Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Vengeance Is Mine Sayeth The Lord - Officer Ronald Gehrke Convicted!

Source: SF Examiner, May 2015
This is an update to a previous post from two years ago about Police Officer Ronald Gehrke who caused me a lot of problems on my leased property back in 1998 with a five time evicted roommate who wanted the lease to a tremendous deal.  See Officer Ronald Gehrke, Who Does He Think He Is? - October 17, 2013

I'm not gloating, believe me I know God's Word and Proverbs 24:17 specifically says not to gloat when your enemies fall or God could become angry.
"Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles"  Proverbs 24:17
The purpose of this update is to show how God works on behalf of those who repent and turn away from their sins. The timing of how the officer's case came to light is significant. Shortly after my bike accident on October 30, 2012 when I was reminded Jesus was the Messiah, I repented and turned back to God. Within two months Ronald Gehrke spent one day in jail on December 26, 2012 and was later convicted of one Misdemeanor in 2015 after leaving the SFPD in 2014.

Ronald Gerhrke's salary with overtime in 2012 was $155,308 - Public Data
Gehrke was stealing from the tax payer and my previous article reflected his attitude of what he did with his free time in 1998.  He was busy trying to get me kicked off my leased property behind my back at the request of a five time evicted African American playing the race card, a woman twenty years older then myself who wanted the entire lease to herself of a tremendous deal.  He was conducting meetings with my neighbors at the request of my roommate and getting way too politically involved in a non-criminal situation where I had lived 3.5 years.  This happened as I was working long hours on the night shift of Morrison & Foerster LLP

Taxpayer dollars at work - records on-line show Officer Gehrke arrested a man for jay walking in 2009.  - PDF

Gehrke lost his pension and will likely never be hired as a police officer again, all because he thought he was above the law that he could do whatever he wanted.  In the meanwhile, I'll continue to pray for my enemies, and of course forgive this lazy cop's overkill obsession meddling in my roommate situation disregarding my side completely.

I'm just very glad that dark time in my life back in 1998 is over, it was one of the worst periods in my entire life of continually being falsely accused and lied about to the police while I was working long late night hours at a law firm.. At one point Officer Gehrke said "you're just a filing clerk" referring to my former job at Williams-Sonoma Corporation when I was a merchandising assistant.  I often wondered who provided Gehrke with such information. I was even falsely accused of leaving old magazines in large trash piles near the front of the building that had been left in an enclave years prior to my moving in.

I wanted to thank the individual who reported this officer to the Police Chief and Mayor and for the SFPD investigative follow-up.  God bless you!


Kickback - Officer Gehrke Sentenced, SF Examiner, May 2015