Thursday, October 22, 2015

WARNING: Satan Will Devour Hillary Clinton Followers!

If you plan on voting for Hillary Clinton as her follower, I can assure you 100% that God, the Creator of all things, is against you and you will perish!  You'll be following the BEAST, the Antichrist spirit through Satanist Hillary Clinton straight to eternal hell where she plans on leading as many souls as possible.

We're living in the end times people, time's running out for us to stand up for Jesus against the tsunami of demonic beings coming forth per the Book of Revelation. See video Return of the Fallen Angels - Tom Horn

A dog is more honorable then Hillary Clinton who is an incredibly good liar, an unsaved corrupt woman who sold her soul to Satan for political power and fame.  To me, she's like a pile of dog shit I stepped in way back in 1992 during her husband's campaign that the stink still remains after all these years!  Nothing good comes from Hilary Clinton whatsoever, she's a criminal and murderer many times over! See Top 17 Hillary Clinton Scandals -

Today Michael Savage discussed the Clinton Hearing on his podcast
claiming the iron lady will likely be America's next President

It's been a few decades now since Hillary Clinton's been in the public eye and I've really been hoping that this evil lying woman along with Bill and her hideous daughter would have gone away by now. I think Americans have had enough of Clinton scandals and their continual need for attention and power.  Like many Americans I thought after the witch resigned being Secretary of State it was over but it seems the darkest ugliest elements of the American public want to rebel in order to torture good people by bringing this monster to the forefront as the next President.

A dog has more honor then Hillary Clinton!
I wanted to make it publicly known that I am opposed to Hilary Clinton and all who support her, based in their naive ignorance or not.  There's no excuse to support this pile of stinking shit Satanist Hillary Clinton whatsoever and I am against you! You don't have a right to vote for this pathetic piece of dog shit for U.S. President without my getting in your face about what an immoral thoughtless godless sack of manure you are turning yourself into before God!  One would have to be truly corrupted in every way to support Hillary Clinton for President that they must hold very low regard for themselves to do such a thing.

Anyone whose for Hillary Clinton is against Jesus Christ being immoral, corrupt, evil, sinful and unsaved.  The same goes for Barack Obama by the way, but that's just a given because he's proven who he is over time, a worthless piece of Antichrist garbage to America.  Anyone who still supports Obama is as crazy and delusional as they come and beyond hope for redemption aside from some miracle.

I can easily assess the kind of person who would still vote for Hillary Clinton and be very glad to have a RED FLAG to stop me from continuing in conversation with them.  Back in the days when I was a liberal, many used "vibes" and naive means of voting for candidates. For instance, how did they make us feel?  Wow, Barbra Streisand was supporting the Clintons so they must be good people!  Well those days are gone, people are a lot smarter to the politician con games.  I don't care about handsome or attractive people in office and neither should anyone else.

I don't care who you are, you are a wicked evil person for supporting Hillary Clinton who will perish and end up in eternal hell along with her! The audacity you have of such arrogance to vote for this Antichrist creepy lying BEAST Hillary Clinton whose opposed to Jesus Christ in every way, shape or form.

We're not just voting for President in America any longer. These people like the Clintons aren't for America, they're for the BEAST and a world government.  When you vote for them, you're voting to usher in the BEAST. The BEAST will surely gorge itself on the flesh of such foolish humans who follow and vote for godless evil leaders!