Sunday, November 1, 2015

How The Average Christian American Isn't Really Saved

*UPDATE*  After a few months consideration, I know longer subscribe to Endtime Headlines or Ricky Scaparo on YouTube. 

Meet Tami Harriss Wall, a self proclaimed Christian.  Tami protests posts on Pastor Ricky Scaparo's  End Time Headlines' Facebook page of the evil of Halloween claiming "you can find a devil in everything".  On Tami's FB profile you'll find depictions of child murder, evil ugly  witches and a human skeletons celebrating wickedness. This is the problem with the average Christian in America today, they think they're Christians when they're really not.

Tami Harris Wall's Comment on End Time Headlines FB Page

Genuine Christians don't do things like this, they follow God's Word.  God's Word is very clear about celebrating Halloween.  As I've quoted many times now, 1 Thessalonians 5:22 says "Abstain from appearances of evil".  Tami has no right calling herself a Christian while ignoring God's Word.  Tami isn't a real Christian and that's as clear as day.

It used to be when someone was so rebellious as Tami is, they'd be rebuked by other Christians, but in your average church in America today, they will stand up and tell you "I feel uncomfortable" if they overhear a member rebuking another. In this case, Tami's received three thumbs up for her anti-Christian opinion. The rebellious church attendees will defend that church member's sin as their right, especially here in San Francisco.  What this means is it's not a real church, just a business seeking as many bodies as possible for its church service tithing pool.  Anything goes!  A former member of David Jeremiah's Shadow Mountain Church also complained that adultery was tolerated among a couple of musicians in their worship orchestra.

It's becoming ever so clear that many of those who label themselves Christian aren't really saved from eternal hell because they don't obey God's Word.  If a Christian points out to Tami she needs to repent and ask God's forgiveness and she does then the matter would be over, but that's not the case here.  Enemies of God come in all forms, including those who falsely refer to themselves as Christian who even attend your local church.

Pastor Ricky Scaparo's a genuinely gifted preacher of God's Word, however he needs to pay attention to when so called Christians begin posting things on his FB page that are contrary to Christianity and God's Word.

Real Christians obey God and accept His correction with gladness knowing what they've been saved from.  Pastor Charles Stanley of InTouch Ministries likes to emphasize the wisdom to "Obey God and leave the consequences to Him." supported by Exodus 19:5.

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