Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trader Joes Employees Help Customers Lose Their Appetites In San Francisco To Keep Food On Shelves

TJ's employees in San Francisco are scary!
If anyone's wondering why I haven't been blogging the past few days it's because Nigerian thieves planted malware on my computer and began using my credit card to buy airline tickets! I've certainly had plenty to write about lately with our local Trader Joe's since my last post Trader Joes Greeted Me With Islamic Music Today in San Francisco - November 3, 2015

This isn't exactly the same TJ's of the early 1990's in Southern California I began shopping at and yes, I'm amazed they still sell the same spinach lasagna decades later.  The food hasn't changed much, but some of the employees sure have. 

Trader Joes seems to have a plan for weight gainers like me who need to fast and pray with what I now refer to as its Pre-civilization Era Employees Reduction of Customers' Appetites Program. It makes total sense if you think about it since TJ's continually runs out of inventory stock on its shelves that its forced to cover it up by filling up the empty sections with other types of food. They've been having a real hard time keeping things in stock. What a great idea to try and drive customers away by hiring a few freaky looking scary employees that sends shivers up customers spines to even look at them.

Demons at Trader Joes!
I walked in to TJ's this evening to find one of their typical really gross looking repulsive demon inspired characters hovering over the tortilla section ignoring my long patient wait for him to complete his self-appointed task of appearing busy. Finally as I waited for him to complete tidying up the last shelf he had pulled out, he decided my wait needed to be extended with a check of expiration dates on each and every bag of tortilla's.

You see, I really don't like speaking with the bottom barrel Satanists because I know they're trouble but it was getting late and I needed to get home.  I decided to simply ask, "Can I please get to the tortillas?" with a very soft nice voice. The monster responded jumping up wanting to argue claiming "you should have told me, I didn't see you!" and was very hostile.  When I told him I knew he was lying and full of crap, the BEAST took his complaint  about  me to his female supervisor.  That's right these MONSTERS are playing passive aggressive roles expecting the customers to wait and wait and when we finally break down and ask if we can get to the tortillas, they want to argue and then complain about the customer to their supervisor.

The FREAK show at my local Trader Joes is so horrific, a sign of the times.  Humanity can't get much lower in appearance then these pathetic so called men. The women who try to look like that kind of lifestyle their aiming for are more tolerable to look at but the men aren't gentlemen but snakes and they can take their nose rings and disgusting tattoos to eternal hell and live with the devil for all eternity!

Not too far off from reality at TJ's, hoops and all.
If you're thinking to yourself "she's really snobby and stuck up!" Not! I've done my share of hard labor in life picking up trash on the beach for 220 hours back in 1992, working beach shacks in So. Cal as a teen, cleaning houses for wealthy families in Palos Verdes Estates, CA as a teen so I could afford a moped along with tons of clerical administrative typing jobs as a young adult. I haven't been able to afford much only up to the last 15 years of my life and even then I've been very conservative in my food budget.

So why does Trader Joes do this to its customers? Surely TJ's can find a better caliber of human being whose not looking to give the customer a hard time.  Did that depraved dysfunctional so called man even think of offering to hand me a bag of tortilla's by asking me which one I wanted?  No, he just wanted to argue!  It was all about him and he went to his supervisor to complain about me!

The food's great at Trader Joes but I'm beginning to lose my appetite questioning if walking into a store full of demons is worth it.  Moreover, maybe a few of these so called guys are really devolving into cannibals like some Twilight Zone horror flick, or Night of the Living Dead movie where they'll be waiting when the shelves are bare for their customers to be their next meal.

Yes I need to fast and pray and God's going to get his way of course!

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