivia's latest Facebook post as of March, 2015 in which she is concentrating on her articles and their popularity promoting herself.
Asian lady hides behind mask on-line
"Dear Saints, I appreciate your interests in the truth and support! Here is just a quick report on how fast people are catching on to the truth, with the Top 20 from yesterday (Total views were all time record of 1,525!). Your sharing and words of mouth are two of the most powerful darkness busters! -- The views of the article on Mark Biltz sky rocketed due to the recent solar eclipse. This article, exposing him as a false prophet, is listed No. 3 after his ministry and YouTube channel on goolge if you look up "Mark Biltz." People seem to visit as they are searching for him. Also, people are finding Occult Hand Sign articles interesting and, every day, hundreds are reading the articles. However, over all .. the words are going around ... Abba is releasing the Truth. I am so blessed to see the messages being received! Thank you! -- Olivia"
As one can denote, Olivia is seeking support and a following without disclosing her true identity. Under Christian doctrine, Olivia is therefore operating under secrecy and darkness not of the light of Christ. (John 3:21)  The medium's the message! Behind a mask of the Internet in secrecy she operates bashing a late great Prophet of God with reckless zeal while promoting the alleged success of her articles on Facebook.  

A message to Olivia:  You aren't at all grateful for America's Christian Pastors who spread the Gospel to your very dangerous depraved evil part of the world in Asia. How arrogant you are! These great Christian leaders sacrificed a lot to get Jesus' message to your very primitive cursed Communist nation.  You have some audacity to hide behind a fake identity with your heavy Chinese accent starting your own ministry in the U.S. by bashing late great Christian leaders like David Wilkerson who worked tirelessly for the cause of Christ.

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