Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama's Got A New Kind Of Trojan Condom-Nation (sic) Coming To America

In case you haven't heard, President Obama's been shifting gears in his love affair with America after using up tax payers' millions for he and Michelle's lavish vacations.  Obama apparently anticipates American citizens wanting to get screwed even more at the end of his long eight year reign as he prepares for his grand finale. 

A few days ago liberal slut comedian Amy Schumer presented President Obama with a unique gift for the next stage of his passionate affair with America. Amy's Trojan Condoms were a metaphor of sorts for a different kind of Trojan coming to America through Syrian refugees that the devil's surely laughing over.

Back in the 1970's, Obama was more into these kind of Trojan horse strategies with girls:

Comedian Amy Schumer joked around with Obama with Trojan condom gifts.
What Obama's planning with his ISIS pals is no laughing matter:

How stupid can a nation be to allow its closet Muslim President Obama to bring in Syrian refugees that the U.S. has no intelligence background on to vet them with whatsoever? In fact, a majority of them are young males 18-35 without a families.  

Western nations are asleep at the wheel.

Americans should be very concerned about Obama's zeal over wanting to bring Syrian refugees into our country. The FBI says we have no intelligence on the Syrians described metaphorically as gaping holes. Though I'm no fan of Donald Trump, he had the courage to call it like it is today, that these refugees could be used as a Trojan horse for terrorists to enter the United States.

You can't say you weren't forewarned.  If you enjoy being a willful whore or stinking bastard into S&M you'll love the next wave of Trojan Horse full of condom-nation for America, the Islamists love to rape, pillage tie up their slaves and slaughter them.
"ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris, and it is reported that at least one of the terrorists who attacked Paris departed from Syria as a “refugee,” possessing a Syrian passport.  Reports also indicate that ISIS has stated its intention to send terrorists around the globe posing as refugees.  Now, ISIS has specifically threatened the United States:  '[A]s we struck France in the center of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington.' The threat is real.  So is the barbaric violence ISIS imposes on Syrian Christians and others." ACLJ - Five Key Policies On ISIS, Syrian Refugees - November 17, 2015
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Monday, November 16, 2015

RED ALERT: Homeland Security Guy Moved Out of San Francisco In A Hurry!

Just a little report, someone who works for Homeland Security whose lived in our building the past seven years, has moved out in a rush, so much so that he asked the landlady to forward two heavy boxes leaving her a hundred dollar bill claiming he had to catch a flight. According to my research, this person's been in San Francisco for many years since becoming an attorney in 1975. The sudden rush out of the city where he enjoyed reasonable rent raises a RED FLAG because this guy doesn't like change, read on.

The landlady told me about a unit number in our building where Charles Oliver Wood liveda former Harvard law school graduate.  I know this only from doing a little research on Spokeo's reverse address database.  Moreover, the landlady told me the tenant of the unit hadn't cleaned his place in seven years!  That's right, Mr. Wood left behind a huge mess to clean up.

I think it's important for we citizens to denote whenever those who work for high level security in the U.S. government begin moving out of major cities in a rush that seems out of character for them. Let's take heed of these obvious warning signs!  For instance, California Governor Jerry Brown lied today that the Syrian refugees will be fully vetted directly contradicting Homeland Security's recent statements in a recent article.  I personally believe Governor Brown really wants to usher in his California Depopulation Program he discussed back in June, but that's beside the point.

I've been listening to Jay Sekulow's ACLJ morning radio program that's also broadcast on Facebook live at 9:00 am PCT as well as Periscope and today he discussed there are REAL dangers of terrorists coming over under the banner of Syrian refugees. We're all in a lot of danger!  Many of the refugees are young adult men well trained in undercover tactics avoiding detection.

Judicial Watch also obtained declassified communications from 2011 showing Obama ordering the CIA to train ISIS in hopes of their removing Assad from power.  The U.S. Military's been noted airdropping supplies to ISIS as well.  Obama supports ISIS!  Obama supports bringing terrorists into the U.S. through the trojan horse of Syrian refugees!  He wants to bring in hundreds of thousands in the next two years!  Obama wants to destroy our nation to usher in a new world government.

Enemies of America are at the helm of power in the U.S., they clearly want to bring in well trained young terrorists from Syria to attack America.  It's as plain as day, our leaders aren't even trying to hide their intentions any longer.  Wake up!

Know your enemy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trader Joes Employees Help Customers Lose Their Appetites In San Francisco To Keep Food On Shelves

TJ's employees in San Francisco are scary!
If anyone's wondering why I haven't been blogging the past few days it's because Nigerian thieves planted malware on my computer and began using my credit card to buy airline tickets! I've certainly had plenty to write about lately with our local Trader Joe's since my last post Trader Joes Greeted Me With Islamic Music Today in San Francisco - November 3, 2015

This isn't exactly the same TJ's of the early 1990's in Southern California I began shopping at and yes, I'm amazed they still sell the same spinach lasagna decades later.  The food hasn't changed much, but some of the employees sure have. 

Trader Joes seems to have a plan for weight gainers like me who need to fast and pray with what I now refer to as its Pre-civilization Era Employees Reduction of Customers' Appetites Program. It makes total sense if you think about it since TJ's continually runs out of inventory stock on its shelves that its forced to cover it up by filling up the empty sections with other types of food. They've been having a real hard time keeping things in stock. What a great idea to try and drive customers away by hiring a few freaky looking scary employees that sends shivers up customers spines to even look at them.

Demons at Trader Joes!
I walked in to TJ's this evening to find one of their typical really gross looking repulsive demon inspired characters hovering over the tortilla section ignoring my long patient wait for him to complete his self-appointed task of appearing busy. Finally as I waited for him to complete tidying up the last shelf he had pulled out, he decided my wait needed to be extended with a check of expiration dates on each and every bag of tortilla's.

You see, I really don't like speaking with the bottom barrel Satanists because I know they're trouble but it was getting late and I needed to get home.  I decided to simply ask, "Can I please get to the tortillas?" with a very soft nice voice. The monster responded jumping up wanting to argue claiming "you should have told me, I didn't see you!" and was very hostile.  When I told him I knew he was lying and full of crap, the BEAST took his complaint  about  me to his female supervisor.  That's right these MONSTERS are playing passive aggressive roles expecting the customers to wait and wait and when we finally break down and ask if we can get to the tortillas, they want to argue and then complain about the customer to their supervisor.

The FREAK show at my local Trader Joes is so horrific, a sign of the times.  Humanity can't get much lower in appearance then these pathetic so called men. The women who try to look like that kind of lifestyle their aiming for are more tolerable to look at but the men aren't gentlemen but snakes and they can take their nose rings and disgusting tattoos to eternal hell and live with the devil for all eternity!

Not too far off from reality at TJ's, hoops and all.
If you're thinking to yourself "she's really snobby and stuck up!" Not! I've done my share of hard labor in life picking up trash on the beach for 220 hours back in 1992, working beach shacks in So. Cal as a teen, cleaning houses for wealthy families in Palos Verdes Estates, CA as a teen so I could afford a moped along with tons of clerical administrative typing jobs as a young adult. I haven't been able to afford much only up to the last 15 years of my life and even then I've been very conservative in my food budget.

So why does Trader Joes do this to its customers? Surely TJ's can find a better caliber of human being whose not looking to give the customer a hard time.  Did that depraved dysfunctional so called man even think of offering to hand me a bag of tortilla's by asking me which one I wanted?  No, he just wanted to argue!  It was all about him and he went to his supervisor to complain about me!

The food's great at Trader Joes but I'm beginning to lose my appetite questioning if walking into a store full of demons is worth it.  Moreover, maybe a few of these so called guys are really devolving into cannibals like some Twilight Zone horror flick, or Night of the Living Dead movie where they'll be waiting when the shelves are bare for their customers to be their next meal.

Yes I need to fast and pray and God's going to get his way of course!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trader Joes Greeted Me with Islamic Music Today in San Francisco

**UPDATED in blue**  I walked into my local Trader Joes at the Nob Hill's San Francisco location today and, to my horror, they were playing hard core Islamic music!  Can someone please explain how this makes sense? As a Christian I take great offense to my local Trader Joes playing music from an Islamic country complicit with ISIS being hell bent on exterminating Christians and Jews through genocide.

If the customer service reps at this store are going to play this kind of foreign tongue music that less than 1% of the city's population listens to, why not play Latin based music? At least a large part of the population can understand the language.  But no, they chose to force a very hostile, hateful culture that rapes, beheads and seeks to exterminate Jews and Christians especially.  For those who may view this as a racist point of view, I offer the following explanation as to why it's not.

Is it Racist to Challenge Islam? The Fuel Project, November 5, 2015

You might be wondering, who was the individual responsible for playing Islamic music at the Trader Joes Store in San Francisco?  It was some pretty blonde doe eyed 20's something white woman who responded innocently when I asked her why she was playing it with "it's just a multi-cultural station we changed to."  Really?  Can you imagine how I as a Christian felt as I walked into Trader Joes to pick up a few things that they were playing the music of a vicious culture such as this?  Here in America we have a huge repertoire of music heritage to choose from, they don't have to keep on playing pop or rock tunes and can choose to play jazz or alternative music.  Instead the local loony liberals chose Islamic music!

I bet that liberal white woman has no idea that if she were to take a trip over to the kind of country of the music she chose, they'd rape and likely stone and/or behead her as an American whore. Why would anyone in their right mind play Islamic based music at a store like Trader Joes? The thoughtless reckless youth, that's who!   The 20's somethings crowd are so ignorant of what they're doing. It's a very dangerous thing being hostile and rebellious towards one's own native country's culture and heritage.

UPDATE: Here's an email I received on November 16, 2015 from someone behind an alias email in response to this post:

"But FYI the ONLY reason I would have even read this article is because of the young lady of whom you spoke. She is not an unaware youth as you spoke but a graduate from a well known university on the east coast and was brought up in a loving Christian family. She has traveled extensively overseas and has a close family member who has worked with the women in crisis in multiple war torn countries to help build centers for their support. So that doe eyed girl is well aware of what goes on there. She comes from a large family, some of whom work as first responders to rape victims. Her real world knowledge was not deserving of the belittling nature of which you spoke about her." 

So according to the reader, the doe eyed woman is Christian whose family members are first responders for rape victims building centers in war torn countries.  Doe apparently likes playing Islamic music and isn't at all bothered by what goes on over there because she has an educated real world view. I shouldn't have belittled her and have therefore been rebuked by the facts of the email.

I was then lectured in another part of the email about God's Scripture to be a good neighbor:
"God also says love thy neighbor as thy self...but if you don't want to argue (I responded earlier that God's Word doesn't allow me to argue), I understand. I thought the idea behind a blog is to give your opinions and take in others as well."
The IP address provided by Disqus was from North Carolina.   Liberals always have to feel right and in control being desperate creating fictional stories.  They thrive on lies to empower their journey toward's eternal hell.
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."  Hosea 4-5

Monday, November 2, 2015

SF Mayor Ed Lee Begs For Syrian Refugees In Deal With The Devil

It's no secret that San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's one of those spineless politicians who does whatever he's told from the political chain of command in the devil's hierarchy. A few in San Francisco may believe they have a Mayor named Ed Lee, but they're mistaken. What they really have is a demon possessed zombie with the devil pulling his strings, something far worse then a robot running the city government.

News is beginning to circulate what a boot licker Ed Lee's become since taking office four years ago.  Take this article a few days ago about a local singer confronting Lee over his getting people kicked out of the city.
"Equipto, an 25 year veteran of the Bay Area’s local music scene and collaborator of Andre Nickatina, had no qualms serving Lee a nice warm cup of fuck off in front of his staff and other coffee shop patrons.“You are a disgrace to Asian people,” he shouted. “You have no heart, man.” See video  Singer Equipto Cusses Out Ed Lee At Coffee Shop 'You're a Disgrace to Asian People' - SFWeekly, October 7, 2015

Equipto, "I know you're getting people kicked out here. You have no heart man!"

You see, Mayor Ed Lee doesn't work for the tax payers of San Francisco who provide he and 35,000 city employees paychecks and pensions.  Ed Lee works instead for President Obama, a/k/a the devil, who views San Francisco as city without borders reaching all the way to Syria. The reason I know this is because Mayor Lee has agreed to be an eager participant expressing a strong desire to take in Syrian refugees into San Francisco that absolutely defies logic. Mayor Lee's name was recently denoted on a list of 100 city Mayors begging for more Syrian refugees. See 100 Mayor's Beg President Obama for More Syrian Refugees, WND, November 2, 2015

As everyone who lives here knows, San Francisco can't afford to bring homeless refugees that already has thousands of mentally ill homeless people living on its streets where the average American can't even afford to live.  If the average American can't afford the rents of San Francisco, Syrian refugees certainly can't afford the high cost of living and will become frustrated to the point of committing terrorist acts against the U.S. citizens.

San Francisco's not a place to dump any more third world country employees let alone homeless potential Muslim terrorists! When the Muslims don't acclimate to such a competitive environment, they will carry out terrorist attacks on the people of San Francisco and beyond.  They will not like this city one bit.

Syrian refugees arriving in America know our country displaced them with its policies there! Bringing thousands of Syrian refugees to the U.S. is like throwing piranha into a cultural fishbowl.

Mayor Ed Lee proved he's a zombie serving his superiors all the way up the ladder to the Federal government. In return his Democratic pals plan on getting him into the California Governor's mansion one day. San Francisco  tax payers are expected to fork out more of their money for an invasion of foreigners who will only end up committing heinous terrorist attacks against them. When Mayor Ed Lee finds his city that elected him in chaos due to terrorist attacks, he only has himself to blame and his decision will be recorded in history as being out only for himself and his best political interests.

Mayor Lee's just an empty suit doing what he's told to do and therefore a soulless devil among other devil based superiors out for his own political aspirations of becoming California's Governor one day.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

How The Average Christian American Isn't Really Saved

*UPDATE*  After a few months consideration, I know longer subscribe to Endtime Headlines or Ricky Scaparo on YouTube. 

Meet Tami Harriss Wall, a self proclaimed Christian.  Tami protests posts on Pastor Ricky Scaparo's  End Time Headlines' Facebook page of the evil of Halloween claiming "you can find a devil in everything".  On Tami's FB profile you'll find depictions of child murder, evil ugly  witches and a human skeletons celebrating wickedness. This is the problem with the average Christian in America today, they think they're Christians when they're really not.

Tami Harris Wall's Comment on End Time Headlines FB Page

Genuine Christians don't do things like this, they follow God's Word.  God's Word is very clear about celebrating Halloween.  As I've quoted many times now, 1 Thessalonians 5:22 says "Abstain from appearances of evil".  Tami has no right calling herself a Christian while ignoring God's Word.  Tami isn't a real Christian and that's as clear as day.

It used to be when someone was so rebellious as Tami is, they'd be rebuked by other Christians, but in your average church in America today, they will stand up and tell you "I feel uncomfortable" if they overhear a member rebuking another. In this case, Tami's received three thumbs up for her anti-Christian opinion. The rebellious church attendees will defend that church member's sin as their right, especially here in San Francisco.  What this means is it's not a real church, just a business seeking as many bodies as possible for its church service tithing pool.  Anything goes!  A former member of David Jeremiah's Shadow Mountain Church also complained that adultery was tolerated among a couple of musicians in their worship orchestra.

It's becoming ever so clear that many of those who label themselves Christian aren't really saved from eternal hell because they don't obey God's Word.  If a Christian points out to Tami she needs to repent and ask God's forgiveness and she does then the matter would be over, but that's not the case here.  Enemies of God come in all forms, including those who falsely refer to themselves as Christian who even attend your local church.

Pastor Ricky Scaparo's a genuinely gifted preacher of God's Word, however he needs to pay attention to when so called Christians begin posting things on his FB page that are contrary to Christianity and God's Word.

Real Christians obey God and accept His correction with gladness knowing what they've been saved from.  Pastor Charles Stanley of InTouch Ministries likes to emphasize the wisdom to "Obey God and leave the consequences to Him." supported by Exodus 19:5.

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