Monday, November 16, 2015

RED ALERT: Homeland Security Guy Moved Out of San Francisco In A Hurry!

Just a little report, someone who works for Homeland Security whose lived in our building the past seven years, has moved out in a rush, so much so that he asked the landlady to forward two heavy boxes leaving her a hundred dollar bill claiming he had to catch a flight. According to my research, this person's been in San Francisco for many years since becoming an attorney in 1975. The sudden rush out of the city where he enjoyed reasonable rent raises a RED FLAG because this guy doesn't like change, read on.

The landlady told me about a unit number in our building where Charles Oliver Wood liveda former Harvard law school graduate.  I know this only from doing a little research on Spokeo's reverse address database.  Moreover, the landlady told me the tenant of the unit hadn't cleaned his place in seven years!  That's right, Mr. Wood left behind a huge mess to clean up.

I think it's important for we citizens to denote whenever those who work for high level security in the U.S. government begin moving out of major cities in a rush that seems out of character for them. Let's take heed of these obvious warning signs!  For instance, California Governor Jerry Brown lied today that the Syrian refugees will be fully vetted directly contradicting Homeland Security's recent statements in a recent article.  I personally believe Governor Brown really wants to usher in his California Depopulation Program he discussed back in June, but that's beside the point.

I've been listening to Jay Sekulow's ACLJ morning radio program that's also broadcast on Facebook live at 9:00 am PCT as well as Periscope and today he discussed there are REAL dangers of terrorists coming over under the banner of Syrian refugees. We're all in a lot of danger!  Many of the refugees are young adult men well trained in undercover tactics avoiding detection.

Judicial Watch also obtained declassified communications from 2011 showing Obama ordering the CIA to train ISIS in hopes of their removing Assad from power.  The U.S. Military's been noted airdropping supplies to ISIS as well.  Obama supports ISIS!  Obama supports bringing terrorists into the U.S. through the trojan horse of Syrian refugees!  He wants to bring in hundreds of thousands in the next two years!  Obama wants to destroy our nation to usher in a new world government.

Enemies of America are at the helm of power in the U.S., they clearly want to bring in well trained young terrorists from Syria to attack America.  It's as plain as day, our leaders aren't even trying to hide their intentions any longer.  Wake up!

Know your enemy!